The Greatest Murder Machine in History

May 31, 2014

The Greatest Murder Machine in History

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When one thinks of mass murder, Hitler comes to mind. If not Hitler, then Tojo, Stalin, or Mao. Credit is given to the 20th-century totalitarians as the worst species of tyranny to have ever arisen. However, the alarming truth is that Islam has killed more than any of these, and may surpass all of them combined in numbers and cruelty.

The enormity of the slaughters of the “religion of peace” are so far beyond comprehension that even honest historians overlook the scale. When one looks beyond our myopic focus, Islam is the greatest killing machine in the history of mankind, bar none.

The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. — Will Durant, as quoted on Daniel Pipes site.

Conservative estimates place the number at 80 million dead Indians.

According to some calculations, the Indian (subcontinent) population decreased by 80 million between 1000 (conquest of Afghanistan) and 1525 (end of Delhi Sultanate). — Koenrad Elst as quoted on Daniel Pipes site

80 Million?! The conquistadors’ crimes pale into insignificance at that number. No wonder Hitler admired Islam as a fighting religion. He stood in awe of Islam, whose butchery even he did not surpass.

Over 110 Million Blacks were killed by Islam.

… a minumum of 28 Million African were enslaved in the Muslim Middle East.  Since, at least, 80 percent of those captured by Muslim slave traders were calculated to have died before reaching the slave market, it is believed that the death toll from 1400 years of Arab and Muslim slave raids into Africa could have been as high as 112 Millions.  When added to the number of those sold in the slave markets, the total number of African victims of the trans-Saharan and East African slave trade could be significantly higher than 140 Million people. — John Allembillah Azumah, author of The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-religious Dialogue

Add just those two numbers alone together, and Islam has surpassed the victims of 20th-century totalitarianism. However, it does not end there. Add the millions who died at the hand of Muslims in the Sudan in our lifetime.

Much of Islamic slavery was sexual in nature, with a preference for women. Those men who were captured were castrated. The mulatto children of the women were often killed, which explains why Islam was not demographically shifted towards the black race, unlike slaves in the West, who bore children to breed a mestizo class. Add in those dead children; and we arrive at well over 200 million.

Remember that in the 7th century, North Africa was almost totally Christian. What happened to them? 

By the year 750, a hundred years after the conquest of Jerusalem, at least 50 percent of the world’s Christians found themselves under Muslim hegemony… Today there is no indigenous Christianity in the region [of Northwest Africa], no communities of Christians whose history can be traced to antiquity.– “Christianity Face to Face with Islam,” CERC

What happened to those Christian millions? Some converted. The rest?  Lost to history.

We know that over 1 million Europeans were enslaved by Barbary Pirates. How many died is anybody’s guess.

…for the 250 years between 1530 and 1780, the figure could easily have been as high as 1,250,000 –  BBC

In the Middle Ages…

…many slaves were passed through Armenia and were castrated there to fill the Muslim demand for eunuchs. — Slavery in Early Medieval Europe.

The same practice ran through Islamic Spain. North Europeans captured from raids up to Iceland, or purchased, were butchered in the castratoriums of Iberia. Many died from the operations that ran for centuries.

The number of dead from the Muslim conquest of the Balkans and Southern Italy is unknown, but again the numbers add up, surely into the millions over the centuries. Don’t forget the 1.5 million Armenian Christians killed by the Turks during WWI. We do know that over five centuries, vast numbers of Christian boys were kidnapped to become Islamic Janissary mercenaries for the Turks. Add those in, too.

Muslims prized blonde women for their harems; and so enslaved Slavic women were purchased in the bazaars of the Crimean Caliphate. In Muslim Spain, an annual tribute of 100 Visigothic [blonde] women was required from Spain’s Cantabrian coast.

For decades, 100 virgins per year were required by the Muslim rulers of Spain from the conquered population.  The tribute was only stopped when the Spaniards began fighting back — Jihad: Islam’s 1,300 Year War Against Western Civilisation

Add in the death toll from the Reconquista and the numbers climb higher. 

Research has shown that the Dark Ages were not caused by the Goths, who eventually assimilated and Christianized:    

…the real destroyers of classical civilization were the Muslims. It was the Arab Invasions… which broke the unity of the Mediterranean world and turned the Middle Sea — previously one of the world’s most important trading highways — into a battleground. It was only after the appearance of Islam… that the cities of the West, which depended upon the Mediterranean trade for their survival, began to die. — Islam Caused the Dark Ages

Add in those unknown millions who died as a consequence.

How many know the horrors of the conquest of Malaysia? The Buddhists of Thailand and Malaysia were slaughtered en masse.

When attacked and massacred by the Muslims, the Buddhists initially did not make any attempt to escape from their murderers. They accepted death with an air of fatalism and destiny. And hence they are not around today to tell their story. – History of

We may never know the numbers of dead.

