Allen West Fundraiser Oct 13th

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Dear Fellow Patriots,

 As we all know, this is a critical time in our country’s history.  As we enter the far turn of this race and head towards the finish line, we, the American people, must focus on not just finishing the race but finishing with lengths to spare. We need to make a statement about which horse we are going to bet on. Will it be the horse named “Liberty and Freedom” or will it be the horse name “Socialism and Dependency”?

As a fellow patriot who believes in smaller government and individual responsibility, we need to back and bet on those horses who will consistently enter and win the race for Freedom and Liberty.  It isn’t enough to just vote for your own Congressman or Senator that you know will easily win their races. We must also support those horses that are in tight races which they may lose by just a nose.  We must help build our majorities in the Congress and the Senate and take over the White House in order to reverse this administration’s continued march toward socialism.

On Saturday,  October 13, 2012 you will have the opportunity to back one of our most important races and candidates.  Congressman Allen West of Florida will be coming to Temecula, California to engage with the everyday average American and to speak out for our Constitution and the principles and values this country was built upon.  As a voice of reason, his service to this country has enabled him to speak with conviction and truth about the direction this country is heading and how we can save it. Being in Congress, has presented him with the platform to effectively fight this administration’s  policies with something they aren’t accustomed to-grit, determination and the truth. We must keep him in office to continue voicing our concerns and voting for the American Way.

Please join us for this unique opportunity to meet Congressman West, one on one, and to help us fundraise for his campaign.This will help him to combat his $5 million dollar George Soros funded opponent and so he can again take his message to the people by representing all of us in the U.S. Congress.

We will be hosting Congressman West on our “Field of American Dreams” and we encourage you and your familiy to join us as well for our weekend of events at our annual Pumpkin and Harvest Festival. (visit: .What a unique opportunity to meet this extraordinary Patriot. Imagine a baseball field of American dreams backed by an amazing corn field!  Sound familiar? If we build it, will you come?

Make it a day with the family!  Just a short drive to Temecula!  Many groups are carpooling or renting buses and combining activities such as wine tastings, or visiting Old Town to go Antique shopping.  A fun day for you, your family and this country!

You have TWO opportunities to meet him. Later that same evening we are hosting a more private dinner. This event is for those donors that may want more one on one time with Congressman West and may have a little more in their budget. To attend the evening event, please contact us at: for more information.

We’re in the home stretch America! This race can’t be won without you. Come join us and Congressman Allen West and let’s help him bring our Constitution and the United States of America  to the finish line and into the Winner’s Circle.

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