National Anti-Obama Protest Saturday, February 16, 2013

This is an Anti-Obama/Impeach Obama protest from an overpass.  Around 10-15k people will drive by and see our signs.  News Reports of the last protest were broadcast by three local TV channels.  So, maybe 50k San Diegans saw the last such protest or a news broadcast about it.


This protest is on the same day as a planned nationwide protest, a March on the state capitol buildings.  Hopefully, we have a good turnout and also get good media coverage.

American Resistance Rally Against Obama (National Event)

A lot of us will not be able to make it to Sacramento and, for that reason, this event in San Diego has been scheduled.

Multiple groups will participate in this protest.  So, more participants are expected than those that RSVP here.










Bring signs with big letters.  To be easily read from cars below, you will need about 8-12 inch high letters. There will be extra signs,  If you don’t have time to make your own, we can give you one.

US and Gadsden flags are  also good and anything colorful.  Signs with smaller letters will be readable by cars driving over the overpass, but maybe not from the freeway.  They will, though, probably make the group more visible.  Bring them, if you want.










Here are some tips on making signs that will be readable from the overpass.  Have also posted some images there that you can have printed out cheaply at Staples.

How to Make Large Signs for Overpass Protests

Video Clip of the Last Event

As mentioned there were three TV news reports on the last protest.  Unfortunately, only video of the Telemundo report (subtitled) was available for download.  At least we can claim we received international attention. (LoL)  Our protest was broadcast also in Tijuana.

Telemundo Report on Last Protest

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