After Muslims came to power in the early 15th century, animist hill peoples eventually disappeared due to their enslavement and ‘incorporation’ into the Muslim population of Malaya, Sumatra, Borneo, and Java via raids, tribute and purchase, especially of children. Java was the largest exporter of slaves around 1500. — Islam Monitor

In the same manner, Islam arrived in the Philippines. Only the appearance of the Spanish stopped a total collapse, and confined Islam to the southern islands. 

The coming of the Spanish saved the Philippines from Islam, except for the Southern tip where the population had been converted to Islam.– History of

Again, the number of dead is unknown; but add them to the total.

The animist Filipinos were eager to ally with the Spanish against Islam. In fact, much of Southeast Asia welcomed the Spanish and Portuguese as preferable to Islam. 

…from the 17th century successive Thai kings allied themselves with the seafaring Western powers – the Portuguese and the Dutch and succeeded in staving off the threat of Islam from the Muslim Malays and their Arab overlords.– History of  

A few galleons and muskets were not enough to conquer Asia. Islam had made the Europeans initially appear as liberators; and to a certain extent they were. Who were the real imperialists?

Even today…

…Malaysian Jihadis are plotting to transform multi-ethnic Malaysia into an Islamic Caliphate, and fomenting trouble in Southern Thailand.– History of

Add this all up. The African victims. The Indian victims. The European victims. Add in the Armenian genocide. Then add in the lesser known, but no doubt quite large number of victims of Eastern Asia. Add in the jihad committed by Muslims against China, which was invaded in 651 AD. Add in the Crimean Khanate predations on the Slavs, especially their women.

Though the numbers are not clear, what is obvious is that Islam is the greatest murder machine in history bar none, possibly exceeding 250 million dead. Possibly one-third to one-half or more of all those killed by war or slavery in history can be traced to Islam; and this is just a cursory examination.

Now consider the over 125 Million women today who have been genitally mutilated for Islamic honor’s sake. In spite of what apologists tell you, the practice is almost totally confined to Islamic areas. 

New information from Iraqi Kurdistan raises the possibility that the problem is more prevalent in the Middle East than previously believed and that FGM is far more tied to religion than many Western academics and activists admit. – “Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?” ME Quarterly

Once thought concentrated in Africa, FGM has now been discovered to be common wherever Islam is found. 

There are indications that FGM might be a phenomenon of epidemic proportions in the Arab Middle East. Hosken, for instance, notes that traditionally all women in the Persian Gulf region were mutilated. Arab governments refuse to address the problem. — “Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?” ME Quarterly

Remember that this has gone on for 1400 years; and was imposed on a population that had been formerly Christian or pagan.

FGM is practiced on large scale in Islamic Indonesia; and is increasing.

…far from scaling down, the problem of FGM in Indonesia has escalated sharply. The mass ceremonies in Bandung have grown bigger and more popular every year. — Guardian

The horrified British author of that Guardian article is still deluded that Islam does not support FGM, when in fact it is now settled that FGM is a core Islamic practice. Islamic women have been brainwashed to support their own abuse.

Abu Sahlieh further cited Muhammad as saying, “Circumcision is a sunna (tradition) for the men and makruma (honorable deed) for the women.”  — “Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?” ME Quarterly

What other tyranny does this? Not even the Nazis mutilated their own women!

Unlike the 20th-century totalitarians whose killing fury consumed themselves, reducing their longevity, Islam paces itself. In the end, though slower, Islam has killed and tortured far more than any other creed, religious or secular. Unlike secular tyranny, Islam, by virtue of its polygamy and sexual predations, reproduces itself and  increases. 

Other tyrannies are furious infections, which burn hot, but are soon overcome. Islam is a slow terminal cancer, which metastasizes, and takes over. It never retreats. Its methods are more insidious, often imperceptible at first, driven by demographics. Like cancer, excision may be the only cure.

So whenever you read about this or that Israeli outrage — and there may be truth to the complaint — place the news in context. Look whom the Israelis are fighting against. Islam is like nothing else in history.


Lets Rally to get Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi out of Mexico

This is a Rally to get our marine out of a mexican jail. he has been there almost two months. details below

So far our Facebook event page has 412 confirmed that are coming (as of monday at 9pm)

KFI called and wants to send a person down to cover.

KUSI plans to send a camera. 

Tim donnelly is coming down 

 A few people that will be speaking so far are:

Jill Tahmooressi (via phone)
Gina Loudon
mike slater
Tim Donnelly
Ann Marie Murrell
Kirk Jorgenson
Joe Messina
Joe spencer

Left leaning Folks like Tamera Holder and people from have went on record to support releasing this Marine. There is Bi-Partisan outrage over this incident. 


                       So bring a sign and help make a statement

                                          (suggested sign below)


The rally will be held (approximately) here


Parking can be a pain so I made this map of the area. The outlet stores have free parking but i’m not sure of the parking policy’s there. The further you get from the rally area the cheaper parking  gets.

