Liberty Tree Patriots-Tax Day Tea Party ….April 15th, 2014


On April 15th join your fellow concerned citizens exercise their 1st Amendment Rights to peacefully assemble and petition the Government about the current high level of taxation and the twenty (20) new taxes forced onto the American TaxPayer under the Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare.

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The evil “Koch” brothers are cheapskates compared to the Dem’s money Men

Heavy Hitters: Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2014

Totals include reported contributions from PACs and individuals affiliated with Heavy Hitter organizations, which are defined as the top overall donors to candidates, parties, Leadership PACs and other committees. Contributions to outside groups like super PACs do not factor into an organization’s designation as a Heavy Hitter, however the totals below do include contributions by Heavy Hitters to such groups, as well as contributions to candidates, parties, Leadership PACs and other committees. Furthermore, the totals do not include contributions to politically active nonprofits, which are not disclosed to the public. For a full list of top top overall donors by cycle, independent of Heavy Hitters status, go here.

LEGEND:   Republican    Democrat    On the fence

= Between 40% and 59% to both parties
= Leans Dem/Repub (60%-69%)
= Strongly Dem/Repub (70%-89%)
= Solidly Dem/Repub (over 90%)
Note: Percentages may not add up to 100% as money can be given to third party
candidates or outside spending groups and PACs not affiliated with either party.
Rank Organization Total ’89-’12 Dem % Repub % Tilt
1 ActBlue $97,192,340 99% 0%    
2 American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees $60,667,379 81% 1%   
3 AT&T Inc $56,449,317 41% 57%
4 National Education Assn $53,594,488 61% 4%
5 National Assn of Realtors $51,207,902 44% 47%
6 Goldman Sachs $44,847,951 53% 44%
7 Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $44,478,789 92% 1%    
8 United Auto Workers $41,667,858 71% 0%   
9 Carpenters & Joiners Union $39,260,371 74% 9%   
10 Service Employees International Union $38,395,690 84% 2%   
11 Laborers Union $37,494,010 85% 7%   
12 American Federation of Teachers $36,713,325 89% 0%   
13 Communications Workers of America $36,188,135 86% 0%   
14 Teamsters Union $36,123,209 88% 5%   
15 JPMorgan Chase & Co $34,527,277 48% 51%
16 United Food & Commercial Workers Union $33,756,550 86% 0%   
17 United Parcel Service $32,214,128 35% 64%
18 Citigroup Inc $32,198,122 48% 50%
19 National Auto Dealers Assn $31,818,910 31% 68%
20 Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union $31,313,097 98% 1%    
21 EMILY’s List $31,267,654 98% 0%    
22 American Bankers Assn $31,135,202 36% 63%
23 AFL-CIO $30,938,977 61% 3%
24 American Medical Assn $29,990,879 40% 59%
25 Microsoft Corp $29,245,015 55% 43%
26 National Beer Wholesalers Assn $28,976,510 35% 64%
27 Blue Cross/Blue Shield $28,491,678 36% 63%
28 General Electric $27,741,628 47% 51%
29 National Assn of Home Builders $27,509,880 34% 65%
30 Lockheed Martin $27,246,173 42% 57%
31 Bank of America $26,822,749 41% 57%
32 National Assn of Letter Carriers $26,106,359 84% 9%   
33 Morgan Stanley $26,074,770 42% 56%
34 Verizon Communications $25,490,499 40% 59%
35 Deloitte LLP $24,979,333 35% 63%
36 Time Warner $24,463,922 72% 25%   
37 Newsweb Corp $24,387,371 41% 0%
38 Credit Union National Assn $24,056,155 47% 51%
39 Plumbers & Pipefitters Union $23,886,248 85% 4%   
40 Altria Group $23,750,298 28% 70%   
41 Ernst & Young $23,114,243 42% 57%
42 Operating Engineers Union $23,036,848 82% 14%   
43 International Assn of Fire Fighters $22,963,260 79% 16%   
44 American Hospital Assn $22,909,326 52% 46%
45 PricewaterhouseCoopers $22,461,596 35% 64%
46 Sheet Metal Workers Union $22,372,978 95% 2%    
47 American Dental Assn $21,791,508 44% 54%
48 Boeing Co $21,502,737 46% 52%
49 UBS AG $21,354,742 40% 58%
50 Comcast Corp $20,603,390 57% 42%
51 AFLAC Inc $19,822,809 43% 56%
52 National Rifle Assn $19,771,191 17% 82%   
53 Pfizer Inc $19,699,869 35% 64%
54 Northrop Grumman $19,633,964 42% 57%
55 Union Pacific Corp $19,617,968 27% 72%   
56 Air Line Pilots Assn $19,538,047 83% 16%   
57 Honeywell International $19,447,557 44% 54%
58 Natl Assn/Insurance & Financial Advisors $19,305,624 41% 58%
59 Koch Industries $18,083,948 8% 90%    
60 American Postal Workers Union $17,957,308 86% 2%   
61 American Assn for Justice $17,581,358 80% 3%   
