Amnesty will happen if we stay silent


San Diego Tea Party


Here are a few questions you could ask…..

An Obama-care Loophole Provides Incentive For Employers To Hire Illegal Aliens Over US Citizens (Obama-Care fees are much less for immigrants) Question: This will obviously harm hard working American citizens, why are you in favor of this? 

20 million American citizens who want a full-time job still cannot find oneQuestion: why are we providing for other country’s citizens before our own?

CBO finding: Gang of Eight Bill Fails to Stop 75 Percent of Illegal ImmigrationQuestion:  Then why the hell are we doing this?

With countless lies being told to us about Obama-care and other current events Question: Do we expect our politicians to be honest and straight forward about the unforeseen effects of Amnesty?

This bill (S.744) allows states to grant in-state tuition to illegal aliens—not the aliens who receive
amnesty, but all illegal aliens who arrive in the future. (Sec. 2103, p. 119) Question:  Why is this not being told to us?

The cost to taxpayers would be CATASTROPHIC. Currently we are 17 trillion dollars in debt and we are printing 85 billion dollars a monthQuestionWill this increase or decrease US salaries and the quality of life for US citizens?

Contact ALL congressman here:

A group called Stop Obama NOW is doing a local protest.

The last protest in SD got national coverage with only 30 people

Fox News Nation – Impeach Obama Rally Causes 10 Mile Traffic Jam
Huffington Post – Tea Party’s ‘Impeach Obama’ Protest Backs Up Traffic For 10 Miles
(contains full video of the demo)
Daily Caller – ‘Impeach Obama’ movement leads to protests, traffic jam

Go to for more info

The Icaucus meeting will be June 25th 6-8 pm
Click here for more:

The Debate club will be having…
Happy hour social party and Gay Marriage debate
June 27th 7:00 pm


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