For Immediate Release: Protest at Mexican Border, Calling for Immediate Release of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

Contact: Dr. Gina Loudon, 217-653-2238

 “Tension is building. Many in the US think it is unjust, un-American, for this brave marine who fought for our freedom to spend Memorial Day in a Mexican prison” said Dr. Gina Loudon, of the Patriot Coalition of San Diego County. We will be right on the border on the hearing date, supporting our Marine!”

Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has called for citizens to rise up in defense of the marine’s freedom. Sgt. Tahmooressi was imprisoned for accidentally carrying firearms across the border when he took a wrong turn.

International lender, Brian Brady plans to attend. He said, “If both the Mexican government and the American government secured and marked the border, these problems could be avoided. The Mexican government should recognize the border signage problem (on both sides), warn Americans of their unique laws, and release Tahmooressi immediately.”

His first hearing is scheduled on May 28, but citizens say that is not soon enough.

“Where are the politicians inside the Beltway on this?” asked Lainie Sloane, who is planning to attend the protest. “We all say we are patriotic, but when the rubber meets the road, the men are quickly separated from the boys!”

Groups mounting in support of the imprisoned marine are bipartisan and broad. “As a young American, it outrages me that politicians seem more interested in advancing a political agenda than helping our troops who have sacrificed so much.  On behalf of the millennial generation, we are disgusted by our leaders but love our troops” said Sam Whitfield of Junior Factor Nation.

John Loudon, fmr. State Senator from Missouri stated, “Americans do not leave their own behind.”  He plans to attend the protest rally on Wednesday, as well.

“This country will be judged for its treatment of our military” Dr. Loudon remarked. After families celebrate together over the weekend, we are asking them to pause to really honor our brave in tangible ways, and join us on the border to stand with Sgt. Tahmooressi on the day of his hearing.”

“We are not only imploring the Mexican government to free Sgt. Tahmooressi, warned Assemblyman Tim Donnelly. We are imploring our government to make it happen immediately.”

The rally will be held at the border: May 28th,  5775 Camiones Way, San Ysidro, CA 92173 at 5:30 pm

Tea Party voter guide 2014 (June primary)



Primary Guide below

Here are some vetting groups that have done the homework

so you can make an informed decision


June 3, 2014, Statewide Direct Primary Election



This is from our sister Tea Party in North County

Thanks to Maureen Guffanti with Tri-City Tea Party. Great work!

Tri-City Tea Party’s Recommendations and Endorsements for San Diego county Primary, June 3, 2014



  1. In addition to individual research by our board, sources for our decisions include, but weren’t limited to:
    1. Conservative Craig Huey’s Election Forum
    2.  –at this site you will find who has endorsed which candidates. See:
    3. CRA’s 2013 Legislative Scorecard
    4. San Diego Tax Fighters
    5. Tea Parties throughout the state;  we have shared and discussed our picks
  2.  For brevity, our comments section includes a few points or endorsements, not all the factors we considered.
  3. Our footnotes, which follow our picks, include Craig Huey’s helpful ratings of the judge candidates.
  4. Below is a key to the abbreviations in our recommendations:


CRA-California Republican Assembly

CRP—California Republican Party

CTA—California Teachers Association

FRC Action PAC—Family Research Center Action PAC

HJTA—Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Huey’s Election Forum—Conservative Craig Huey’s Election Forum picks

Lincoln Club—pro-prosperity political action committee (PAC)

SEIU— Service Employees International Union, a labor union


Position Endorsement Comment
GOVERNOR Tim Donnelly (R) Servant; Highly recommended 1
LT GOVERNOR George Yang (R) Yang endorsed by CA Tea Party Groups and Tim Donnelly
SEC OF STATE Pete Peterson (R) Endorsed by CRA, HJTA and CRP; CA Tea Party Groups and Huey’s Election Forum; Peterson wants to study why jobs are leaving CA
CONTROLLER David Evans (R) Many conservative groups favor Swearingen.See also
TREASURER Greg Conlon (R) CTA supports Chaing; see
ATTORNEY GENERAL Phil Wyman (R) HJTA, CA ProLife Council, and CA Tea Party groups endorse Wyman;  CTA endorses Harris. 3
INSURANCECOMMISSIONER Ted Gaines (R) CRA, HJTA endorses Gaines; Gaines filed suit against Covered California over rampant policy cancellations 4
BOARD ofEQUALIZATION Diane Harkey (R) CRA, FRC ActionPAC endorse Harkey; Huey’s Election Forum gives her 2 thumbs up. Consistently conservative in votes, according to CRA
U.S. REP District 49 Darrell Issa (R) Endorsed by CRA, CA Pro-Life Council.
U.S. REP District 50 



U.S. REP District 52


Duncan Hunter (R) 


Kirk Jorgenson

Endorsed by CRA, CA Pro-Life Council. Huey’s Election Forum gives 2 thumbs up out of 3; 1 thumb would represent lesser of 2 evils
STATE SENATOR 36THDistrict Patricia Bates (R) no opposition
STATE SENATOR 38THDistrict  Joel Anderson (R) Endorsed by CA Pro-Life Council. True public servant; Only CA senator to vote against paying suspended felon senators
Member of State Assembly 75th District Marie Waldron (R) Endorsed by Sen Joel Anderson, HJTA,  California Pro-Life Council
Member of State Assembly 76th District Rocky Chavez or Write-In; Chavez reneged on his marriage pledge; Spoke pro-amnesty at TCTP 10.15.13 5


