GOP goes all-in on ‘de-fund ObamaCare,’ as shutdown looms


House Speaker John Boehner, in an abrupt turnaround, plans to let Tea Party lawmakers have a vote on de-funding ObamaCare as part of a politically risky strategy which Democrats warn could result in a government shutdown.

GOP leaders unveiled their plan to members on Wednesday morning, teeing up a vote for Friday — the proposed bill would tie the vote to de-fund the health care law to a vote on a stopgap spending bill. Current funding for the government is set to expire at the end of the month, and lawmakers must approve the stopgap bill in order to keep Washington open; conservatives see this as leverage to force a suspension of ObamaCare.

“The law’s a trainwreck,” Boehner said of the Affordable Care Act. “It’s time to protect American families from this unworkable law.”

Effectively, Boehner and his deputies have b

acked off a compromise approach they earlier tried to sell to rank-and-file conservatives. Under that plan, the House would have sent two bills to the Senate — one to de-fund ObamaCare, the other to fund the government. The Senate, then, would have been able to easily bypass the ObamaCare bill and send the spending measure straight to the White House, in turn averting a government shutdown.

But House conservatives revolted, and Boehner now plans to tie the two votes together. Under the plan, funding the government would be conditional on de-funding ObamaCare. It is a concession to House conservatives as well as senators like Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and outside groups like the Heritage Foundation that have demanded Congress use the must-pass budget bill as leverage to derail the health care law.

But it is also undoubtedly risky.

President Obama and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid h

ave warned Republicans not to go down that road, suggesting that they will bear the brunt of the blame if the gambit results in a government shutdown.

Obama blasted Republicans during an interview Tuesday with Telemundo.

“We’re hearing that a certain faction of Republicans, in the House of Representatives in particular are arguing for government shutdown or even a default for the United States of America  … if they don’t get 100 percent of what they want,” Obama said.

On Wednesday in Washington, Obama suggested that Republicans have gotten distracted from their original goal of cutting deficits. “We have not seen this in the past, that a budget is contingent on us eliminating a program that was voted on, passed by both chambers of Congress,” Obama said.

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Recall Filner rally and press conference

1014391_435783489853674_1044771543_nThe press conference is this Friday July 19 4pm Community Concourse

The Recall Filner campaign folks will be there collecting contact info (Name/email) of people who will want to eventually help them collect over 100,000 signatures in the City of SD in order to qualify for the recall.  They will have 60 days to collect the signatures. Right now, they are building an army.

Check out

Bob Filner Recall update

2283583Hello friends,

There will be ONE person organizing the recall filner effort, his name is Michael Pallamary.

He has organized a successful recall before and after speaking with him at length today I believe he will do a great job again. He made a facebook page for this effort at Please tell your folks about this fast growing page.

A few words from Michael Pallamary;

Hello. My name is Michael Pallamary and I am the person who organized and ran the recall of Linda Bernhardt in 1991, a cause necessitated because of Mr. Filner’s previous efforts to exploit and ruin this city.

I have a long history of fighting Bob Filner. I have sued him on behalf of

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Amnesty will happen if we stay silent


San Diego Tea Party


Here are a few questions you could ask…..

An Obama-care Loophole Provides Incentive For Employers To Hire Illegal Aliens Over US Citizens (Obama-Care fees are much less for immigrants) Question: This will obviously harm hard working American citizens, why are you in favor of this? 

20 million American citizens who want a full-time job still cannot find oneQuestion: why are we providing for other country’s citizens before our own?

CBO finding: Gang of Eight Bill Fails to Stop 75 Percent of Illegal ImmigrationQuestion:  Then why the hell are we doing this?

With countless lies being told to us about Obama-care and other current events Question: Do we expect our politicians to be honest and straight forward about the unforeseen effects of Amnesty?

This bill (S.744) allows states to grant in-state tuition to illegal aliens—not the aliens who receive
amnesty, but all illegal aliens who arrive in the future. (Sec. 2103, p. 119) Question:  Why is this not being told to us?

The cost to taxpayers would be CATASTROPHIC. Currently we are 17 trillion dollars in debt and we are printing 85 billion dollars a monthQuestionWill this increase or decrease US salaries and the quality of life for US citizens?

Contact ALL congressman here:

A group called Stop Obama NOW is doing a local protest.

The last protest in SD got national coverage with only 30 people

Fox News Nation – Impeach Obama Rally Causes 10 Mile Traffic Jam
Huffington Post – Tea Party’s ‘Impeach Obama’ Protest Backs Up Traffic For 10 Miles
(contains full video of the demo)
Daily Caller – ‘Impeach Obama’ movement leads to protests, traffic jam

Go to for more info

The Icaucus meeting will be June 25th 6-8 pm
Click here for more:

The Debate club will be having…
Happy hour social party and Gay Marriage debate
June 27th 7:00 pm




Appearing before Congress, with veins bulging on her temples and fists clenched, Hillary Clinton bellowed,  “What difference does it make?” in regard to how four Americans died in Benghazi.

