Barack Obama’s Campaign Promise

 Does anyone remember Barack Obama’s great promise of the campaign of 2012?   He did not make a promise to America nor to Americans.  He did not make a promise to fellow politicians.

 Unlike so many of his promises, he is keeping this one.

 His promise was to Vladimir Putin of Russia. 

 What is Obama doing to keep his promise to Putin?

 Everyone remembers the hot mike incident in 2012 when Barack Obama pleaded with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to give him time until the election.  After the election, he promised Vladimir Putin, through Medvedev, he would be more “flexible.”

 Now we have seen this flexibility.

 Barack Obama is going to spend almost $700 million dollars of taxpayer money to buy Russian helicopters for the Afghan Air Force.

 But wait.  Just like those TV commercials, this gets better.


Mi-17 helicopter.

 When Congress passed the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, it had an interesting provision.  Congress included, as a part of that law a prohibition on the United States buying helicopters from Rosoboronexport, the Russian manufacturer of the Mi-17 helicopter.


Unfortunately as always happens, when such laws are passed, Congress always gives the Regime an escape hatch.  The law stated that Obama could buy from Rosoboronexport if the Secretary of Defense certified it was in the interest of National Security.


And of course, the Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, a man committed to destroying the US military immediately signed off on that certification.


Where do we even start with this one?


Congress is outraged over this with Senators and Representatives from both parties writing letters about this.  Of course, this is Congress’ fault for allowing a law to be written with such an escape hatch.


More importantly, Americans need to be asking just what the hell the Obama Regime is doing. 


Why are we spending $700 million dollars with a Russian arms manufacturer?  Why are we even giving the Afghans these helicopters?


If we are going to give them helicopters, which we really shouldn’t, then why not give them American made helicopters and put Americans to work?


Even if we are going to give the Afghans Russian helicopters, the ones we are giving them are an old Cold War design.  There are hundreds of used MI-17 helicopters floating around the world.  Why are we paying to give the Afghans brand new helicopters?


In the era of the Sequester, isn’t there something better we can do with $700 million?  American Medicare cancer patients are being turned away from hospitals and are being denied life saving treatment because of budget cuts.  The American military is being gutted to the point of ineffectiveness because of budget cuts.


Or consider this.  The United States Air Force is grounding 17 squadrons because of $591 million dollars in budget cuts.  Our Air Force is not able to do its mission because it lacks the money to fly but we have the money to give Afghanistan $700 million dollars in Russian helicopters.


And this is where Barack Obama thinks we should spend our money?


Most people reading this story will not have heard about it.




Because the Obama Propaganda Media is moving in lock step to make sure there is no bad news that might damage Obama’s presidency.


This is a story that should damage him and outrage every American.


Ask your Senator or Congressman why this outrage is being allowed and take a moment to share this story with your friends.


The only way we will ever stop Obama is if the American people know what he is doing. 

We are now partners with “San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition”

Check them out at


San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition 
   Updated:  April 1, 2013
Spokesman:  Rob Luton, Immigration Policy Analyst, 858-414-6229,

Spokesman:  Peter Nunez, Board Member, Center for Immigration Studies, 619-297-9957   

San Diegans for Secure Borders is a diverse, non-partisan coalition of grass roots civic and activist groups in the San Diego area working hard to make our region a better and safer place to live, work, and thrive.  We support strong border security along with our ports and coastline, as well as the full enforcement of our federal immigration laws to protect the U.S. and our citizens from foreign threats.

Mission:  To push Congress to draft and pass true immigration reform that solves the illegal immigration problem, prevents future illegal immigration, and restores the integrity of our generous system of traditional, legal immigration.  Legal immigrants who work hard and play by the rules deserve nothing less than a safe and secure America. 
No amnestySecure our border and enforce our immigration laws first


A major push for amnesty here in San Diego is happening

A major push for amnesty here in San Diego is happening with big union support. As usual, the squeaky wheel gets the government Cheese

The Tea Party stands for Personal freedom, balanced budgets, National security, ETC.

The US citizens have been so lied to for so long now that they believe it would be heartless to seal our sovereign borders.   Ron Reagan went along with an amnesty bill in the 80’s with the promise from congress it would put an end to it once and for all, but they lied!

Simply said; they got as far as they have by using your emotions against you. Obama is the master at using emotions and the “Straw-Man” argument to make you believe things that are not true.