62 FedEx Corp $17,506,083 39% 60%
63 Ironworkers Union $17,386,345 92% 6%    
64 Club for Growth $17,271,352 0% 95%    
65 Credit Suisse Group $17,191,340 41% 57%
66 United Transportation Union $17,096,750 87% 11%   
67 New York Life Insurance $16,898,487 49% 50%
68 Raytheon Co $16,864,289 44% 55%
69 National Rural Electric Cooperative Assn $16,552,363 47% 52%
70 General Dynamics $16,549,202 46% 53%
71 Akin, Gump et al $16,463,510 61% 37%
72 United Steelworkers $16,426,444 99% 0%    
73 American Institute of CPAs $15,952,635 41% 58%
74 National Air Traffic Controllers Assn $15,883,050 77% 20%   
75 Chevron $15,826,864 19% 64%
76 Anheuser-Busch $15,612,613 48% 51%
77 Reynolds American $15,574,198 22% 77%   
78 Exxon Mobil $15,220,537 13% 85%   
79 KPMG LLP $15,112,328 34% 65%
80 National Cable & Telecommunications Assn $15,048,560 47% 51%
81 DLA Piper $14,902,117 68% 31%
82 Merrill Lynch $14,865,217 37% 62%
83 Wal-Mart Stores $14,851,004 32% 67%
84 GlaxoSmithKline $14,625,493 30% 69%
85 CSX Corp $14,118,661 34% 65%
86 Walt Disney Co $14,104,107 68% 30%
87 News Corp $13,917,083 58% 41%
88 American Financial Group $13,910,355 15% 73%   
89 Indep Insurance Agents & Brokers/America $13,731,200 34% 64%
90 American Health Care Assn $13,727,858 51% 48%
91 Wells Fargo $13,639,116 36% 61%
92 Associated Builders & Contractors $13,577,082 1% 98%    
93 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance $13,565,554 38% 60%
94 University of California $13,552,056 89% 9%   
95 American Crystal Sugar $13,309,209 61% 37%
96 WPP Group $13,257,197 53% 45%
97 American Society of Anesthesiologists $13,166,537 41% 58%
98 Prudential Financial $13,051,316 49% 50%
99 Southern Co $12,973,439 29% 70%   
100 National Restaurant Assn $12,605,181 16% 83%   
101 Securities Industry & Financial Mkt Assn $12,438,248 40% 59%
102 Human Rights Campaign $12,148,422 89% 8%   
103 MetLife Inc $12,038,047 51% 47%
104 American Optometric Assn $12,034,433 57% 42%
105 Home Depot $11,900,495 25% 74%   
106 American Academy of Ophthalmology $11,895,708 50% 49%
107 Natl Active & Retired Fed Employees Assn $11,802,200 78% 21%   
108 Saban Capital Group $11,683,172 89% 0%   
109 Eli Lilly & Co $11,651,455 31% 67%
110 United Technologies $11,577,894 45% 52%
111 General Motors $11,281,497 38% 60%
112 Associated General Contractors $11,198,897 14% 85%   
113 Painters & Allied Trades Union $11,081,080 85% 12%   
114 National Assn of Broadcasters $11,051,822 44% 55%
115 American Maritime Officers $11,019,831 46% 53%
116 UST Inc $10,930,093 22% 77%   
117 Ford Motor Co $10,739,089 38% 60%
118 Skadden, Arps et al $10,700,094 77% 22%   
119 BellSouth Corp $10,680,784 43% 56%
120 AIG $10,548,621 49% 50%
121 Seafarers International Union $10,449,415 83% 15%   
122 Exelon Corp $10,448,670 43% 56%
123 National Cmte to Preserve Social Security & Medicare $10,391,306 82% 17%   
124 Independent Community Bankers of America $10,367,285 42% 57%
125 Amway/Alticor Inc $10,312,313 0% 97%    
126 Freddie Mac $10,294,709 43% 56%
127 MBNA Corp $10,282,913 16% 83%   
128 Patton Boggs LLP $10,134,606 71% 27%   
129 American Airlines $10,071,131 43% 55%
130 American Trucking Assns $9,975,648 27% 72%   
131 American Physical Therapy Assn $9,795,983 49% 50%
132 Lehman Brothers $9,729,764 52% 46%
133 Blackstone Group $9,658,975 46% 51%
134 National Fedn of Independent Business $9,616,283 6% 93%    
135 Greenberg Traurig LLP $9,546,903 62% 37%
136 Transport Workers Union $9,531,899 95% 4%    
137 American Council of Life Insurers $9,454,728 38% 61%
138 Amalgamated Transit Union $9,453,918 93% 6%    
139 Harvard University $9,436,590 87% 12%   
140 Archer Daniels Midland $9,394,067 42% 57%
141 Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assn $9,337,413 43% 56%
142 Fannie Mae $9,140,977 53% 46%
143 National Rural Letter Carriers Assn $9,021,100 71% 28%   
144 Wachovia Corp $8,575,944 30% 69%
145 National Cmte for an Effective Congress $8,447,690 99% 0%    
146 Interpublic Group $8,286,183 66% 32%
147 Marine Engineers Beneficial Assn $8,155,379 73% 25%   
148 Bristol-Myers Squibb $7,926,699 23% 76%   
149 MCI Inc $7,659,226 45% 54%
150 Bear Stearns $7,280,973 55% 43%
151 BP $6,843,520 30% 69%
152 Enron Corp $6,544,528 28% 71%   
153 Andersen $6,267,045 37% 62%
154 Vivendi $6,037,717 60% 33%
155 MGM Resorts International $5,831,055 45% 47%
156 Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp $5,089,791 39% 60%
Based on data released by the FEC on December 16, 2013.

