Tax Day Tea Party Protest (April 16th)

 Monday, April 16th from 5-7PM:


We know what some of your friends are saying.  They are simply way too busy for a Tea Party rally.  Our answer to this is simple.  So are we.  That is why we only host one GREAT event per year and fill the time with entertaining, engaging speakers known both locally and nationally.  We only ask that once a year, we can all get together for two hours, in the quest for liberty, free-markets, and limited government. Your participation in this event will, in turn, bring out the Press and suddenly, your two-hours is used to reach potentially millions of people.  That’s not a bad way to spend a Monday afternoon.


Yes, we are again expecting several thousand attendees, and no, parking has never been an issue.  Please visit the STU website for more details and while you are there, please download and print 10 copies of our promotional flyer and share it with your neigbhors.  If each of our registered supporters did this, we would personally invite over 200,000 people to this event!





Stop Taxing US will not be officially endorsing any candidates.

During election years we encourage candidates to attend Tea Party’s to  maximize voter interaction.List of Candidates attending the Oceanside Tea party:Jim Miller for Judge – Seat 25,  Sherry Hodges – Assembly District 76, Jerry Kern – Oceanside Mayor,   Farrah Douglas – Assembly District 76, Dan Hughes for Senate, Rocky Chavez – Assembly District 76Rabbi Nachum Shifren for Senate,  Nick Popaditch for Congress District 53

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