pelosi walking past protestorsWell it happened, ObamaCare, with its hooks, tentacles, and unseen attacks on liberty are almost 100% a DONE DEAL. Romney and his promise of repeal is our only hope.

After speaking to some other group organizers I can tell you one thing for sure…IT’S NOT OVER

In 2010 the TYRANTS took a beating at the ballot box



(A short story)

A few years ago I didn’t care much about politics or getting involved, then came Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nancy Pelosi, harry Reid, and Barak Obama JAMMED what we all know is a socialist healthcare system down our throats by lying, bribery, and manipulation. It was so BLATENT that I thought to myself; if I sit back and DO NOTHING, I am part of the problem. That day Pelosi walked past protesters with her giant hammer, as if to say: IN YOUR FACE PEASANTS. That day changed me!!! (See pic and video below)

Two years later we find out it’s a TAX, and YOU CAN’T KEEP YOUR DOCTOR, and most employers will dump their employees on this travesty called ObamaCare.

There is TWO San Diegan’s that are responsible for signing obamacare into law

Bob Filner and Susan Davis (both running for office)

San Diego Tea Party is in the process of joining with other groups to make sure Filner, Davis and some others know the SLEEPING GIANT is still awake!!!

Please be ready to get involved soon, we are in the process of creating a Coalition that will join Tea Party, conservative groups, libertarian, independent and any other that will help oust politicians that have no common sense.


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