San Diego Tea Party Voter guides 2016

tea party voter guide

Voter Guide that shows how several groups vote:


Republican Voter Guide:


Democratic Voter Guide:


Conservative Voter guide:


Craig Huey’s Voter Guide


Basic voter info (Not a guide)


In depth, non bias, info (Not a guide)

Former Congressman Joe Walsh Unleashes on Attorney General in Rant Against Islam, AG Loretta Lynch to Prosecute ‘Anti-Muslim Speech’

Completely outrageous

Loretta Lynch To to Prosecute ‘Anti-Muslim Speech’

Former Congressman Unleashes on Attorney General in Rant Against Islam:

A Salute to the Red, White and Blue – Honoring our first responders Sat. September 12th 2015

For updates, Speaker list, and parking help go to

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Honoring our First Responders!
Sat.  Sept 12   9am-Noon

Music from Troubadours Band

Speaker list so far:

Radio show Host: Mike Slater

Supervisor Greg Cox

Supervisor Ron Roberts

TV and radio host Gina Loudon

Location: Waterfront Park/County Administration Building,1600 Pacific Highway. Go to side across from Star of India on Harbor Drive. Follow signs.

There will be Police cruisers, Fire trucks, and Ambulances,  for the kids to check out!

Bring Friends, Bring Family, Bring a blanket, chairs, water, snacks. Exhibit booths. Raffle for Charities.

Let’s salute and honor our hardworking First Responders. Come meet our amazing San Diego Firefighters, Paramedics, Police and Sheriff. Every day they put their lives on the line to keep us safe. It is our turn to recognize their service and say thank you!

Exhibit Information or to volunteer:

The Event is at the County Admin Building. (see “Event” in pic below for exact location)

There is parking “UNDER” the building. If you use the south side of building (See the “P” on map below) to access the underground tunnel.

Or,….park on the metered parking alongside Harbor drive.

Google map…….CLICK HERE






Meet Tom Del Beccaro August 6th 2015

Barbara Boxer Is stepping down in 2016.

Unless we Find a strong candidate to run against Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez we will have another liberal “Locked” in office for several years to come.

Come out to a eat and greet and talk to him yourself and see what you think!


Thursday, August 6th • 6:30pm – 8:30 pm


Mike Slater
KFMB Talk Radio

Hosts an Evening with US Senate Candidate
Tom Del Beccaro
It’s time to replace Boxer in the US Senate!

Home of Dean and Dran Reese
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

RSVP: and the address will be emailed
to you or call 858 759-0918 home number
Dessert and Light Hors d’oeuvres

Suggested donation for this event is $50 per person, $75 per couple

2014 Tea Party Voter guide (October)


San Diego Tea Party Voter Guide

Our Sister group in North County has spent a lot of time getting into the nuts and bolts of who to vote for and why. You can take their word for their endorsements or investigate with their corresponding info links

click link below to open pdf


Also, Family voter guide tells you where certain groups stand on each candidate.


And……. A voter guide from our  trusted gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly


and………Howard Jarvis taxpayer association gives you the skinny on the Prop’s here:

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Earth in True Perspective

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Frederick T.

Ramona TEA’D features Sheriff Joe Arpaio Saturday, July 26


Dear Friends of Ramona TEA’D,

Our next Community Forum/Town Hall Meeting will be held on Saturday, July 26.  (see details below)  

Friends, for the latest updates from “America’s Toughest Sheriff” on the Obama-initiated, full-scale foreign invasion of illegals from south of the border NOW UNDERWAY in Maricopa County, AZ (and elsewhere), Arpaio’s all-volunteer posse, the Obama birth certificate forgery investigation, Sheriff Joe’s tremendously successful jail inmate policies ranging from male chain gangs, bans on smoking, coffee, movies, pornography, and unrestricted TV — all the way to the (WORLD FAMOUS) pink underwear and baloney sandwiches Sheriff Joe provides for his “tent city in the desert” inmates, DON’T MISS THIS!

Not only does Sheriff Joe understand how to fight dangerous criminals AND WIN, he understands how to defeat a far craftier and more vicious foe — POLITICIANS!  He’s been under relentless investigation since Day One of Obama’s first term.  Joe’s response to this constant harassment has been to throw his facilities and his files wide open with confidence to every new thrust of these tag-team fishing expeditions.  Not one shred of evidence has yet been uncovered to indicate there ever has been anything improper.  What does THIS tell us about this man, what he’s up against, WHO’S ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW — AND WHO’S NOT?

Learn why, after 50 years of public service, Sheriff Joe is IMMUNE TO THE CORRUPTION OF POLITICS, and STILL says, “The public is my boss, so I serve the public!” 



PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY! We’re opening the doors at 11:00 AM as usual.  Up until our 12:00 noon program start time, in place of our usual preliminary video footage, we invite everyone to meet and greet Sheriff Joe personally!  This will ALSO be your opportunity to purchase Sheriff Joe’s ORIGINAL, SPECTACULAR, WORLD FAMOUS, pink prison boxer shorts with Maricopa County Sheriff badge, personally autographed by Sheriff Joe for $15 each!  Proceeds go directly to Maricopa County Underprivileged Youth Charity.  

We expect ’em to go fast, friends.  So make your purchases early.  Once the program begins, there will be NO FURTHER SALES!

We hope you will be joining us to welcome our distinguished guest, Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Ramona TEA’D!

PLEASE DO bring a new friend to the meeting!

We hope to see you then, friends! 


Ramona TEA’D

Joe Arpaio


SDTP Newsletter

davis townhall

US Congresswoman Susan Davis (San Diego) has asked the public to a “Town-Hall” style event this Monday night. PLAN ON BEING THERE!    More info here:

Americans for legal immigration PAC have called for a day of NATIONAL protest as our borders are being overrun by illegal immigration. For rally specifics go to:

There were barely 100 people at the Murrieta protest on the first day yet they changed public opinion. If we don’t show our faces they will think our silence means our approval

San Diego Tea Party is looking for a few specific volunteers:

A spokesperson—-Someone good with speaking to the media.

Volunteer coordinator— Someone good at finding people to help with specific jobs

Website article admin—– Someone who can simply input articles, news and events at our wordpress  blog at

Organiser—-What I’ve been doing! (Or in this case, not doing)

email me back at

Susan Davis holds public Townhall event July 21st 7-8 pm

US Congresswoman Susan Davis has invited the public to a townhall meeting.

You’re invited to vent your frustration and give her advice on where she may be going wrong.

davis townhall

Here are only a few of my questions off the top of my head I have for Rep. Davis:

Several ACA requirements (were held off until AFTER the 2014 elections) are estimated to leave folks with SKYROCKING premiums.
Question: What will obamacare premiums look like in the next year or two? How can we trust your rosy predictions with so many false promises in the past?

Congress and over 1200 + company’s (most of them union or Government connected) get waivers to Obamacare.
Question: This is BLATENTLY WRONG by any standards, what have you done to stop it?

As a congresswoman in a large border county, you know 70% of the border patrol agents are currently changing diapers and babysitting instead of patrolling the border. This policy invites millions from dozens of other third world countries to do the same.
Question: what have you done to ensure our laws and border sovereignty are still in tack?

You and Bob Filner voted AGAINST keeping the Mount Soledad cross going against your own constituents in a 349-74 vote in congress. Question: Shouldn’t you be standing WITH your constituent rather than against them?

susan davis townhall 2014

Original message from Susan Davis below


susan davis