What difference does it make? It doesn’t matter who murdered four Americans?

Perhaps if it had been her child who was shot full of holes, she’d be singing a different tune.

The mother of Sean Smith, the communications officer murdered on September 11, says it makes a difference as to why her son’s calls for help went unanswered.

Seven hundred Special Ops veterans sent a letter to Congress demanding that a comprehensive congressional investigation begin immediately—they think it makes a difference.

Over one hundred Representatives (led by Congressman Frank R. Wolf) are backing the passage of House Resolution 36, calling for a “Watergate style” investigation into what happen that fateful night-THEY think it makes a difference.

It seems like everyone in the country thinks that finding out who murdered four Americans and why no one sent help does make a difference.

The only ones who think it doesn’t make a difference are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

We already know, partially, what happened. The bull dog in the House, Darrell Issa, leading the charge, released a preliminary report on April 23, that spells out that, with emails and documents as proof, Barack Obama knew the consulate had been attacked by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists “almost immediately.” That he and his cronies, fearing the news of an attack by a group that he had been blathering about “being on the run” would hurt his re-election campaign. That the intelligence community had put together a series of talking points about what happened that were literally rewritten by the White House, changed from “attack” to “demonstration” and obliterating any reference to “Islamic extremists.”

The Weekly Standard yesterday, supplementing the information in the House investigative report, actually got a copy of the multiple revisions of the talking points, which proves that Susan Rice’s famous Sunday morning news show hit parade and Obama blathering about an “offensive” anti-Muslim YouTube video were literally created out of thin air. They knew in less than twenty-four hours that it was a pre-planned terrorist attack that had nothing to do with a protest or YouTube video:

A cable sent the following day, September 12, by the CIA station chief in Libya, reported that eyewitnesses confirmed the participation of Islamic militants and made clear that U.S. facilities in Benghazi had come under terrorist attack.

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Barack Obama’s Campaign Promise

 Does anyone remember Barack Obama’s great promise of the campaign of 2012?   He did not make a promise to America nor to Americans.  He did not make a promise to fellow politicians.

 Unlike so many of his promises, he is keeping this one.

 His promise was to Vladimir Putin of Russia. 

 What is Obama doing to keep his promise to Putin?

 Everyone remembers the hot mike incident in 2012 when Barack Obama pleaded with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to give him time until the election.  After the election, he promised Vladimir Putin, through Medvedev, he would be more “flexible.”

 Now we have seen this flexibility.

 Barack Obama is going to spend almost $700 million dollars of taxpayer money to buy Russian helicopters for the Afghan Air Force.

 But wait.  Just like those TV commercials, this gets better.


Mi-17 helicopter.

 When Congress passed the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, it had an interesting provision.  Congress included, as a part of that law a prohibition on the United States buying helicopters from Rosoboronexport, the Russian manufacturer of the Mi-17 helicopter.


Unfortunately as always happens, when such laws are passed, Congress always gives the Regime an escape hatch.  The law stated that Obama could buy from Rosoboronexport if the Secretary of Defense certified it was in the interest of National Security.


And of course, the Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, a man committed to destroying the US military immediately signed off on that certification.


Where do we even start with this one?


Congress is outraged over this with Senators and Representatives from both parties writing letters about this.  Of course, this is Congress’ fault for allowing a law to be written with such an escape hatch.


More importantly, Americans need to be asking just what the hell the Obama Regime is doing. 


Why are we spending $700 million dollars with a Russian arms manufacturer?  Why are we even giving the Afghans these helicopters?


If we are going to give them helicopters, which we really shouldn’t, then why not give them American made helicopters and put Americans to work?


Even if we are going to give the Afghans Russian helicopters, the ones we are giving them are an old Cold War design.  There are hundreds of used MI-17 helicopters floating around the world.  Why are we paying to give the Afghans brand new helicopters?


In the era of the Sequester, isn’t there something better we can do with $700 million?  American Medicare cancer patients are being turned away from hospitals and are being denied life saving treatment because of budget cuts.  The American military is being gutted to the point of ineffectiveness because of budget cuts.


Or consider this.  The United States Air Force is grounding 17 squadrons because of $591 million dollars in budget cuts.  Our Air Force is not able to do its mission because it lacks the money to fly but we have the money to give Afghanistan $700 million dollars in Russian helicopters.


And this is where Barack Obama thinks we should spend our money?


Most people reading this story will not have heard about it.