Here are a few:

“They are only hard working people that want to pick your tomatoes”

“They are a valuable part of our fiscal society”

“We need all the tax money they pay”

I must say as a Chula Vista native for 45 years and someone who can see  Mexico from my home, Most of my friends have been Spanish, who (in general) have a good family base. But when deciding what to do with 15+ million people in your country illegally, you put emotion aside and get the facts.

Here are the stone cold facts from  (Just in California)

Illegal aliens cost 22 Billion in calif. State and local costs, contribute 1.21 Billion in tax revenues

leaving a 20.6 Billion dollar burden on our system.

The breakdown (Just in California) is:

9.31 Billion for education

3.2 Billion for our justice system

2.9 Billion (General)

2.5 Billion in Medicaid

1.9 Billion English (LEP)

1.6 Billion for Welfare

434 million for Schip

Companies and people are leaving at record rates to avoid the massive taxes and regulations that are strangling our way of life here. Our State is BROKE and going down fast.

The thought of making 10’s of millions of people ready to take your place in the job market is so stupid that the only reason it would even be proposed would be for political gain.

Rush Limbaugh stated recently he would promise to campaign with La Raza on immigration in one condition: The new legal immigrants would not be able to vote for 10 years. Obama or the democratic congress hasn’t taken his offer because this entire charade is about creating millions of new democrats on the backs of “We The People”


Here is how most jobless Americans see it.

Judge: Immigration Agents Suing Obama Can Move Forward

ice deportation

A federal judge ruled that nearly a dozen federal immigration agents can move forward with their lawsuit against their own bosses and even President Obama over change in enforcement policy that the agents argue prevent them from doing their jobs.
Federal Judge Reed O’Conner ruled on Friday Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents’ case has legal merit. They argue their bosses essentially have forced them to look the other way and not enforce the law —  thus overstepping Congress by changing laws through directives rather than legislation.
The state of Mississippi joined the lawsuit against the administration but judge O’Conner dismissed the state from the lawsuit on Friday in the 35-page opinion.
The agents filed the lawsuit in October against the head of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and ICE Director John Morton, to ask the courts to overturn last year’s directive by Obama to suspend deportation proceedings and offer temporary work authorization to some immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children.
“We are very pleased with this ruling,” said Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State who’s representing the agents and is also widely known as the author of strict immigration laws in Arizona and Kansas.
“It appears that the Obama Administration had hoped that no court would ever review the legality of its executive amnesty,” Kobach said.
Chris Crane, the president of ICE agents’ union that initiated the legal fight, accused the Obama administration of not even consulting with agents when he made his policy change.
“We’ve repeatedly tried to work with the administration and they’ve just excluded us from everything since day one,” Crane said on a conference call with reporters announcing the lawsuit.
Crane went on to say that the new guidelines left agents powerless to enforce immigration law because they had no way to distinguish who qualifies for deferred deportation.

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Is the Tea Party Dead?


A message from the Organizer of SDTP

Some people think the president and his people have been able to marginalize and slander the Tea Party so badly that we have become irrelevant. The real question is:

Has he discouraged the good folks in local Tea Parties enough to cause us to give up?

The only thing necessary for this tyrannical, dishonest, slanderous man (Obama) to achieve his goal of regaining Congress and full control of our great country is convincing YOU it’s over, that there is nothing you can do, that you should shut up and sit down. If that happens, it IS over.

Some people view the election results as proof we’ve been wrong all along. Could this be true? Let look at a few facts:

1) If America has really evolved into a progressive country, then the Democrats would never have received the “shellacking” they got in the 2010 election.

2) Our country’s decisions will never be any better than the information used to make them. False information will lead to bad decisions and even worse consequences every time. The information the people were fed from Obama and the media was professional spin at its best. Romney and company didn’t do much to correct it either.

3) Let’s say our candidate had been a trendy minority with the intellect of Gingrich, the “In-your-face” of Trump, the business experience of Romney, and the moral compass of Bachman or Santorum.   Then run that person against a boring Progressive like Ralph Nader and see what you get.

It still wouldn’t define the electorate’s core fundamental Beliefs. To gain the vote of today’s low information electorate you need to do the “Hollywood Dance” and “spin” better than the other guy; substance, sadly, means less these days.

In Obama we see the perfect candidate. His “Cool Factor” meant he could go to the “View”, “Late Night”, “Pimp with a Limp” and all other fake news/media shows and weaken the blows when the “Real Reporters” asked hard, relevant questions.

