Susan Davis holds public Townhall event July 21st 7-8 pm

US Congresswoman Susan Davis has invited the public to a townhall meeting.

You’re invited to vent your frustration and give her advice on where she may be going wrong.

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Here are only a few of my questions off the top of my head I have for Rep. Davis:

Several ACA requirements (were held off until AFTER the 2014 elections) are estimated to leave folks with SKYROCKING premiums.
Question: What will obamacare premiums look like in the next year or two? How can we trust your rosy predictions with so many false promises in the past?

Congress and over 1200 + company’s (most of them union or Government connected) get waivers to Obamacare.
Question: This is BLATENTLY WRONG by any standards, what have you done to stop it?

As a congresswoman in a large border county, you know 70% of the border patrol agents are currently changing diapers and babysitting instead of patrolling the border. This policy invites millions from dozens of other third world countries to do the same.
Question: what have you done to ensure our laws and border sovereignty are still in tack?

You and Bob Filner voted AGAINST keeping the Mount Soledad cross going against your own constituents in a 349-74 vote in congress. Question: Shouldn’t you be standing WITH your constituent rather than against them?

susan davis townhall 2014

Original message from Susan Davis below


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