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Scott Peters newsletter to inform his constituents is anything BUT informative

Scott Peters official constituent (.gov) website has a link to sign up for “email newsletter updates on the work I am doing in Congress and how it will affect you.”

As you can see below, ALL (and I mean ALL) his emails are without substance and extremely partisan, spinning uncontrollably and childish.




Friend –

San Diego’s Congressman shouldn’t be determined by how much money the Koch brothers put on TV.

This race should be determined by hard work and the most pressing issues important to every San Diegan. That’s what Scott strives to represent every day in Congress.

But if we don’t respond to their latest Super PAC attack, the Kochs’ money could determine this election.

As of 11am, we’re still $2,200 short of our San Diego Rapid Response Fund goal. Will you help close the gap before midnight?

Click here to rush a donation of $3 or whatever you can to help Scott fight back against the Koch brothers >>


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Tea Party California Caucus

Welcome to the Tea Party California Caucus

We are a coalition of Tea Party and Conservative leaders throughout California dedicated to taking action to restore the centrality of constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets as guiding principles of the California Republican Party.

We promote Tea Party principles in party governance by organizing the voting delegates who actually govern the California Republican Party (CRP).  Here’s how you can become a voting delegate to the CRP and help govern the party according to Tea Party principles.  Voting delegate or not, join us, and help us change CRP governance.  Directly.

We are looking for like-minded Republicans who want to join us in our mission. Will you join us? It’s easy – you can join us by simply filling out the form below.

You can join our text message list, text CAUCUS to 310.598.7650, or simply scan the QR codes below:
(Click here for more information on using your smartphone to join or on joining anonymously)

qr.logo.png1) Scan to Join
(Includes a link to our TPCC Mobile App)
tpcc.vcard.png2) Add TPCC to Your Contacts
 If you’d like to be a caucus supporter but not receive texts during the convention, you can leave your phone number blank just use your email address and click the blue Signup button at upper right.

If you have questions or requirements before joining the caucus, please contact us at

iCaucus meeting Saturday, November 16


Politics_9a_top1.gif Politics_9a_top2.gif

Don’t Forget!!!


The next iCaucus meeting is only 2 days away, and it’s a very, very critical one.


We’ve all heard that a huge factor in our current president being elected was the ability of his campaign to utilize social media. This coming Saturday is your opportunity to learn how that was done, and, more importantly, how easy it is for you to become involved in using social media to help elect the Constitutional conservatives we so desperately need representing us at all levels of government.


