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June 3, 2014, Statewide Direct Primary Election









This is from our sister Tea Party in North County

Thanks to Maureen Guffanti with Tri-City Tea Party. Great work!

Tri-City Tea Party’s Recommendations and Endorsements for San Diego county Primary, June 3, 2014



  1. In addition to individual research by our board, sources for our decisions include, but weren’t limited to:
    1. Conservative Craig Huey’s Election Forum
    2. www.FamilyVoterInfo.org  –at this site you will find who has endorsed which candidates. See: http://familyvoterinfo.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/14P-VG-Web-Eng-2014-5-15.pdf
    3. CRA’s 2013 Legislative Scorecard
    4. San Diego Tax Fighters
    5. Tea Parties throughout the state;  we have shared and discussed our picks
  2.  For brevity, our comments section includes a few points or endorsements, not all the factors we considered.
  3. Our footnotes, which follow our picks, include Craig Huey’s helpful ratings of the judge candidates.
  4. Below is a key to the abbreviations in our recommendations:


CRA-California Republican Assembly

CRP—California Republican Party

CTA—California Teachers Association

FRC Action PAC—Family Research Center Action PAC

HJTA—Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Huey’s Election Forum—Conservative Craig Huey’s Election Forum picks

Lincoln Club—pro-prosperity political action committee (PAC)

SEIU— Service Employees International Union, a labor union


Position Endorsement Comment
GOVERNOR Tim Donnelly (R) Servant; Highly recommended 1
LT GOVERNOR George Yang (R) Yang endorsed by CA Tea Party Groups and Tim Donnelly
SEC OF STATE Pete Peterson (R) Endorsed by CRA, HJTA and CRP; CA Tea Party Groups and Huey’s Election Forum; Peterson wants to study why jobs are leaving CA
CONTROLLER David Evans (R) Many conservative groups favor Swearingen.See also www.evans4controller2014.com
TREASURER Greg Conlon (R) CTA supports Chaing; see www.gregconlon.com
ATTORNEY GENERAL Phil Wyman (R) HJTA, CA ProLife Council, and CA Tea Party groups endorse Wyman;  CTA endorses Harris.  seewww.philwyman4attorneygeneral.com 3
INSURANCECOMMISSIONER Ted Gaines (R) CRA, HJTA endorses Gaines; Gaines filed suit against Covered California over rampant policy cancellations 4
BOARD ofEQUALIZATION Diane Harkey (R) CRA, FRC ActionPAC endorse Harkey; Huey’s Election Forum gives her 2 thumbs up. Consistently conservative in votes, according to CRA
U.S. REP District 49 Darrell Issa (R) Endorsed by CRA, CA Pro-Life Council.
U.S. REP District 50 



U.S. REP District 52


Duncan Hunter (R) 


Kirk Jorgenson

Endorsed by CRA, CA Pro-Life Council. Huey’s Election Forum gives 2 thumbs up out of 3; 1 thumb would represent lesser of 2 evils
STATE SENATOR 36THDistrict Patricia Bates (R) no opposition
STATE SENATOR 38THDistrict  Joel Anderson (R) Endorsed by CA Pro-Life Council. True public servant; Only CA senator to vote against paying suspended felon senators
Member of State Assembly 75th District Marie Waldron (R) Endorsed by Sen Joel Anderson, HJTA,  California Pro-Life Council
Member of State Assembly 76th District Rocky Chavez or Write-In; Chavez reneged on his marriage pledge; Spoke pro-amnesty at TCTP 10.15.13 5


Position Endorsement  Comment 
Judge of Superior Court Office No 9 Ronald Prager Douglas Crawford vs Ronald Prager.  Prager endorsed by Deputy Sheriff’s Assoc of SDCo. Election Forum gives Prager a score of 7 to Crawford’s 3. See ratings 6
Judge of Superior Court Office No 19 Paul Ware Paul Ware vs Michael Popkins. Ware is endorsed by CRA. Popkins is endorsed by the Democrat Party. Election Forum gives  Ware a score of 8 to Popkins’ 6.   See ratings 6
Judge of Superior Court Office No 20 Lisa Schall Lisa Schall vs Carla Keehn.  Keehn, a Democrat, 7 is endorsed by Democrat  Party.  Schall is endorsed by Republican Party, Lincoln Club.  Huey’s Election Forum gives Schall a score of 5 to Keehn’s 4. At our 5.20.14 forum, with Schall not attending or speaking, our attendees in a voice vote picked Keehn. However our board favors Schall. See ratings 6
Judge of Superior Court Office No 25 Ken Gosselin Ken Gosselin vs Michele Hagan vs Brad Weinreb. Gosselin endorsed by CRA, Dep. Sheriffs’ Assoc, Rep Party. Huey’s Election Forum gives him 2 thumbs up. See ratings 6
Judge of Superior Court Office No 44 Jacqueline Stern Jacqueline Stern vs Joseph Adelizzi.  Stern endorsed by Dep. Sheriffs’ Assoc, Lincoln Club, Rep Party. See ratings 6
STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION Lydia Gutierrez (R) Endorsed by CRA; Opposes Common Core, Supports education, not indoctrination
COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION 5TH DISTRICT  Doug Perkins CA Sen. Joel Anderson, San Diego Tax Fighters endorse Perkins
MEMBER, BOARD OF SUPERVISORS DIST NO 5  Bill Horn The SEIU recently paid Wood’s campaign nearly $1/4 million.  Horn, the most conservative on the board, ensured the county’s AAA bond rating—he’s a fiscal conservative
ASSESSOR/RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK  Ernie Dronenburg, Jr Endorsed by HJTA,  Dep. Sheriffs’ Assoc, CA Pro-Life Council. As county clerk, Ernie streamlined offices to offer more services, with no new staff. However, last year he filed suit to uphold marriage—then dropped it.



