How many San Diego Tea Party’s are there?

People have been asking about the “OTHER” San Diego Tea Party.

Until now I did not want to get into petty bickering, (nor will I now)

SDTP 2009

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but I must now state some facts for the record.

The SDTP has been here since the start…Feb, 22, 2009

as you can see on this screenshot from  2009

with 811 members

( changed some style and I added some graphics since then…… you are currently on our blog page now)


Simply put, another group has now assumed our name

Sara Bond and Dawn Wildman run the SoCal Tax Revolt coalition page.

These are the people that have assumed our group name.

SoCaltaxrevolt 2010

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This is a screenshot from their website march 24, 2010

At some point she changed her group name to “SoCal tax revolt/San Diego Tea Party”, Now the Socal tax revolt is in small letters and they claim “WE are the Original home of the              “San Diego Tea Party”




Sara's screenshot

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She admits it on her current profile here at SDTP…


There are many more public postings proving my point. So why does she claim BOLDLY on the front page of her website “Welcome to the Original Home of the San Diego Tea Party”……..


I hope this answers the questions that people have been asking me,

the “WHY”, ……..well, you have to figure that out for yourself’s…..

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