Amnesty Protest at Rep. Issa’s office Oct 31st, 11 am

Due to overwhelming demand from outraged citizens, a press conference and protest by several local conservative groups is scheduled to oppose Issa’s proposed legalization bill (amnesty) for millions of illegal aliens. Obama himself has organized pro-amnesty protests there, now its our turn.

If Darrell Issa’s immigration plan passes, the same people that lied to us about Obamacare will be implementing Amnesty.

Event will be Thursday Oct. 31, 11 am

outside Rep. Issa’s main district office:

1800 Thibodo Road, #310

Vista, CA 92081

Please bring anti-amnesty and anti-illegal immigration signs or American or Gadsden flags, and a signed letter to be hand delivered to Issa’s district director opposing his bill to legalize most illegal aliens with visas.

If you cannot attend the rally, please drop off your own personal letter to Rep. Issa’s office during business hours or fax it to 760-599-1178.

You can also send Issa a message through his website:

Keep calling the Vista office opposing his amnesty bill, 760-599-5000.  Every phone call is tabulated and will help show Mr. Issa that his pro-amnesty bill is rejected by the American people.

Please forward to your Patriot lists.



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My letter to Darrell Issa’s office

Immigration reform should be done with the recognition that a record number of people are out of work, our country is overloaded with citizens collecting entitlements, and china is floating our boat. Also, and even more troubling, we have a corrupt administration that doesn’t deal with us straight (He Lies). Darrel should know this more than anyone.
I’m the Organizer of San Diego Tea Party, I have access to thousands of local people through FB/twitter/meetup/blog/direct email . This is where I usually talk about bringing some “Street Heat” to your office to force you to do what your constituents want, Is this what its come to?….I actually expected more from Darrell!!! Do I really need to treat him like a hostel liberal jamming this crap down our throats? Do you trust Obama to NOT use this issue against you politically?  when you say “This far, but no further” concerning voting rights, entitlements, chain-amnesty, etc  you know he will pull the football from you and you will land on your ass again, Charlie Brown….Please wake up, we know your not this unintelligent.
Rich Merris

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