May’s Newsletter

Our next meeting is Wednesday May 23rd at Andre’s Restaurant

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The Primary’s are almost here. Vote by mail is days away, its crunch time to help our local Tea Party Candidates beat some R.I.N.O.’S out of Office. We have plenty of needs but only so many resources so we picked a few hopefuls that have a good chance of winning.

First, The Central Committee

              Small info article here:  and here

(Click Assembly District #’s to see maps)
AD71: Maggie Acerra,Eric Andersen,Dan Summers.. AD76: Mat Huff… AD78:Constance Lee Sandvick, Julio DeGuzman, Lincoln Pickard, Barbara Decker, Brian Brady, Monica Gaither, Dan Holstein… AD75: Maureen and Stephen Guffanti, Lee DeMeo… AD77: Scott Rieker, Lynette Williams, Karen Grube, Randy Berholtz, Bob Morey, Jeannie Foulkrod… AD80: Lincoln Pickard

They are responsible for GOP business functions, recruiting candidates for office, and endorsing candidates for office. Endorsements are important because many conservatives give strong consideration to these endorsements when voting for their candidates.

These Tea Party Candidates need your help. email or call me and get connected with one of them and make a differance today!!   Phone # 619 786-0832


2. John Stahl for the 52nd Congressional District  or Email John directly at:

Stahl hosts a nightly radio show on KCBQ at 7pm.  The “Solutions for America” show can be listened to on 1170am or on  The Stahl for Congress campaign can be reached at 858 481 5339

There are HUGE differences between John Stahl and Brian Bilbray, John has proven to us to be the better candidate and worth getting behind.  endorsements include:  American Independent Party (AIP), National Women Veterans,  iCaucus



3) Dan Hughes running against Dianne feinstein

Dan’s Endorsements:

Christian Coalition of California
Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries
Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone
Fallbrook Tea Party
Eric Eisenhammer
Redlands Tea Party
Oceanside Tea Party
Lancaster Littlerock Tea Party
Little Rock Tea Party
Lake County Republican Party

Chuck Devore

I’ve yet to meet anyone who didn’t like Dan or his ideas. He is working hard to defeat Feinstein’s monster machine. He is worthy of our efforts


This is the Family voter info guide. It’s going to MOST local churches in town.

They show a number of Organisations and who they are endorsing

This is the May 7th version, the up-to-date version is at


family voter info guide

October 4th Newsletter Update


At our Next meeting

Ever wonder how we seem to get stuck with “Crappy Choice A” and “Crappy Choice B” in the voting booth? Well, we will be teaming up with Icaucus At the next SDTP monthly meeting (oct 19th) and discussing strategy’s on how to fix that.

We will also be getting more specific about Action groups and their roles

We will also be having Rick Amato Talking to the group

Next Meeting – October 19th  6:30 – 8:30


In case you missed last months meeting, the meeting minutes are here:


Organizer Jerry gives a small overview of “Political Warfare” at

Our Planning /Strategy/get to know you Meeting


Our New Spokesman Michael Kobulnicky Stays in studio with Rick Amato for 1 hour


Election Integrity Project Welcomes Sharron Angle!

By  on September 7, 2011 in News

Sharron Angle has been deemed by leading conservative voice Mark Levin as “the epitome of the new conservative movement that swept this land in the 2010 election.”

Sharron Angle’s story will both encourage and inspire you in your work to restore Constitutional governance in California. She will share her experiences as a ‘regular citizen’ who got involved in government at a grassroots level and continued on to serve in the Nevada Assembly and eventually ran for a seat in the US Senate.

Don’t miss this opportunity to support both Sharron and the work of The Election Integrity Project, a California based initiative to preserve our Republic through fair and honest elections.

Dates and Locations:

    • Oct 2nd @ 4:00PM – 7:00PM Forerunner Christian Fellowship, 400 Avenue “H” Barstow, CA 92311 Register Now!
    • Oct 3rd @ 6:00PM – 9:00PM Foremost Terrace Room, 17581 Sultana St Hesperia,CA 92345 Register Now!
    • Oct 5th @ 6:00PM – 9:00PM El Prado Golf Course, 6555 Pine Avenue Chino, CA 91708  Register Now!
    • Oct 6th @ 7:00PM – 9:00PM Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mentone Blvd. Mentone, CA 92359  Register Now!
    • Oct 7th @ 1:00PM – 3:00PM Escondido Masonic Center, 1331 S Escondido Blvd Escondido, CA 92025  Register Now!
    • Oct 7th @ 6:00PM – 8:00PM Private Home, 9675 La Jolla Farms RdLa Jolla, CA 92037  Register Now!
  • Read More Here


Wall Street Rally’s coming to San Diego

They’re coming.  These mostly Socialist rallies are spreading rapidly. 

info Below: (From the protesters)

October 7 2011- Occupy San Diego Gas Lamp District Rally*

* I’m seeing Gas Lamp and Civic Center venues

— Come early park, eat, be,  record, photo, protest, post about it…

—Take a train? Just leave in time for a ride home.


Occupy San Diego

peacefully occupying San Diego’s Civic Center in Downtown San Diego – the 99 % WILL BE HEARD !!

Only 1% of people in this country own and control the wealth, while 99% struggle, suffer while being denied a share of the wealth and quality healthcare.

In solidarity with the occupation of and vigorous protest on Wall Street, we are people of the 99% are occupying and protesting in the Gas Lamp Quarter and downtown area of San Diego, from October 7th 2011 beginnning 4:30 PM until indefinitely. Gas Lamp/downtown is in the same area of the financially corrupt San Diego County administration and financial hub.

ALSO: Since San Diego is one of many hubs of military activity, we are exercising this opportunity and right to protest and demand an end to corporate financial backing of the present useless wars being perpetrated by our country, which is inundated with greed and aggression . We support the troops, who are really a part of the 99% of the American people, manipulated by Wall Street and the 1%.

The plan is to actually camp out in the aforementioned areas until a list of our demands in solidarity of the Wall Street NYC occupation are met or sincerely heard and considered by representatives of the financial and county conglomerate of San Diego .

We must be open for ideas, sharing and horizontal, equal leadership and representation.