You’ll be guided by a special, surprise guest speaker that’s intimately familiar with political campaigning, and how crucial the use of social media is in spreading a candidate’s message to individuals that might otherwise remain “low information” voters. These are the people that must be reached, and you’re needed to step up and help reach them.


Too many have done too little for too long, thinking that surely this progressive trend would be recognized for what it is and stopped. But it hasn’t been stopped and now we find ourselves in a desperate situation.
The good news is that you can make a difference while simply sitting at your computer, IF you take this first, easy step. Don’t wait and wish later that you hadn’t. The time is now. Seize the opportunity!
For yourself and your family, and their future in this country, just do it! You’ll be amazed at how much fun you have, how much better informed you become on the issues, and how rewarding it is. See you there!
Saturday, November 16, 2013

9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Marie Callenders

6950 Alvarado Rd

San Diego




If you can bring a laptop, or two, please do so.
P.S. Please plan to have morning beverage and/or muffin to start, and PLEASE stay for lunch. We have the free use of the room and WiFi in exchange for our patronage.
Politics_9a_bottom3.jpg Politics_9a_bottom2.jpg


Another Attack on SEALs: Obama Hates the Rattlesnake

Another Attack on SEALs: Obama Hates the Rattlesnake

Submitted by on November 3, 2013 – 10:22 am EST

By: Susan Knowles

Gulag Bound


Yesterday, I read that the Obama Administration has ordered the Navy Seals to remove the “Navy Jack” or the “don’t tread on me” flag from their uniforms. The Navy Jack has been a symbol of the U.S. Navy for over two centuries.

It was Benjamin Franklin who first used the symbol of a rattlesnake in 1751 to make a point. During this time, Great Britain was sending their criminals to America and it was Franklin who suggested that America send Britain rattlesnakes as a thank you.

Franklin went on to use the rattlesnake in 1754. He cut the snake into eight pieces which represented the eight colonies in America. Under the snake were the words “Join or Die.” Franklin would later go on to state that the snake would be a good representation of the American spirit.

gadsden flagThe flag originally got its start in the military in 1775 and was designed by an American general Christopher Gadsden. While it is known as the “don’t tread on me” flag it is also known as the Gadsden flag. The U.S. Marine Corps used this flag as their motto. The yellow flag depicts a coiled rattlesnake ready to strike. The words “don’t tread on me” appear underneath the snake.

The U.S. Navy was established in 1775 with the purpose of stopping British ships from delivering supplies to British troops positioned in the colonies. U.S. Marines accompanied the U.S. Navy on their mission. The Marines carried drums painted yellow with a coiled rattlesnake with thirteen rattles, representing the thirteen original colonies. Underneath the coiled snake were the words “don’t tread on me.”

Right before the Navy left on their first mission, then Colonel Gadsden presented Commodore Hopkins with the yellow rattlesnake “don’t tread on me flag” as a show of solidarity. The flag represents one of the first flags of the United States which was later replaced by the flag we have now. Flying this flag is a First Amendment right protected under the U.S. Constitution.

Why is a history lesson important when discussing this administration’s ordering of the Navy Seals to remove the “don’t tread on me symbol?” Because this symbol represents America! It illustrates who we are at our core. We are hardworking, never give up, freedom fighters who love this country. This flag represents everything that constitutionalists stand for and everything that this administration hates about America.

It goes beyond a patch worn on the uniform of a serviceman or woman and this administration knows it. It is the very identity of the beginnings of our country and our military with their purpose to “support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.”


I believe that the removal of the symbol by the administration is an attempt to strip the military of its historical identity in this country and secondly, an attempt to turn America’s very military against its own people.

Tax Day ProtestsThe Tea Party uses this “don’t tread on me” flag as their symbolic fight to preserve the U.S. Constitution. They are astrong and influential group of individuals that are seen as perhaps the last roadblock in the administration’s attempts to usurp the constitution. Both progressive Democrats and progressive Republicans are afraid of what the Tea Party can do to their cause if left intact.

The upcoming mid-term elections and 2016 presidential election are must wins for the Democrats to hold on to power and continue to chip away at the U.S. Constitution, a document that they see as outdated and perhaps as insignificant as America’s history itself.