Because the Obama Propaganda Media is moving in lock step to make sure there is no bad news that might damage Obama’s presidency.


This is a story that should damage him and outrage every American.


Ask your Senator or Congressman why this outrage is being allowed and take a moment to share this story with your friends.


The only way we will ever stop Obama is if the American people know what he is doing. 

We are now partners with “San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition”

Check them out at


San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition 
   Updated:  April 1, 2013
Spokesman:  Rob Luton, Immigration Policy Analyst, 858-414-6229,

Spokesman:  Peter Nunez, Board Member, Center for Immigration Studies, 619-297-9957   

San Diegans for Secure Borders is a diverse, non-partisan coalition of grass roots civic and activist groups in the San Diego area working hard to make our region a better and safer place to live, work, and thrive.  We support strong border security along with our ports and coastline, as well as the full enforcement of our federal immigration laws to protect the U.S. and our citizens from foreign threats.

Mission:  To push Congress to draft and pass true immigration reform that solves the illegal immigration problem, prevents future illegal immigration, and restores the integrity of our generous system of traditional, legal immigration.  Legal immigrants who work hard and play by the rules deserve nothing less than a safe and secure America. 
No amnestySecure our border and enforce our immigration laws first


A major push for amnesty here in San Diego is happening

A major push for amnesty here in San Diego is happening with big union support. As usual, the squeaky wheel gets the government Cheese

The Tea Party stands for Personal freedom, balanced budgets, National security, ETC.

The US citizens have been so lied to for so long now that they believe it would be heartless to seal our sovereign borders.   Ron Reagan went along with an amnesty bill in the 80’s with the promise from congress it would put an end to it once and for all, but they lied!

Simply said; they got as far as they have by using your emotions against you. Obama is the master at using emotions and the “Straw-Man” argument to make you believe things that are not true.

Here are a few:

“They are only hard working people that want to pick your tomatoes”

“They are a valuable part of our fiscal society”

“We need all the tax money they pay”

I must say as a Chula Vista native for 45 years and someone who can see  Mexico from my home, Most of my friends have been Spanish, who (in general) have a good family base. But when deciding what to do with 15+ million people in your country illegally, you put emotion aside and get the facts.

Here are the stone cold facts from  (Just in California)

Illegal aliens cost 22 Billion in calif. State and local costs, contribute 1.21 Billion in tax revenues

leaving a 20.6 Billion dollar burden on our system.

The breakdown (Just in California) is:

9.31 Billion for education

3.2 Billion for our justice system

2.9 Billion (General)

2.5 Billion in Medicaid

1.9 Billion English (LEP)

1.6 Billion for Welfare

434 million for Schip

Companies and people are leaving at record rates to avoid the massive taxes and regulations that are strangling our way of life here. Our State is BROKE and going down fast.

The thought of making 10’s of millions of people ready to take your place in the job market is so stupid that the only reason it would even be proposed would be for political gain.

Rush Limbaugh stated recently he would promise to campaign with La Raza on immigration in one condition: The new legal immigrants would not be able to vote for 10 years. Obama or the democratic congress hasn’t taken his offer because this entire charade is about creating millions of new democrats on the backs of “We The People”


Here is how most jobless Americans see it.

Judge: Immigration Agents Suing Obama Can Move Forward

ice deportation

A federal judge ruled that nearly a dozen federal immigration agents can move forward with their lawsuit against their own bosses and even President Obama over change in enforcement policy that the agents argue prevent them from doing their jobs.
Federal Judge Reed O’Conner ruled on Friday Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents’ case has legal merit. They argue their bosses essentially have forced them to look the other way and not enforce the law —  thus overstepping Congress by changing laws through directives rather than legislation.
The state of Mississippi joined the lawsuit against the administration but judge O’Conner dismissed the state from the lawsuit on Friday in the 35-page opinion.
The agents filed the lawsuit in October against the head of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and ICE Director John Morton, to ask the courts to overturn last year’s directive by Obama to suspend deportation proceedings and offer temporary work authorization to some immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children.
“We are very pleased with this ruling,” said Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State who’s representing the agents and is also widely known as the author of strict immigration laws in Arizona and Kansas.
“It appears that the Obama Administration had hoped that no court would ever review the legality of its executive amnesty,” Kobach said.
Chris Crane, the president of ICE agents’ union that initiated the legal fight, accused the Obama administration of not even consulting with agents when he made his policy change.
“We’ve repeatedly tried to work with the administration and they’ve just excluded us from everything since day one,” Crane said on a conference call with reporters announcing the lawsuit.
Crane went on to say that the new guidelines left agents powerless to enforce immigration law because they had no way to distinguish who qualifies for deferred deportation.

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