Position Endorsement  Comment 
Judge of Superior Court Office No 9 Ronald Prager Douglas Crawford vs Ronald Prager.  Prager endorsed by Deputy Sheriff’s Assoc of SDCo. Election Forum gives Prager a score of 7 to Crawford’s 3. See ratings 6
Judge of Superior Court Office No 19 Paul Ware Paul Ware vs Michael Popkins. Ware is endorsed by CRA. Popkins is endorsed by the Democrat Party. Election Forum gives  Ware a score of 8 to Popkins’ 6.   See ratings 6
Judge of Superior Court Office No 20 Lisa Schall Lisa Schall vs Carla Keehn.  Keehn, a Democrat, 7 is endorsed by Democrat  Party.  Schall is endorsed by Republican Party, Lincoln Club.  Huey’s Election Forum gives Schall a score of 5 to Keehn’s 4. At our 5.20.14 forum, with Schall not attending or speaking, our attendees in a voice vote picked Keehn. However our board favors Schall. See ratings 6
Judge of Superior Court Office No 25 Ken Gosselin Ken Gosselin vs Michele Hagan vs Brad Weinreb. Gosselin endorsed by CRA, Dep. Sheriffs’ Assoc, Rep Party. Huey’s Election Forum gives him 2 thumbs up. See ratings 6
Judge of Superior Court Office No 44 Jacqueline Stern Jacqueline Stern vs Joseph Adelizzi.  Stern endorsed by Dep. Sheriffs’ Assoc, Lincoln Club, Rep Party. See ratings 6
STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION Lydia Gutierrez (R) Endorsed by CRA; Opposes Common Core, Supports education, not indoctrination
COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION 5TH DISTRICT  Doug Perkins CA Sen. Joel Anderson, San Diego Tax Fighters endorse Perkins
MEMBER, BOARD OF SUPERVISORS DIST NO 5  Bill Horn The SEIU recently paid Wood’s campaign nearly $1/4 million.  Horn, the most conservative on the board, ensured the county’s AAA bond rating—he’s a fiscal conservative
ASSESSOR/RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK  Ernie Dronenburg, Jr Endorsed by HJTA,  Dep. Sheriffs’ Assoc, CA Pro-Life Council. As county clerk, Ernie streamlined offices to offer more services, with no new staff. However, last year he filed suit to uphold marriage—then dropped it.



Position Endorsement  Comment 
DISTRICT ATTORNEY See Comments Bob Brewer vs Bonnie Dumanis vs Terri Wyatt. A decorated vet, Brewer is endorsed by the Dep. Sheriff’s Assoc and Father Joe. A Tim Donnelly staffer is working for Brewer’s campaign, too. However, Brewer is endorsed by CA Labor Federation; Dumanis is involved in ongoing campaign contribution scandal.  At our 5.20.14 forum, with Dumanis not attending or speaking, our attendees in a voice vote picked Wyatt.  However our board suggests you do your own research. More—See Footnotes 8
SHERIFF Write-In Bill Gore or Write-In; Gore of Ruby Ridge; against Concealed Carry Permits 
TREASURER/TAX COLLECTOR  Dan McAllister No opposition
PROPOSITION 41Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act  No The previous Veterans’ Home Loan Program approved by voters called for payment of the bonds by the veterans at no taxpayer expense. This new scheme will build “affordable” multifamily housing via $600 million in bonds that will be repaid ($750 million principal and interest) at taxpayer expense.  HJTA and Capt Joseph John of Combat Vets for Congress say NO on 41 9 
PROPOSITION 42Public Records  No Under Proposition 42, the state could make changes to the Public Records Act and it would not have to pay local governments for their costs. Thus, state officials might makemore changes to this law than they would have otherwise.





1        Governor’s race:  Kashkari Administered TARP bailouts; Kashkari evasive about $3M bonus


  1. Controller:


  1. Attorney General: See problems Kamela Harris’s sanctuary cities policies have created. Go to:


4.   Insurance Commissioner:  See


  1. Although Chavez signed the Promise to California Taxpayers pledge, he voted for a bond to pay for operation expenses. He’s a founding

member of El Grupo sin Nombre, which fights for benefits for illegal aliens.  See Chavez’ pro-amnesty talk at TCTP 10/15/13


  1. Ratings from conservative Craig Huey’s— First number, outside parentheses, is the combined score. The higher the number, the better the judge. Huey’s staff researches years of judges’ decisions for their scores.  

For detail, see:


(Here is explanation of detail in parentheses seen below: JI=Judicial Index, based on factors including judge’s rulings and positions; Q=Qualifications, based on factors including Bar ratings, reputation, experience.)


