Bob Filner Recall update

2283583Hello friends,

There will be ONE person organizing the recall filner effort, his name is Michael Pallamary.

He has organized a successful recall before and after speaking with him at length today I believe he will do a great job again. He made a facebook page for this effort at Please tell your folks about this fast growing page.

A few words from Michael Pallamary;

Hello. My name is Michael Pallamary and I am the person who organized and ran the recall of Linda Bernhardt in 1991, a cause necessitated because of Mr. Filner’s previous efforts to exploit and ruin this city.

I have a long history of fighting Bob Filner. I have sued him on behalf of

the citizens of San Diego and I am the one who broke up his infamous Gang of Five. I prevailed in my lawsuit when he tried to Gerrymander the council districts so as to empower his allies.

I am intimately familiar with how to run a recall as well all of the ways one is challenged and how to defend this effort. You can learn more in Sundays UT.

I am an American who believes in civility, good manners, common courtesy, and decorum regardless of party affiliation or religious beliefs.

I am the voice of hard working people who pay their taxes and want to drive home over good streets and to take their children to safe parks.

I am a husband, father, and grandfather and a small business owner.

Mr. Filner’s actions, long known by me, continue to offend me. I have seen these antics go on for many years and it is time they stop.

I have watched Mr. Filner over his entire political career and I have seen him interact with women; women that are someone’s wife, or mother or daughter – good women who have wanted to make contributions to society doing good things. He has used his office to harass them and exploit them and that is wrong.

I am your neighbor and the man you pass on the street or see at a coffee shop.

I am a person devoted to fighting corruption and bad people.

Bob Filner is corrupt and he is a bad person. Indeed, he is a national embarrassment.

When people ask me what motivates me, I tell them my love of this extraordinary city and the love of my two grandchildren. This is the city where they live and it is where I raised my own children.

I believe that we all have a duty to invest in our city and that as citizens of this incredible city, we have a duty to our children and grandchildren and, to the women who have been subjected to Mr. Filner’s atrocious behavior.

I am a man who believes Mr. Filner should be recalled and banished from public office.

I am a man who needs your help getting our city back to work.

I am a man who thanks you all for taking the time to do the right thing.

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