TEA PARTY RALLYThe Tea Party and the military have much in common regarding their allegiance to the constitution. The Tea Party seeks to preserve American’s rights as listed in the U.S. Constitution while the military seeks to protect it against all enemies foreign and domestic. The “don’t tread on me” symbol is a bond these two groups share.

The act of stripping the Navy Seals of this important American symbol is also an effort to “psychologically” separate the military from the Tea Party. It is a way for this administration to divide and conquer in the event the military is ordered to prohibit the Tea Party from asserting their First Amendment rights in the future. The Obama administration is counting on the fact that once the historical significance and the bond have been lost, the Tea Party will stand alone as the “enemy” of the State.

Perhaps in the not too distant future, the military will need to ask itself who in fact is violating the constitution and where their allegiance should lie. History will show that this administration hates the “rattlesnake.” Hopefully, history will also show that the military carried the “rattlesnake” proudly and honorably into every battle.


Susan Knowles is an author, psychotherapist and former practicing attorney. Her latest book, a political fiction, is entitled, “Freedom’s Fight: A Call to Remember” available on Her website is, where this article may also be found.




Amnesty Protest at Rep. Issa’s office Oct 31st, 11 am

Due to overwhelming demand from outraged citizens, a press conference and protest by several local conservative groups is scheduled to oppose Issa’s proposed legalization bill (amnesty) for millions of illegal aliens. Obama himself has organized pro-amnesty protests there, now its our turn.

If Darrell Issa’s immigration plan passes, the same people that lied to us about Obamacare will be implementing Amnesty.

Event will be Thursday Oct. 31, 11 am

outside Rep. Issa’s main district office:

1800 Thibodo Road, #310

Vista, CA 92081

Please bring anti-amnesty and anti-illegal immigration signs or American or Gadsden flags, and a signed letter to be hand delivered to Issa’s district director opposing his bill to legalize most illegal aliens with visas.

If you cannot attend the rally, please drop off your own personal letter to Rep. Issa’s office during business hours or fax it to 760-599-1178.

You can also send Issa a message through his website:

Keep calling the Vista office opposing his amnesty bill, 760-599-5000.  Every phone call is tabulated and will help show Mr. Issa that his pro-amnesty bill is rejected by the American people.

Please forward to your Patriot lists.



Relevant links:



My letter to Darrell Issa’s office

Immigration reform should be done with the recognition that a record number of people are out of work, our country is overloaded with citizens collecting entitlements, and china is floating our boat. Also, and even more troubling, we have a corrupt administration that doesn’t deal with us straight (He Lies). Darrel should know this more than anyone.
I’m the Organizer of San Diego Tea Party, I have access to thousands of local people through FB/twitter/meetup/blog/direct email . This is where I usually talk about bringing some “Street Heat” to your office to force you to do what your constituents want, Is this what its come to?….I actually expected more from Darrell!!! Do I really need to treat him like a hostel liberal jamming this crap down our throats? Do you trust Obama to NOT use this issue against you politically?  when you say “This far, but no further” concerning voting rights, entitlements, chain-amnesty, etc  you know he will pull the football from you and you will land on your ass again, Charlie Brown….Please wake up, we know your not this unintelligent.
Rich Merris