His half black status shielded him from questions about his constant campaign lies, or his dirty Chicago style politics.  Any hard questions had the risk of being met with the accusation of racism. This chameleon gladly lived in the bubble the media made for him….he could do no wrong!

America hasn’t made some quantum change; we still remain basically the same country that ousted the Progressive Congress in 2010. But in 2012 we were duped by professional propagandists, by a willing and eager media, and by a man and campaign team willing to wrongly slander a noble man at every turn. The president surely wasn’t re-elected because the country is better off financially, morally, spiritually, etc.


On election day I felt like that guy being run over by a tank in Tiananmen square, China, and listening to the president later that day, all my ears heard was: “Resistance is futile–you WILL be ObamaBorgassimilated.” Trust me; I understand. I was tempted to lose hope too. However, I came to realize that our countrymen were not voting for socialism; they were voting against Romney’s killing of factory workers’ wives, putting woman in backroom alleys for abortions, and, as Biden said to Blacks, ” putting ya’ll back in chains”. I never thought people would be gullible and uninformed enough to actually believe that utterly false propaganda, but they did!  To a lost soul, the allure of a Marxist utopian promise full of instant gratification, unearned riches and a false sense of freedom is all-powerful. But for those who are not morally lost and emotionally bankrupt, the promise is seen only for the lie that it is.

So…… Is it time for traditional Americans to give up?

If you have suddenly lost your sense of national sovereignty, personal responsibility, individual freedom, religious rights, fiscal sanity and the value of human life, then yes.

But I believe that the founding principles of this great country are worth fighting for. “We the People” must resist the temptation to give up and slip into despair. The country will surely wake up when the bills of socialism come due and it finds out that the tax term “Millionaire” and “Billionaire” really meant “Thousandaires.”

I know things are bad now, but realize we’ve had it much worse. During the 1776 Revolutionary War, the Patriots were in real trouble. British troops had quickly advanced through New York and New Jersey to crush the rebellion, and the Continental Army was in retreat and on the verge of disintegration. It was at that time that Thomas Paine penned “The Crisis”:

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: ’tis dearness only that gives everything its value.”

If those great Patriots had given up during a worse crisis than ours, America would have never been. They didn’t, and neither will we.

True Immigration Reform Legislation 2013 – “Solving the Problem”


San Diegans for Secure Borders

14 March 2013immigrationq-7680631


Everyone agrees that our current system of immigration and enforcement is not working due to many years of non-enforcement of our immigration laws and widespread abuse of our system by foreign law-breakers.  Here are the common sense solutions that would solve our illegal immigration crisis and protect America’s long history of welcoming immigrants to our country and protecting them from illegal immigrants and criminal employers who cheapen their sacrifices and threaten their opportunities in their new home country.


1.  Secure the Borders – Give the Border Patrol and Customs (CBP) what they need to secure our borders, ports of entry, and our coastlines.  This includes secure fencing wherever practicable, sensors, cameras, and personnel to prevent illegal entry by smugglers and illegal aliens.  We must finally obtain full operational control over the entire southern border, not just a few segments of it.  We must stop the mass flow of unknown foreigners, criminals, illicit contraband and drugs.


2.  Enforce all federal immigration laws.  Give ICE the personnel, resources, and authority to enforce all of our nation’s immigration laws aggressively and effectively, especially against employers of illegal workers and those who illegally give financial and other public aid to illegal aliens (except emergency services).  No public benefits or welfare to illegal aliens.  Aiding and abetting an alien is still a felony crime.  Penalize law-breaking sanctuary cities that defy federal laws.  All magnets must be turned off to prevent or reduce future illegal immigration.


– Find and expel all visa overstays and others who abuse our legal immigration system for criminal gain.


– Strengthen the Secure Communities program so that every criminal alien arrested by local law enforcement is detained and deported by ICE, after any jail/prison sentence for their crimes.


3.  Mandatory E-Verify for all Employers.  E-Verify is already mandatory for all federal government agencies and contractors because it is accurate and effective in preventing illegal hiring of illegal aliens and other unauthorized workers.  It is also mandatory in several states and has been very effective in turning off the “jobs magnet” in those states.


4.  Reduce Annual Legal Immigration numbers to reasonable levels that our country and our workforce can absorb.  According to experts, our nation can safely accept and assimilate approximately 250,000 – 500,000 new immigrants per year, depending on the current unemployment rate.  Unemployed American workers should never have to compete with new immigrants for scarce jobs in times of high unemployment.  Currently the U.S. allows in 1.1 million legal immigrants and nearly one million illegal immigrants per year.  The results of this extremely high number of newcomers have   been a disaster to our economy, our workforce, and our federal, state, and local government budgets.