     Superior Court Judge; County of San Diego; Office 9

  • Ronald S. Prager –  7  (JI: 7, Q: 8)
  • Douglas Crawford –  3  (JI: 1, Q: 6)

     Superior Court Judge; County of San Diego; Office 19

  • Paul Ware – 8 (JI: 9, Q: 7)
  • Michael J. Popkins – 6 (JI: 4, Q: 8)

Superior Court Judge; County of San Diego; Office 20

  • Carla Keehn – 4 (JI: 2, Q: 7)
  • Lisa Schall – 5 (JI: 6, Q: 4)

Superior Court Judge; County of San Diego; Office 25

  • Brad A. Weinreb – 7 (JI: 7, Q: 7)
  • Ken Gosselin – 7 (JI: 8, Q: 7)
  • Michele Hagan – 6 (JI: 3, Q: 7)

Superior Court Judge; County of San Diego; Office 44

  • Joseph Adelizzi – 5 (JI: 5, Q: 5)
  • Jacqueline M. Stern – 6 (JI: 6, Q: 5)


  1. Information on judge candidates Schall, Keehn, and Weinreb:
    1. Schall is past president of the San Diego Deputy District Attorneys Association. She was voted Judge of the Year in 1993 by members of the San Diego County Probation Department, received a Crimes Victims Award in 1998, and was awarded the Judicial Excellence honor in 1995 by the Deputy District Attorneys Association.


    1. Keehn (Office No. 20) and Weinreb (Office No. 25). Writer states “Keehn is a Democrat, Weinreb is a Republican.  Keehn is a woman, Weinreb is a man.  Keehn is a lesbian, Weinreb is straight. ”



  1. Information on Brewer, Wyatt, and Dumanis, candidates for DA:
  1. Dumanis refuses to return illegal campaign donations

  1. Brewer describes himself: “It’s fair to say I am fiscally conservative and socially moderate-to-progressive,” Brewer told San Diego LGBT Weekly.
  2. According to Richard Rider of SD Tax Fighters, apparently Brewer refuses to complete the NRA questionnaire in spite of several requests, while Wyatt scored an “A” on the survey.


  1. NO on Prop 41 Capt Joseph R. John, USN (Ret):: …”Proposition 41 (is) another attempt by politicians in Sacramento to take Veterans benefits away from the men and women who served their country and deserve those benefits.

“Now the California politicians want to take the funds set aside for Veterans home loans, that Veterans have always repaid from their Veterans home loans, to use to give benefits to those who these funds were never set aside to give financial benefits to those who didn’t serve their country and do not deserve to use funds set aside for Veterans.

“We ask you to please pass the word on to others in your address book who support Veterans issues, and ask them to vote NO on Proposition 41.”


See for online version to be posted soon.



Maureen Guffanti

Secretary, Tri-City Tea Party

760-600-TCTP (8287)

Free Market Solutions-Limited Government-Fiscal Responsibility

Pray for our nation


SD Candidate forum May 3rd

forun poster 050314v1


With a handful of days to go before the absentee ballots are mailed out, San Diego’s original ‘Meet The Candidates’ series will move up to the firstSaturday of the month top hold it’s first ever Candidate forum! We will be hosting seven candidates (and still adding to the list) on Saturday May 3rd at our new location (of which the feed back was so totally positive it encouraged us to hold this forum!). For a list of Candidates, please see the jpeg below. We will give each candidate about 10 minute followed by a brief question and answer period.

Not only do we have seven or more Candidates joining us that morning, but Chef Jorge has created a new breakfast menu, a first for Filippi’s, where they just recently opened the Vincent DeFilippi Room (where we will meet in), named for the founder of this 63 year old locally owned and operated family business. Please make your RSVP’s to come out and meet these great Candidates in person at 10:00 AM on Saturday May 3rd at our new location at the Filippi’s Pizza Restaurant located at 5353 Kearney Villa Rd in San Diego (92123).

Since last summer, Meet The Candidates has offer up for you the leading Candidates running in our community, Candidates such as Tim Donnelly for Governor, Kevin Faulconer for Mayor of San Diego, Chris Cate for San Diego City Council District 6, Kirk Jorgensen for Congress CA-52, Bonnie Dumanis for the District Attorney of San Diego Country and Judge Ken Gosselin for the Superior Court of the County of San Diego and just last month Pete Peterson for SOS. We hope you will continue to allow us to present these outstanding Candidates for you in the intimate setting where you can get face to face and ask the questions you have and decide if this/these are the candidate(s) you want to cast your vote for.

To attend this upcoming event, please RSVP at and/or click on the join button on facebook/meet the candidates for this event. The cost is a mere $20 and that includes breakfast. Space for these events is always limited, so reserve yours today! Filippi’s is conveniently located in Kearney Mesa just off Clairemont Mesa Blvd at Kearney Villa Rd, one intersection east of the 163.





Fascism has come to our country and needs to be stopped now.

Please join this effort in telling Mozilla that freedom of speech goes both ways!

In a nutshell….Mozilla Firefox gets its money by doing ONE THING!