Position Endorsement  Comment 
DISTRICT ATTORNEY See Comments Bob Brewer vs Bonnie Dumanis vs Terri Wyatt. A decorated vet, Brewer is endorsed by the Dep. Sheriff’s Assoc and Father Joe. A Tim Donnelly staffer is working for Brewer’s campaign, too. However, Brewer is endorsed by CA Labor Federation; Dumanis is involved in ongoing campaign contribution scandal.  At our 5.20.14 forum, with Dumanis not attending or speaking, our attendees in a voice vote picked Wyatt.  However our board suggests you do your own research. More—See Footnotes 8
SHERIFF Write-In Bill Gore or Write-In; Gore of Ruby Ridge; against Concealed Carry Permits 
TREASURER/TAX COLLECTOR  Dan McAllister No opposition
PROPOSITION 41Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act  No The previous Veterans’ Home Loan Program approved by voters called for payment of the bonds by the veterans at no taxpayer expense. This new scheme will build “affordable” multifamily housing via $600 million in bonds that will be repaid ($750 million principal and interest) at taxpayer expense.  HJTA and Capt Joseph John of Combat Vets for Congress say NO on 41 9 
PROPOSITION 42Public Records  No Under Proposition 42, the state could make changes to the Public Records Act and it would not have to pay local governments for their costs. Thus, state officials might makemore changes to this law than they would have otherwise.





1        Governor’s race:  Kashkari Administered TARP bailouts; Kashkari evasive about $3M bonus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP73cK3GXdo


  1. Controller: http://www.calnewsroom.com/2014/01/14/fresno-mayor-ashley-swearengin-raises-water-rates-then-sues-taxpayers/


  1. Attorney General: See problems Kamela Harris’s sanctuary cities policies have created. Go to:



4.   Insurance Commissioner:  See http://www.tedgaines.com/media/#news


  1. Although Chavez signed the Promise to California Taxpayers pledge, he voted for a bond to pay for operation expenses. He’s a founding

member of El Grupo sin Nombre, which fights for benefits for illegal aliens.  See Chavez’ pro-amnesty talk at TCTP 10/15/13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNewii7L1BY


  1. Ratings from conservative Craig Huey’s JudgeVoterGuide.com— First number, outside parentheses, is the combined score. The higher the number, the better the judge. Huey’s staff researches years of judges’ decisions for their scores.  

For detail, see: http://www.judgevoterguide.com/


(Here is explanation of detail in parentheses seen below: JI=Judicial Index, based on factors including judge’s rulings and positions; Q=Qualifications, based on factors including Bar ratings, reputation, experience.)


     Superior Court Judge; County of San Diego; Office 9

  • Ronald S. Prager –  7  (JI: 7, Q: 8)
  • Douglas Crawford –  3  (JI: 1, Q: 6)

     Superior Court Judge; County of San Diego; Office 19

  • Paul Ware – 8 (JI: 9, Q: 7)
  • Michael J. Popkins – 6 (JI: 4, Q: 8)

Superior Court Judge; County of San Diego; Office 20

  • Carla Keehn – 4 (JI: 2, Q: 7)
  • Lisa Schall – 5 (JI: 6, Q: 4)

Superior Court Judge; County of San Diego; Office 25

  • Brad A. Weinreb – 7 (JI: 7, Q: 7)
  • Ken Gosselin – 7 (JI: 8, Q: 7)
  • Michele Hagan – 6 (JI: 3, Q: 7)

Superior Court Judge; County of San Diego; Office 44

  • Joseph Adelizzi – 5 (JI: 5, Q: 5)
  • Jacqueline M. Stern – 6 (JI: 6, Q: 5)


  1. Information on judge candidates Schall, Keehn, and Weinreb:
    1. Schall is past president of the San Diego Deputy District Attorneys Association. She was voted Judge of the Year in 1993 by members of the San Diego County Probation Department, received a Crimes Victims Award in 1998, and was awarded the Judicial Excellence honor in 1995 by the Deputy District Attorneys Association.



    1. Keehn (Office No. 20) and Weinreb (Office No. 25). Writer states “Keehn is a Democrat, Weinreb is a Republican.  Keehn is a woman, Weinreb is a man.  Keehn is a lesbian, Weinreb is straight. ” http://www.sdjewishworld.com/2014/04/20/2-jewish-community-members-seek-election-judges/



  1. Information on Brewer, Wyatt, and Dumanis, candidates for DA:
  1. Dumanis refuses to return illegal campaign donations


  1. Brewer describes himself: “It’s fair to say I am fiscally conservative and socially moderate-to-progressive,” Brewer told San Diego LGBT Weekly.http://lgbtweekly.com/2014/04/24/bob-brewer-promises-to-depoliticize-das-office/
  2. According to Richard Rider of SD Tax Fighters, apparently Brewer refuses to complete the NRA questionnaire in spite of several requests, while Wyatt scored an “A” on the survey.


  1. NO on Prop 41 Capt Joseph R. John, USN (Ret):: …”Proposition 41 (is) another attempt by politicians in Sacramento to take Veterans benefits away from the men and women who served their country and deserve those benefits.

“Now the California politicians want to take the funds set aside for Veterans home loans, that Veterans have always repaid from their Veterans home loans, to use to give benefits to those who these funds were never set aside to give financial benefits to those who didn’t serve their country and do not deserve to use funds set aside for Veterans.

“We ask you to please pass the word on to others in your address book who support Veterans issues, and ask them to vote NO on Proposition 41.”


See www.APCPAC.net for online version to be posted soon.



Maureen Guffanti

Secretary, Tri-City Tea Party

760-600-TCTP (8287)


Free Market Solutions-Limited Government-Fiscal Responsibility

Pray for our nation


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