5.  End Birthright Citizenship.  Babies born to foreigner visitors and illegal aliens on U.S. soil should not be automatic U.S. citizens; they are citizens of their parents’ home country.  Close this this long-abused “anchor baby” loophole to protect American citizens and legal immigrants.  The U.S. is the only large industrialized country on Earth that still gives free birthright citizenship to foreign babies.  All other countries have ended the archaic and insane practice of rewarding illegal aliens with free citizenship for their offspring, making them instantly eligible for taxpayer-funded benefits.  The oft-quoted 14th Amendment was intended for the newborn children of freed African slaves only, not the millions of illegal aliens having children in our country.  Congress can issue a clarification to eliminate this major cause of illegal immigration at any time and should take action in 2013 to fix this problem once and for all.  Newborn babies must have at least one parent with U.S. citizenship to be given automatic U.S. citizenship.


6.  Fix and enforce our Guest Worker System.  There are numerous guest worker programs for agriculture and businesses to bring in temporary workers to meet their workforce needs where there are not enough American workers available, but the programs are not being used because they are not   enforced by the Federal Government.  We must ensure that all agriculture and businesses are using vetted, legal, temporary foreign workers only and that the guest workers go home when their period of employment is over.

7.  Only after all of the above steps and measures (tangible triggers) have been implemented and deemed fully effective in preventing future illegal immigration by Congress and impartial entities, should there be legalization of any illegal aliens, on a case by case basis, after paying appropriate penalties and all back taxes if they choose to come forth and apply for legal status.  No illegal alien with any misdemeanor or felony convictions will ever be eligible for any legalization; they must leave the U.S. immediately or face penalties and deportation when caught.

– This legalization would contain no “pathway to citizenship”; only the ability to live and work here as a Green Card holder and under all the requirements of the Green Card.  If citizenship is desired, they must return to their home country and apply and wait their turn, just like anyone else would have to do.

No more mass amnesties/legalizations that undermine U.S. national security and the rule of law.


Strong, but humane attrition through enforcement is the only proven solution to illegal immigration in the U.S. and around the world.


—————- End ————– is a taxpayer resource used to steer immigrants to democrats


When an immigrant to America finally becomes a citizen, in the Naturalization ceremony he or she is referred to a useful website.
Welcome to New Citizen’s website is

If the New Citizen is interested in learning how to register to vote, he or she opens the website, looks to the left,  finds Voter Registration, and clicks on that, They then look at the list of political parties.
The New Citizen checks out the two main political parties because he or she is eager to fit into the political process of the new Country.  Click on the blue lines to see . . .


Be honest, between the two, which Party would you most likely identify with?
Conclusion: The Republican Party better get it’s act together.

CRP Delegates, when you are at the California Republican Party Spring convention March 1-3,  we hope you will make sure this embarrassment is called to everyone’s attention, and something is done about it.  And we don’t want political consultants:  Bring on conservative Hollywood’s savvy, and Federated Republican Women’s grassroots instincts!

Just a thought: The men have more or less run the Party from time immemorial. If this GOP website is a sign of male intelligence,  perhaps it’s time for Republican Women to take over.  We surely couldn’t do worse.

The lack of thought, poor judgment, and cluelessness displayed by whoever or whatever created this website link are either signs that the party doesn’t know what it is doing or signs it is out of touch with the human race, and neither is acceptable for this Grand Old Party, the party of Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Allen West, Clarence Thomas, and an endless list of other political heroes.

We Republican Women, Federated, are often the sole Republicans showing up at New Citizen ceremonies, along with tea-partiers.  It is an unwelcome revelation to find that the image the GOP presents to the world as our Party’s ‘face’ is that pathetic website.  It certainly undermines our hard work and confidence.  It is as though we on the front lines are facing an enemy with tanks, mortar, drones and ammo (The Obama Party), while, unbeknownst to us, our backup supply line (the GOP) is on empty.

We have many thoughts as to what images, faces, and ideas would welcome New Citizens to the Republican Party.

If we can’t fix this one, we can’t fix anything.  Let’s work it out, together.


Nancy Eisenhart, CFRW Southern Division president

Calif. Attorney General tell Sheriffs and Police chiefs they DON”T have to obey Federal law

 “The police chiefs and sheriffs have it within their discretion — within their authority — to honor that request or not.”