With ONE EASY STEP, you can take their profit away by changing the default Firefox page.

Below is the default FireFox page that Mozilla uses to make a BILLION dollars from Google.

If this is changed to Yahoo, bing, or even straight to Google, it will cripple the funding to FireFox. This is the fundamental way Firefox gets paid.

Open Firefox, go to TOOLS,  → OPTIONS, → GENERAL ….Then change the home page to Yahoo, Bing, Or even Google. That’s it



a new deal was struck, where Google agreed to pay Mozilla just under a billion dollars over three years in exchange for the browser to leave Google as its default search engine.

Brendan Eich

Liberty Tree Patriots-Tax Day Tea Party ….April 15th, 2014


On April 15th join your fellow concerned citizens exercise their 1st Amendment Rights to peacefully assemble and petition the Government about the current high level of taxation and the twenty (20) new taxes forced onto the American TaxPayer under the Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare.

Sponsored by Liberty Tree Patriots



The evil “Koch” brothers are cheapskates compared to the Dem’s money Men

Heavy Hitters: Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2014

Totals include reported contributions from PACs and individuals affiliated with Heavy Hitter organizations, which are defined as the top overall donors to candidates, parties, Leadership PACs and other committees. Contributions to outside groups like super PACs do not factor into an organization’s designation as a Heavy Hitter, however the totals below do include contributions by Heavy Hitters to such groups, as well as contributions to candidates, parties, Leadership PACs and other committees. Furthermore, the totals do not include contributions to politically active nonprofits, which are not disclosed to the public. For a full list of top top overall donors by cycle, independent of Heavy Hitters status, go here.

