www.newcitizen.us is a taxpayer resource used to steer immigrants to democrats


When an immigrant to America finally becomes a citizen, in the Naturalization ceremony he or she is referred to a useful website.
Welcome to New Citizen’s website is newcitizen.us.

If the New Citizen is interested in learning how to register to vote, he or she opens the website, looks to the left,  finds Voter Registration, and clicks on that, They then look at the list of political parties.
The New Citizen checks out the two main political parties because he or she is eager to fit into the political process of the new Country.  Click on the blue lines to see . . .


Be honest, between the two, which Party would you most likely identify with?
Conclusion: The Republican Party better get it’s act together.

CRP Delegates, when you are at the California Republican Party Spring convention March 1-3,  we hope you will make sure this embarrassment is called to everyone’s attention, and something is done about it.  And we don’t want political consultants:  Bring on conservative Hollywood’s savvy, and Federated Republican Women’s grassroots instincts!

Just a thought: The men have more or less run the Party from time immemorial. If this GOP website is a sign of male intelligence,  perhaps it’s time for Republican Women to take over.  We surely couldn’t do worse.

The lack of thought, poor judgment, and cluelessness displayed by whoever or whatever created this website link are either signs that the party doesn’t know what it is doing or signs it is out of touch with the human race, and neither is acceptable for this Grand Old Party, the party of Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Allen West, Clarence Thomas, and an endless list of other political heroes.

We Republican Women, Federated, are often the sole Republicans showing up at New Citizen ceremonies, along with tea-partiers.  It is an unwelcome revelation to find that the image the GOP presents to the world as our Party’s ‘face’ is that pathetic website.  It certainly undermines our hard work and confidence.  It is as though we on the front lines are facing an enemy with tanks, mortar, drones and ammo (The Obama Party), while, unbeknownst to us, our backup supply line (the GOP) is on empty.

We have many thoughts as to what images, faces, and ideas would welcome New Citizens to the Republican Party.

If we can’t fix this one, we can’t fix anything.  Let’s work it out, together.


Nancy Eisenhart, CFRW Southern Division president

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