California’s top law enforcer said local police departments can choose whether to comply with a federal program that targets unauthorized immigrants — even if participation in that program is mandatory.

Attorney General Kamala Harris said she released the guidance Tuesday, in the form of a bulletin to law enforcement, because she has received numerous inquiries from those agencies seeking clarification on the Secure Communities program.

Under Secure Communities, police officers and sheriff’s deputies run detainees’ fingerprints through federal databases. If a suspect is deemed to be an unauthorized immigrant, that person is put on a deportation hold and transferred to the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The program has been the focus of much controversy, including lawsuits. Supporters said it helps improve public safety by targeting unauthorized immigrants who have broken the law, while opponents said it unfairly captures a large amount of people whose only violation is being in the United States without permission.

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12 Ways To Use Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals Against Liberals

1) Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have. Boycotts have fallen out of favor on the Right because the Left has used that tactic to target conservative radio. This is a mistake. That’s because there are a lot more conservatives than there are liberals and we’re much more capable of using the tactic effectively. There are roughly 120 million people who identify with conservatism in this country and almost twice as many Christians. When there are threats that Christians and conservatives will refuse to go see movies, stop buying products, or cancel subscriptions, it will scare some people straight. That threat should be used and carried out much more often.

2) Never go outside the experience of your people. Want to know why Republicans are so terrible at reaching out to minorities? Because identity politics works really, really well and conservatives tend to oppose it on principle. So, white Republicans are constantly trying to go outside of their experience and reach out to minorities who are generally disinclined to listen to them because they have the wrong skin color. When the GOP accepts reality, adopts the tactics of the Democratic Party, and starts paying off our own Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons to reach out to minority groups and call Democrats racists, we’ll start making inroads with minorities for the first time in decades.

3) Wherever possible go outside the experience of the enemy. The GOP often foolishly retreats from social issues. This is a huge mistake in an era when 76% of the country is Christian and most liberals find sincere Christian beliefs to be repellent. We don’t have to preach at anyone, wag our fingers, or turn into legions of Ned Flanders, but we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about our Christian beliefs, stick up for Christians who are under attack, and hammer the Left for its anti-Christian bigotry. Conservatism is a pro-Christian ideology and liberalism is an anti-Christian ideology. We should never be afraid to drive that point home.

4) Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. This is something conservatives have gotten much better at in the last few years, but we seldom take it far enough. If we did, a tax cheat who advocates higher taxes could certainly never be our Treasury Secretary, Barack Obama would be afraid to associate with race hustlers like Al Sharpton or one percenters like Warren Buffet, and Al Gore would have either given up his mansion or his status as the leader of the cult of global warming.

4A) Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. Conservatives have a tendency to try to win every debate with logic and recitations of facts which, all too often, fail to get the job done because emotions and mockery are often just as effective as reason. The good news is that liberals almost never have logic on their side; so they’re incapable of rationally making the case for their policies while conservatives can become considerably more effective debaters by simply adding some emotion-based arguments and sheer scorn to their discourse. This has certainly worked on Twitter, where conservatives keep making the Obama campaign look like buffoons by taking over its hashtags.

6) A good tactic is one that your people enjoy. Sometimes Republicans get too serious about politics. Why not hold a fund raiser at the gun range? What’s wrong with having Kid Rock or a bunch of popular country musicians play at a massive voter registration drive? How about building some giant puppet heads of our own, featuring Nancy Pelosi injecting botox into her face or Barack Obama punching the Pope in the stomach? A little controversy and fun draw in the eyeballs and gets people excited.

7) A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. This one seems self-explanatory, but in practice, it can be tough to keep things on a timeline. This is what happened to the Occupy Movement, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Republican race for the presidency, too. If it goes on too long, people sour on it whether it’s a war, an election, or a tactic.

8) Keep the pressure on. Conservatives fall down on this one all the time. Just when Obama’s SuperPac was starting to feel real pressure over taking a million dollar donation from Bill Maher, conservatives eased up. This is also why liberal film stars feel so comfortable trashing conservatives, Christians, and Americans — even right before their film comes out. It’s because we get offended, shrug our shoulders, and then almost immediately let it go. Sometimes, an apology doesn’t fix everything. How often do liberals accept an apology at face value and let an issue go?

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How Widespread is Voter Fraud? | 2012 Facts & Figures

Here are the facts:

How popular is Voter ID?