A major push for amnesty here in San Diego is happening

A major push for amnesty here in San Diego is happening with big union support. As usual, the squeaky wheel gets the government Cheese

The Tea Party stands for Personal freedom, balanced budgets, National security, ETC.

The US citizens have been so lied to for so long now that they believe it would be heartless to seal our sovereign borders.   Ron Reagan went along with an amnesty bill in the 80’s with the promise from congress it would put an end to it once and for all, but they lied!

Simply said; they got as far as they have by using your emotions against you. Obama is the master at using emotions and the “Straw-Man” argument to make you believe things that are not true.

Here are a few:

“They are only hard working people that want to pick your tomatoes”

“They are a valuable part of our fiscal society”

“We need all the tax money they pay”

I must say as a Chula Vista native for 45 years and someone who can see  Mexico from my home, Most of my friends have been Spanish, who (in general) have a good family base. But when deciding what to do with 15+ million people in your country illegally, you put emotion aside and get the facts.

Here are the stone cold facts from fairus.org  (Just in California)

Illegal aliens cost 22 Billion in calif. State and local costs, contribute 1.21 Billion in tax revenues

leaving a 20.6 Billion dollar burden on our system.

The breakdown (Just in California) is:

9.31 Billion for education

3.2 Billion for our justice system

2.9 Billion (General)

2.5 Billion in Medicaid

1.9 Billion English (LEP)

1.6 Billion for Welfare

434 million for Schip

Companies and people are leaving at record rates to avoid the massive taxes and regulations that are strangling our way of life here. Our State is BROKE and going down fast.

The thought of making 10’s of millions of people ready to take your place in the job market is so stupid that the only reason it would even be proposed would be for political gain.

Rush Limbaugh stated recently he would promise to campaign with La Raza on immigration in one condition: The new legal immigrants would not be able to vote for 10 years. Obama or the democratic congress hasn’t taken his offer because this entire charade is about creating millions of new democrats on the backs of “We The People”


Here is how most jobless Americans see it.

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