About Us

San Diego Tea Party Mission statement

San Diego Tea Party (SDTP), is a grassroots organization driven by input from the community, the group, and other quality activists.  We were created, and are run by people from all walks of life, with one common belief:

“If we continue to do nothing about our failed system, and remain silent,

our situation in America will get worse”.

SDTP exists solely to listen to the American Public, implement actions to be taken to preserve out Constitutional values and freedoms, and promote personal responsibility.

As a result, SDTP will not be co-opted.  Our identity as stated above, will not be broken, but in turn we do not refuse membership based on party affiliation or other political activities.  We are also aware of the contempt media has for our citizens group.  Any attempts to label us as racists and bigots, will be PROMPTLY exposed for what it is, a LIE!


  1. Implement action activities, including but not limited to:

  • letter writing campaigns

  • picketing

  • research

  • reporting

2.  Teaming up with other organizations to include, but not limited to:

  • Community outreach

  • Candidate vetting

  • Much more

3.  Promoting personal responsibility through:

  • an action oriented agenda

  • requesting volunteers for specific purposes

  • gaining input, etc



About the Webmaster

My name is Rich
I’ve been a local San Diegan my whole life
My trade is in construction

I like many people these days find themselves doing things they have never thought of doing because of the direction we fear the country is going. In the past I figured that our honest elected politicians would do the “right thing”. After really taking to heart the quote by Edmund burke All that is needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”, I realized that it’s my job to stand in the way when I see blatant civil corruption.
So in the past couple of months I learned to use the computer to make websites, blogs, and web 2.0., and designing fliers to be passed out to people, and generally gearing up to do what it takes to educate the people of San Diego of what is actually happening around them.

I too, was a “sleeper” until I seen Pelosi, Reid, Obama using blatant manipulation technics to control us like sheep, technics of Misinformation and Disinformation (described here).

The final straw for me was ObamaCare, that’s what actually got me off my LazyBoy chair.

I wondered, what could I do!   So I started close to home. My congressman is Bob Filner, maybe I’ll call him? He refused to talk and didn’t have townhalls or forums, so I looked at his record. This Guy is a Socialist! An open socialist! And His dad was communist leader in philly. Few people in my district knew this.

So I started a campaign of education at www.VoteTheBumOut.com

Then I started a news and resource blog at www.SanDiegoPatriots.com

then got involved with the the Tea Party, currently organizer of:

Chula Vista Tea Party

San Diego Tea Party

San Diego “We The People”

(you would be surprised what good you could do without even leaving your computer seat)

Currently I am trying to get all (or most) of the Conservative/Tea Party groups to unite on common causes in “America’s finest City”

Donate for San Diego Tea Party Meetup, VoteTheBumOut.com, or SanDiegoPatriots.com




Me on my Honda-Dividson






bob filner protest banner

the “Chicken Man” in front of Bob Filners office




Rosie o' Mohammed

Me Before Morning Coffee




That’s me, The guy with the hammer




  • Skip

    My first impression is “Wow” and “Yes”.

  • Sswailani

    Welcome Aboard—I may now re-enter SDTP—after joining i began to feel there was a lack of leadership in the group, so sought out other groups that were doing something-Pau