LEGEND:   Republican    Democrat    On the fence

= Between 40% and 59% to both parties
= Leans Dem/Repub (60%-69%)
= Strongly Dem/Repub (70%-89%)
= Solidly Dem/Repub (over 90%)
Note: Percentages may not add up to 100% as money can be given to third party
candidates or outside spending groups and PACs not affiliated with either party.
Rank Organization Total ’89-’12 Dem % Repub % Tilt
1 ActBlue $97,192,340 99% 0%    
2 American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees $60,667,379 81% 1%   
3 AT&T Inc $56,449,317 41% 57%
4 National Education Assn $53,594,488 61% 4%
5 National Assn of Realtors $51,207,902 44% 47%
6 Goldman Sachs $44,847,951 53% 44%
7 Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $44,478,789 92% 1%    
8 United Auto Workers $41,667,858 71% 0%   
9 Carpenters & Joiners Union $39,260,371 74% 9%   
10 Service Employees International Union $38,395,690 84% 2%   
11 Laborers Union $37,494,010 85% 7%   
12 American Federation of Teachers $36,713,325 89% 0%   
13 Communications Workers of America $36,188,135 86% 0%   
14 Teamsters Union $36,123,209 88% 5%   
15 JPMorgan Chase & Co $34,527,277 48% 51%
16 United Food & Commercial Workers Union $33,756,550 86% 0%   
17 United Parcel Service $32,214,128 35% 64%
18 Citigroup Inc $32,198,122 48% 50%
19 National Auto Dealers Assn $31,818,910 31% 68%
20 Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union $31,313,097 98% 1%    
21 EMILY’s List $31,267,654 98% 0%    
22 American Bankers Assn $31,135,202 36% 63%
23 AFL-CIO $30,938,977 61% 3%
24 American Medical Assn $29,990,879 40% 59%
25 Microsoft Corp $29,245,015 55% 43%
26 National Beer Wholesalers Assn $28,976,510 35% 64%
27 Blue Cross/Blue Shield $28,491,678 36% 63%
28 General Electric $27,741,628 47% 51%
29 National Assn of Home Builders $27,509,880 34% 65%
30 Lockheed Martin $27,246,173 42% 57%
31 Bank of America $26,822,749 41% 57%
32 National Assn of Letter Carriers $26,106,359 84% 9%   
33 Morgan Stanley $26,074,770 42% 56%
34 Verizon Communications $25,490,499 40% 59%
35 Deloitte LLP $24,979,333 35% 63%
36 Time Warner $24,463,922 72% 25%   
37 Newsweb Corp $24,387,371 41% 0%
38 Credit Union National Assn $24,056,155 47% 51%
39 Plumbers & Pipefitters Union $23,886,248 85% 4%   
40 Altria Group $23,750,298 28% 70%   
41 Ernst & Young $23,114,243 42% 57%
42 Operating Engineers Union $23,036,848 82% 14%   
43 International Assn of Fire Fighters $22,963,260 79% 16%   
44 American Hospital Assn $22,909,326 52% 46%
45 PricewaterhouseCoopers $22,461,596 35% 64%
46 Sheet Metal Workers Union $22,372,978 95% 2%    
47 American Dental Assn $21,791,508 44% 54%
48 Boeing Co $21,502,737 46% 52%
49 UBS AG $21,354,742 40% 58%
50 Comcast Corp $20,603,390 57% 42%
51 AFLAC Inc $19,822,809 43% 56%
52 National Rifle Assn $19,771,191 17% 82%   
53 Pfizer Inc $19,699,869 35% 64%
54 Northrop Grumman $19,633,964 42% 57%
55 Union Pacific Corp $19,617,968 27% 72%   
56 Air Line Pilots Assn $19,538,047 83% 16%   
57 Honeywell International $19,447,557 44% 54%
58 Natl Assn/Insurance & Financial Advisors $19,305,624 41% 58%
59 Koch Industries $18,083,948 8% 90%    
60 American Postal Workers Union $17,957,308 86% 2%   
61 American Assn for Justice $17,581,358 80% 3%   
62 FedEx Corp $17,506,083 39% 60%
63 Ironworkers Union $17,386,345 92% 6%    
64 Club for Growth $17,271,352 0% 95%    
65 Credit Suisse Group $17,191,340 41% 57%
66 United Transportation Union $17,096,750 87% 11%   
67 New York Life Insurance $16,898,487 49% 50%
68 Raytheon Co $16,864,289 44% 55%
69 National Rural Electric Cooperative Assn $16,552,363 47% 52%
70 General Dynamics $16,549,202 46% 53%
71 Akin, Gump et al $16,463,510 61% 37%
72 United Steelworkers $16,426,444 99% 0%    
73 American Institute of CPAs $15,952,635 41% 58%
74 National Air Traffic Controllers Assn $15,883,050 77% 20%   
75 Chevron $15,826,864 19% 64%
76 Anheuser-Busch $15,612,613 48% 51%
77 Reynolds American $15,574,198 22% 77%   
78 Exxon Mobil $15,220,537 13% 85%   
79 KPMG LLP $15,112,328 34% 65%
80 National Cable & Telecommunications Assn $15,048,560 47% 51%
81 DLA Piper $14,902,117 68% 31%
82 Merrill Lynch $14,865,217 37% 62%
83 Wal-Mart Stores $14,851,004 32% 67%
84 GlaxoSmithKline $14,625,493 30% 69%
85 CSX Corp $14,118,661 34% 65%
86 Walt Disney Co $14,104,107 68% 30%
87 News Corp $13,917,083 58% 41%
88 American Financial Group $13,910,355 15% 73%   
89 Indep Insurance Agents & Brokers/America $13,731,200 34% 64%
90 American Health Care Assn $13,727,858 51% 48%
91 Wells Fargo $13,639,116 36% 61%
92 Associated Builders & Contractors $13,577,082 1% 98%    
93 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance $13,565,554 38% 60%
94 University of California $13,552,056 89% 9%   
95 American Crystal Sugar $13,309,209 61% 37%
96 WPP Group $13,257,197 53% 45%
97 American Society of Anesthesiologists $13,166,537 41% 58%
98 Prudential Financial $13,051,316 49% 50%
99 Southern Co $12,973,439 29% 70%   
100 National Restaurant Assn $12,605,181 16% 83%   
101 Securities Industry & Financial Mkt Assn $12,438,248 40% 59%
102 Human Rights Campaign $12,148,422 89% 8%   
103 MetLife Inc $12,038,047 51% 47%
104 American Optometric Assn $12,034,433 57% 42%
105 Home Depot $11,900,495 25% 74%   
106 American Academy of Ophthalmology $11,895,708 50% 49%
107 Natl Active & Retired Fed Employees Assn $11,802,200 78% 21%   
108 Saban Capital Group $11,683,172 89% 0%   
109 Eli Lilly & Co $11,651,455 31% 67%
110 United Technologies $11,577,894 45% 52%
111 General Motors $11,281,497 38% 60%
112 Associated General Contractors $11,198,897 14% 85%   
113 Painters & Allied Trades Union $11,081,080 85% 12%   
114 National Assn of Broadcasters $11,051,822 44% 55%
115 American Maritime Officers $11,019,831 46% 53%
116 UST Inc $10,930,093 22% 77%   
117 Ford Motor Co $10,739,089 38% 60%
118 Skadden, Arps et al $10,700,094 77% 22%   
119 BellSouth Corp $10,680,784 43% 56%
120 AIG $10,548,621 49% 50%
121 Seafarers International Union $10,449,415 83% 15%   
122 Exelon Corp $10,448,670 43% 56%
123 National Cmte to Preserve Social Security & Medicare $10,391,306 82% 17%   
124 Independent Community Bankers of America $10,367,285 42% 57%
125 Amway/Alticor Inc $10,312,313 0% 97%    
126 Freddie Mac $10,294,709 43% 56%
127 MBNA Corp $10,282,913 16% 83%   
128 Patton Boggs LLP $10,134,606 71% 27%   
129 American Airlines $10,071,131 43% 55%
130 American Trucking Assns $9,975,648 27% 72%   
131 American Physical Therapy Assn $9,795,983 49% 50%
132 Lehman Brothers $9,729,764 52% 46%
133 Blackstone Group $9,658,975 46% 51%
134 National Fedn of Independent Business $9,616,283 6% 93%    
135 Greenberg Traurig LLP $9,546,903 62% 37%
136 Transport Workers Union $9,531,899 95% 4%    
137 American Council of Life Insurers $9,454,728 38% 61%
138 Amalgamated Transit Union $9,453,918 93% 6%    
139 Harvard University $9,436,590 87% 12%   
140 Archer Daniels Midland $9,394,067 42% 57%
141 Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assn $9,337,413 43% 56%
142 Fannie Mae $9,140,977 53% 46%
143 National Rural Letter Carriers Assn $9,021,100 71% 28%   
144 Wachovia Corp $8,575,944 30% 69%
145 National Cmte for an Effective Congress $8,447,690 99% 0%    
146 Interpublic Group $8,286,183 66% 32%
147 Marine Engineers Beneficial Assn $8,155,379 73% 25%   
148 Bristol-Myers Squibb $7,926,699 23% 76%   
149 MCI Inc $7,659,226 45% 54%
150 Bear Stearns $7,280,973 55% 43%
151 BP $6,843,520 30% 69%
152 Enron Corp $6,544,528 28% 71%   
153 Andersen $6,267,045 37% 62%
154 Vivendi $6,037,717 60% 33%
155 MGM Resorts International $5,831,055 45% 47%
156 Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp $5,089,791 39% 60%
Based on data released by the FEC on December 16, 2013.

