Ramona Tea’d monthly meeting Feb 23rd

Dear Friends of Ramona Tea’d,


next Community Forum/Town Hall Meeting will be held on
February 23.


in recent years we have witnessed the emergence of a critical
alteration in the course of Western Civilization in the Middle East.
We are pleased to welcome J. J. Surbeck for an enlightening
This program will be a primer on the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict — history, myth and reality.  It will
address settlements, right of return, borders, etc.  Many believe such
an understanding is fundamental to a properly informed grasp of
today’s events. 
J. J. is also a uniquely qualified expert on Iran and Egypt, and the
tectonic power shifts taking place in the entire region.  J. J. will
answer questions on these topics, of course, but his focus for this
Forum will be on the fundamentals of conflict between Hamas and Israel.
J.J. Surbeck is a
Swiss-educated attorney who worked for 16 years for the famously
discrete International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Swiss
private organization which many have dubbed the “Guardian of the
Geneva Conventions”. He was the ICRC’s P.R. point person for North
America from 1984 to 1989.

Recently, J.J. helped create – and is
the Executive Director of – a non-profit organization called
T.E.A.M. (Training and Education About the Middle East) with a focus
on presenting a more balanced image of the Middle East conflict than
the one projected by the media and many academics.

We are highly privileged to
welcome J. J. Surbeck to our Ramona TEA’d Forum!  Please join us!
bring a new
friend to the meeting!

As usual, we will be showing
great video footage as a preliminary!
We hope to see you then,
Ramona TEA’d


for more info go to http://www.ramonatead.com/

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