Victim says:Michael Kobulnicky is innocent of Kidnapping and Rape

Why is Michael Kobulnicky still in jail???

The victim Actively looked for someone to hear her tell her side of the story. The victim and an attorney she contacted, came to us.

 The victim has reached out to us as she is VERY eager to get the story out. We did so at Teo Leo’s.

 Victim states: Channel 10 and channel 8 news have done similar interviews with the victim last week.

 She says:  “I’ve never seen Michael Kobulnicky before and they have the wrong man in jail”.

 The interview was 51 minutes. I am giving the entire video to the police but leaving a few bits out because of graphic content, and respect for the victim.

 With two other videos like this out there, why has Michael been in Jail so long???

 I would ask all 1,216 SD Tea Party members to think about showing up at the bail reduction hearing Monday at Dept 12 downtown court house 8:30 AM

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This is a segment with KUSI. They show the detectives statement that “They are confident in the quality of our investigation” Click for video


Karen Grube gives a detailed story below:


Also, look at the amount of publicity about this story. This is only a partial list (The media frenzy is because it’s “TEA PARTY”)…Diego-Tea-Party-spokesman-arrested-3414971.php–Ex-TeaParty-official-arrested-on-kidnapp

Innocence by Association
by Karen Grube, March 24, 2012
When Michael Kobulnicky, spokesperson for the San Diego Tea Party, was arrested for rape and kidnapping on March 15th, it sent shockwaves through the local Tea Part Organizations.  No member of the leadership of any local tea party had ever been arrested for such a brutal crime.  And since there are over 22 local tea party groups, there was a great deal of confusion about which of the groups Michael represented.  One group went so far as to deny that Michael was ever a member of any Tea Party group, let alone a leader.  From the beginning, the San Diego Tea Party told the truth.  Michael had taken a hiatus from his leadership responsibilities as spokesperson for their group for a month before the alleged crime in order to plan his upcoming wedding.  We sent out two formal press releases in 24 hours condemning the crime itself and making it clear that this incident had nothing to do with the San Diego Tea Party.
But it did no good.  Within hours the story filled the local media.  It went national within a day, and international within a few hours after that.  Headlines on MSNBC said“Former Tea Party spokesman Michael Kobulnicky arrested in sex assault case.”  The local Fox News story headline read “Tea party leader accused of sexual assault.”  The story even made it to Glenn Beck’s news outlet, “The Blaze.”  It was difficult to find a single story where this arrest wasn’t associated with the Tea Party.

But today, in an exclusive interview with the San Diego Tea Party, the victim of this crime has been talking.  She has completely vindicated Michael of the crimes for which he was arrested.  In fact, she has been trying to get her message exonerating Michael to the San Diego District Attorney’s office for days now.  After leaving several messages with the lead detective on the case and getting no return phone call and no attention to her request to clear up the situation, she finally contacted Channel 10 News and gave an interview stating clearly that Michael was not the person involved in the crime.  When Channel 10 contacted the District Attorney with this information, they were told not to broadcast the story.  In frustration, she contacted CBS 8 with the same story, which they have yet to broadcast.

In the meantime, two of the victim’s acquaintances contacted Michael’s attorney, Heather Melone, telling her that the victim had told them that she made this accusation initially in order to get money from Michael.  In a press conference early Thursday morning, Heather Melone asked that the District Attorney’s office to insist that the information provided by these two new witnesses be investigated by a different detective who would actually follow up on the information they provided.  There is yet no word as to whether or not the case has been reassigned.

Out of frustration with the lack of help she’s gotten both from the media and local authorities, today Michael’s accuser scheduled an interview with leaders of the local Tea Party, accompanied by an officer of the court (an attorney) to set the record straight.  Once again, she complete exonerates Michael of the crimes for which he was arrested.  This interview is being released online in hopes that this information will finally be picked up by the media and by the District Attorney’s Office.  Michael and his attorney will be attending a scheduled bail reduction hearing on Monday morning.  Perhaps by then the District Attorney will drop the charges against him.
But what then?  Will Michael be able to regain the reputation and standing in the community and his church that he worked so hard to earn over the years?  Will his relationship with his fiancé remain strong?  I hope so.  Will the D.A.’s office admit that they were negligent in how they investigated this case?  Not likely.  Will the media finally admit that their attempt at “guilt by association” with the Tea Party was completely inappropriate and politically motivated?  Maybe this time, the media will announce Michael’s innocence and the Tea Party’s “Innocence by Association” as quickly and as loudly as they trumpeted his arrest and his association with the San Diego Tea Party.

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