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Scott Peters newsletter to inform his constituents is anything BUT informative

Scott Peters official constituent (.gov) website has a link to sign up for “email newsletter updates on the work I am doing in Congress and how it will affect you.”

As you can see below, ALL (and I mean ALL) his emails are without substance and extremely partisan, spinning uncontrollably and childish.




Friend —

San Diego’s Congressman shouldn’t be determined by how much money the Koch brothers put on TV.

This race should be determined by hard work and the most pressing issues important to every San Diegan. That’s what Scott strives to represent every day in Congress.

But if we don’t respond to their latest Super PAC attack, the Kochs’ money could determine this election.

As of 11am, we’re still $2,200 short of our San Diego Rapid Response Fund goal. Will you help close the gap before midnight?

Click here to rush a donation of $3 or whatever you can to help Scott fight back against the Koch brothers >>


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Tea Party California Caucus

Welcome to the Tea Party California Caucus

We are a coalition of Tea Party and Conservative leaders throughout California dedicated to taking action to restore the centrality of constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets as guiding principles of the California Republican Party.

We promote Tea Party principles in party governance by organizing the voting delegates who actually govern the California Republican Party (CRP).  Here’s how you can become a voting delegate to the CRP and help govern the party according to Tea Party principles.  Voting delegate or not, join us, and help us change CRP governance.  Directly.

We are looking for like-minded Republicans who want to join us in our mission. Will you join us? It’s easy – you can join us by simply filling out the form below.

You can join our text message list, text CAUCUS to 310.598.7650, or simply scan the QR codes below:
(Click here for more information on using your smartphone to join or on joining anonymously)

qr.logo.png1) Scan to Join
(Includes a link to our TPCC Mobile App)
tpcc.vcard.png2) Add TPCC to Your Contacts
 If you’d like to be a caucus supporter but not receive texts during the convention, you can leave your phone number blank just use your email address and click the blue Signup button at upper right.

If you have questions or requirements before joining the caucus, please contact us at

iCaucus meeting Saturday, November 16


Politics_9a_top1.gif Politics_9a_top2.gif

Don’t Forget!!!


The next iCaucus meeting is only 2 days away, and it’s a very, very critical one.


We’ve all heard that a huge factor in our current president being elected was the ability of his campaign to utilize social media. This coming Saturday is your opportunity to learn how that was done, and, more importantly, how easy it is for you to become involved in using social media to help elect the Constitutional conservatives we so desperately need representing us at all levels of government.


You’ll be guided by a special, surprise guest speaker that’s intimately familiar with political campaigning, and how crucial the use of social media is in spreading a candidate’s message to individuals that might otherwise remain “low information” voters. These are the people that must be reached, and you’re needed to step up and help reach them.


Too many have done too little for too long, thinking that surely this progressive trend would be recognized for what it is and stopped. But it hasn’t been stopped and now we find ourselves in a desperate situation.
The good news is that you can make a difference while simply sitting at your computer, IF you take this first, easy step. Don’t wait and wish later that you hadn’t. The time is now. Seize the opportunity!
For yourself and your family, and their future in this country, just do it! You’ll be amazed at how much fun you have, how much better informed you become on the issues, and how rewarding it is. See you there!
Saturday, November 16, 2013

9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Marie Callenders

6950 Alvarado Rd

San Diego




If you can bring a laptop, or two, please do so.
P.S. Please plan to have morning beverage and/or muffin to start, and PLEASE stay for lunch. We have the free use of the room and WiFi in exchange for our patronage.
Politics_9a_bottom3.jpg Politics_9a_bottom2.jpg