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Preliminary Redistricting Maps are out today (SD ROSTA)

Last January 31,  SD Rostra foresaw a Republican takeover chance in  mid-county’s 39th State Senate District.  That prediction looks pretty good in the preliminary maps (see above) prepared this week by the State Redistricting Commission’s staff.  The area now served by Chris Kehoe would add Rep. strongholds like Rancho Bernardo, Penasquitos, San Carlos, Tierrasanta, and Scripps Ranch. The maps also seem to show El Cajon, La Mesa and a chunk of Spring Valley going to SD 39 as well!  Meanwhile a few strongly Democratic Midtown neighborhoods are removed.  Oops!

The State Redistricting Commission will view these draft maps drawn by their staff this week.  View all of them here for the entire state: http://wedrawthelines.ca.gov/meeting_handouts.html

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California Assembly Votes to Limit Immigration Checks After Arrests


Published May 27, 2011

| Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Democrats in California’s Assembly joined other states Thursday in questioning the federal system that uses fingerprints to check the immigration status of people picked up by police.

The Assembly approved AB1081 on a 43-22 party line vote after heated debate over public safety and whether the measure would help or hurt it.

The bill would add new restrictions and let counties opt out of the state agreement on use of the Secure Communities automatic fingerprint program to screen for citizenship and criminal background.

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Representative Anthony Weiner stonewalling reporters (How did this guy get in office??)

May 31, 2011: Refusing to yield questions from reporters on the subject of an alleged photo that was tweeted out through his account over the weekend, New York Representative Anthony Weiner called one journalist a “jackass.” Weiner has claimed the photo scandal is a distraction from other issues on Capitol Hill. (CNN video)

alleged photo here



obama pointing“will need an infusion of $12 billion just this year to steady itself”

Obama: “trying to keep the focus on economic stability and jobs in Egypt and Tunisia”

DEAUVILLE, France — President Obama tried to marshal global economic support for Egypt and Tunisia at a gathering of industrialized countries on Thursday, even as some European allies were privately urging him to increase the United States’ role in the military campaign in Libya.

These crosscutting pressures show the complexity of the Arab upheaval and the responses it is drawing from major powers. While the United States is emphasizing the need to stabilize the economy of Egypt, its major Arab ally, France and Britain are eager to intensify the NATO airstrikes on Libya’s leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.

These goals are not mutually exclusive, American and European officials said. The United States said it expected the Group of 8 countries — France and Britain, among them — to express strong support for efforts to generate jobs and revive growth in Arab countries.

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Judge’s Order Keeps James O’Keefe From Attending Conservative Eagle forum in San Diego

By Rick Amato


Young investigative filmmaker James O’Keefe has become a celebrity of sorts in conservative circles for his work exposing operations inside the group ACORN.  But a federal judge’s order is keeping O’Keefe from joining prominent conservatives like Andrew Breitbart and myself at an upcoming conference in California. 

Judge’s order restricting James O’Keefe from attending conservative conference.

Federal judge Daniel E. Knowles III has denied a request by O’Keefe to travel outside the state of New Jersey.  Breitbart, O’Keefe and Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter are scheduled keynote speakers for the Eagle Forum Conference in San Diego, June 10th and 11th.

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