The Dumb Girls of Fox News …

The “Dumb Girls” of Fox News …
For the past 10 years FOX News has had higher ratings and the largest audience numbers (for news and business/political “talk” programs) than all the other TV and Cable news channels ,which includes: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS!
Some folks claim that FOX’s higher ratings are only because FOX purposely hires a lot of female “reporters” who do nothing but sit around in short skirts and merely “read everything off of a teleprompter”.
Bottom line: The next time you hear someone criticizing FOX News for supposedly having a “bunch of dumb gals” as eye candy . . . have them check out their qualifications…let them speak for themselves!
Brenda Buttner
She graduated from Harvard University with honors with a bachelor’s degree in social studies. Buttner went on to be a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University , where she graduated with high honors and a bachelor’s degree in politics and economics.
Shannon Bream
She is a graduate of Liberty University and earned a Juris Doctorate with honors from Florida State University College of Law.
Gretchen Carlson
Carlson graduated with honors from Stanford University and also studied at Oxford University in England .
Jamie Colby
Marriott Marquis
Aside from her journalism career, Colby is an attorney and served in private practice for 10 years. She is an attorney admitted to practice in New York , California , the District of Columbia and Florida . Colby is also a former law professor, a member of Law Review and has been a National Board member of American Women in Radio and Television for the last several years. Attending the University of Miami International School of Business at age 14, she received a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting as well as her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Miami School of Law at age 22.
Harris Faulkner
A graduate from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in mass communication.
Jennifer Griffin
A graduate of Harvard University in 1992, Griffin received a Bachelor’s degree in comparative politics.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
Guilfoyle is a magna cum laude graduate of University of California, Davis and attended the University of San Francisco School of Law and Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, where she studied and was published for her research in international children’s rights and European Economic Community law.
Molly Henneberg
Henneberg earned her bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University , graduating summa cum laude.
Catherine Herridge
Herridge earned a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and a Master’s degree in journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.
Amy Kellogg
Kellogg began to study Russian at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and then received her BA in Soviet Studies from Brown University. She spent a semester at Leningrad State University. She received her Masters from Stanford University in Russian and East European Studies and also speaks Spanish and French.
Megyn Kelly
Kelly earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Syracuse University and a J.D. from Albany Law School, where she also served as editor of the Albany Law Review.
Jenna Lee
A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Lee obtained her master’s degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.
Molly Line
Line is a graduate of Virginia Tech where she received her Bachelor of Arts in mass communication and political science.
Dagen McDowell
A native of Virginia, McDowell graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in art history.
Heather Nauert
She graduated from Mt. Vernon College in Washington, D.C., with a bachelor of arts in communications and she received her master’s in journalism from Columbia University . Nauert is also a term member at the Council of Foreign Relations.
Dana Perino
She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Colorado State University-Pueblo and went on to receive a Masters in Public Affairs Reporting from the University of Illinois-Springfield .
Anita Vogel
Vogel graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism and political science.
Lis Wiehl
Wiehl received her undergraduate degree from Barnard College in 1983 and received her Master of Arts in Literature from the University of Queensland in 1985. In addition, she earned her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School in 1987
Greta Van Susteren
A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Van Susteren received a bachelor’s degree with distinction in economics. She earned a Juris Doctor from Georgetown Law in 1979 and a Master of Law from the school in 1982. Van Susteren was the first Stuart Stiller Fellow at Georgetown Law Center and was awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree from Stetson Law School.
After reading this I realized that these ladies have better qualifications
than the guy who calls himself president did when he ran for office! 

GOP goes all-in on ‘de-fund ObamaCare,’ as shutdown looms


House Speaker John Boehner, in an abrupt turnaround, plans to let Tea Party lawmakers have a vote on de-funding ObamaCare as part of a politically risky strategy which Democrats warn could result in a government shutdown.

GOP leaders unveiled their plan to members on Wednesday morning, teeing up a vote for Friday — the proposed bill would tie the vote to de-fund the health care law to a vote on a stopgap spending bill. Current funding for the government is set to expire at the end of the month, and lawmakers must approve the stopgap bill in order to keep Washington open; conservatives see this as leverage to force a suspension of ObamaCare.

“The law’s a trainwreck,” Boehner said of the Affordable Care Act. “It’s time to protect American families from this unworkable law.”

Effectively, Boehner and his deputies have b

acked off a compromise approach they earlier tried to sell to rank-and-file conservatives. Under that plan, the House would have sent two bills to the Senate — one to de-fund ObamaCare, the other to fund the government. The Senate, then, would have been able to easily bypass the ObamaCare bill and send the spending measure straight to the White House, in turn averting a government shutdown.

But House conservatives revolted, and Boehner now plans to tie the two votes together. Under the plan, funding the government would be conditional on de-funding ObamaCare. It is a concession to House conservatives as well as senators like Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and outside groups like the Heritage Foundation that have demanded Congress use the must-pass budget bill as leverage to derail the health care law.

But it is also undoubtedly risky.

President Obama and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid h

ave warned Republicans not to go down that road, suggesting that they will bear the brunt of the blame if the gambit results in a government shutdown.

Obama blasted Republicans during an interview Tuesday with Telemundo.

“We’re hearing that a certain faction of Republicans, in the House of Representatives in particular are arguing for government shutdown or even a default for the United States of America  … if they don’t get 100 percent of what they want,” Obama said.

On Wednesday in Washington, Obama suggested that Republicans have gotten distracted from their original goal of cutting deficits. “We have not seen this in the past, that a budget is contingent on us eliminating a program that was voted on, passed by both chambers of Congress,” Obama said.

Read more: