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Marines: Men kissing Men in public is OK


UPDATED PETITION WORDS!  Defend military Chaplains, Christian troops from LGBT persecution. Please select, sign, and WE WILL FAX your petition to all 535 members of Congress.   We’ve already sent 58,000 fax petitions.  Can you help us reach 100,000?

Marines:  Men kissing Men in public is OK

The Washington Times reports that all four branches of the military have begun sending pro-homosexual training material to 2.2 million active and reserve troops concerning the permissibility of illicit sexual behavior in public.  The training includes explicit examples concerning “public displays of affection” between homosexuals.

For example, the training asks what to do if an officer sees two male Marines kissing in a shopping mall:

“Situation,” it begins. “You are the Executive Officer of your unit. While shopping at the local mall over the weekend, you observe two junior male Marines in appropriate civilian attire assigned to your unit kissing and hugging in the food court.”

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GOP leaders hyped their budget savings.


A mini-revolt is brewing among Republican backbenchers on Capitol Hill now that the specific spending cuts in Friday’s budget deal are being revealed. After separating out the accounting gimmicks and one-year savings, the actual cuts look to be closer to $20 billion than to the $38 billion that both sides advertised. This is not going to help Speaker John Boehner’s credibility with the tea party.

Even $20 billion is worthwhile, and the genuine reductions include cuts in high-speed rail, Pell grants, highway projects, renewable energy programs, housing subsidies, low-income home energy assistance, agriculture programs, contributions to the United Nations, and many more. There is also an immediate across the board 0.2% reduction in all nondefense accounts.

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Who’s the Extremist Now?

Who’s the Extremist Now?

The president would have shut down government over Planned Parenthood funding.


The senior senator from New York was on to something when he complained about ideology getting in the way of spending cuts. Just not in the way he would have us believe.

Appearing on MSNBC on Friday before the budget deal was finally cut, Sen. Charles Schumer launched a pre-emptive blame strike. “We are on the one-yard line,” he complained, “but Republicans in the House are making a goal-line stand on women’s health, which has nothing—nothing—to do with the budget.” The reference was to a GOP bid to strip Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

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Congress wants to raise the debt limit 2 $trillion$

The Obama administration has been sounding hazard warnings all year on the need to raise the U.S. debt limit, but it has yet to deliver the worst news: Congress may have to raise it by more than $2 trillion.
Neither the administration nor lawmakers in Congress want to talk about it, but an increase of at least $1 trillion is needed to keep the government running through the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30, an analysis of deficit forecasts and U.S. Treasury borrowing needs shows.

To last until the November 2012 presidential election, the increase would need to be well over $2 trillion.

The figures are politically hard to swallow.

Getting an increase with a “trillion” handle on it seems unlikely for a Congress with many freshman Republican lawmakers bent on keeping campaign promises to slash spending.

Any increase may be part of a comprehensive budget plan lawmakers need to hammer out as the year progresses. With a multi-trillion price tag difficult to swallow, Congress may opt for a tortuous string of smaller increases. In the process they could bring the United States close to default.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner won’t say how much of an increase he wants. Instead, administration officials say it needs congressional action and is in lawmakers’ hands.

Some in Congress think otherwise.

“The number is up to Treasury,” Senator Richard Durbin, the No. 2 Senate Democrat, told Reuters on Tuesday. “I want to raise it to whatever is necessary to make sure that the full faith and credit of the United States is not jeopardized.”
Geithner has warned of “catastrophic” consequences if the debt limit is not raised and the United States defaults on its debt and other obligations.

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Is Obama Working to Recall Wisconsin Republicans?

Red County

How’s this for states’ rights?

Yesterday, Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said in a radio interview that President Obama’s political team is directly involved in burgeoning efforts to recall Republican elected officials (emphasis on the word “elected,” as in chosen by the people of Wisconsin in a democratic vote four months ago):

“There’s many people that are beginning to believe this is a delay tactic by the Democrats in the Senate so that these recall elections can be organized by the Obama team out of Chicago, which they are, as we start to do the research on the people that have filed the petition,” Fitzgerald told Newsradio 620 WTMJ’s “Wisconsin’s Morning News.”

When asked whether Fitzgerald knew that for a fact, he responded, “The organizer against (River Hills Republican Senator) Alberta Darling definitely has direct links to the Obama camp.  There’s no doubt about it.  These guys might be out until June.  Unfortunately, what they’re trying to do is flip the majority, and I think that’s becoming very evident.”

This is yet another coup for the state of Illinois. The Senate Democrat caucus has been vacationing in the state for 18 days, providing some much-needed stimulus to the Quinn Economy. Now it has surfaced that they will pay Obama’s Chicago team to organize a recall effort.

The President’s message to the American people is simple: I don’t care about balancing the federal budget. I don’t care what the voters had to say in November. I will spend money to depose of elected officials I don’t like. Because Big Labor told me to.


San Diego Tea Party

Trump Sends Investigators to Hawaii, “Where’s the birth certificate”


WASHINGTON — Real estatetycoon Donald Trump said Thursday he has real doubts about whether President Obama was born in the United States and has sent investigators to Hawaii looking for answers.

The “Celebrity Apprentice” star has shot up in the polls as a potential GOP nominee, in part on his questions about whether Obama is constitutionally allowed to be president if he doesn’t prove he is a natural born citizen of the United States.

“I have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they’re finding,” Trump told NBC’s “Today” show on Thursday.

Officials in Hawaii have certified Obama’s citizenship, but a segment of society — labeled “birthers” in the vernacular — have demanded additional proof. Trump said when he started seriously considering a presidential bid a few weeks back, he thought the president was native-born, but now he’s not so sure.

“His grandmother in Kenya said he was born in Kenya, and she was there and witnessed the birth. He doesn’t have a birth certificate or he hasn’t shown it. He has what’s called a certificate of live birth. That is something that’s easy to get,” Trump said, arguing that Obama has spent $2 million in legal fees “to get away from this issue.”

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Glenn Beck to Leave Fox News Program

Updated: Glenn Beck is out at Fox News Channel.

Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts and FNC have reached a deal which will see Beck  “transition off of his daily program” later in 2011.

Beck’s much-reported troubles with the advertising community are believed to play a role in the decision.

Nonetheless, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch has on a few occasions defended Beck and his program from advertiser issues, including in a call with shareholders last year:

One wanted to know how long Fox News would “subsidize” the show, which is “filled with house ads.”

“It’s not subsidizing the show at all,” Murdoch fired back, adding that the theatrical Beck gives “a terrific kickoff” to the Fox News evening lineup.

Of course, advertisers like Goldline are not paying the same CPMs that FNC’s other major advertisers were paying, so eventually something would have to give.

As Beck’s ratings have declined over the last year, the economics became even dicier. He may have the number three show in cable news, but without strong advertiser support, it is hard to be sustainable long term.

The deal also includes a production and development deal, which will have Beck and FNC  “work together to develop and produce a variety of television projects for air on the FOX News Channel (FNC) as well as content for other platforms including FOX News’ digital properties.”

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Our Unaccountable Fed

Not having a real budget means the Federal Reserve doesn’t have to compete with anyone for scarce resources. What the central bank needs is a little money competition.


‘I will maintain to my deathbed that we made every effort to save Lehman, but we were just unable to do so because of a lack of legal authority.” So said Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in 2009. The statement was striking—not because it was false, but because the Fed lacked explicit legal authority to do so much of what it did during the financial crisis. Drawing the line at Lehman seemed arbitrary, and it proved that the Fed has become an unaccountable power within American government.

Mr. Bernanke’s insistence that the Fed is restrained by some obscure statute is central to his argument that the Fed is a body subject to the check of external forces. But it’s not. The principal check on its power is the self-restraint of its chairman, a point proven by the Lehman example: Had Mr. Bernanke saved Lehman, who would have enforced the statute that he had violated? No one. That’s because the Fed, as currently configured, has no opposing force to rein it in.

In the beginning, it was not so. When the Fed was created in 1913, the gold standard limited its power as did the balance between the 12 reserve banks across the country and the Federal Reserve Board in Washington. Lawmakers thought that the reserve banks would represent regional economic interests in tension with the national political agenda of the board in Washington. Moreover, the Federal Reserve Act imposed a hard constraint on the Fed’s balance sheet: 40% of the Fed’s notes had to be backed by gold. Finally, the Fed’s charter was temporary, lasting only 20 years before requiring congressional reauthorization.

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