Some disturbing news for members of the San Diego Tea Party

A member and Volunteer for San Diego Tea Party, Micheal Kobulnicky, He been arrested and charged with Kidnapping, and Rape of a 55 year old woman at Fiesta island.

The media, as we know, has a “Special Way” of implicating the ENTIRE Tea Party as a whole for the failure of one in a million members. We are hoping the evidence that comes forward at the arraignment on Monday we let us comment further about this, but for now we have issued a statements for the press below.

We had nothing to indicate Michael, who teaches children in school and works as a SD city landscaper would have done such a hideous thing. This is a national story that is now on the AP and syndicated in 53 different news outlets as of Saturday night.(and growing)

We have opened up a discussion thread at the meetup site for comment and input at:


For immediate release

Michael Kobulnicky Arrest
San Diego, CA, March 17, 2012:
One of the things each volunteer of the Tea Party stands for is that
each person is responsible for his or her own actions. This is
individual responsibility.
These allegations fall into that category.
This horrendous act of violence was perpetrated by an individual. It
did not take place at a Tea party function nor would any Tea Party
member or volunteer condone this act. This was a deplorable act
that we all condemn, having a strong belief in the rule of law.
Everyone is so focused on the fact that Mr. Kobulnicky was a Tea
Party member and former spokesperson for a local group, they are
forgetting the victim.
These allegations should never have become political in nature. In
the meantime, this victim and the senseless brutality she has
suffered are all but lost. All thoughts should be on her and the
others that will be hurt should these allegations prove to be true,
such as Mr. Kobulnicky’s five children who are innocent. Let me return to individual responsibility for a moment. Should the
allegations against Mr. Kobulnicky be true, we would hope that he
would save this victim from additional pain by admitting the truth
and taking responsibility for his actions.
The San Diego Tea Party is a local grassroots movement of over 1,200
like-minded Americans from all backgrounds and political parties. Our
core principles support the United States Constitution as the Founders
intended such as: Constitutional authority, limited government, fiscal
responsibility, national sovereignty, and vibrant free markets.


This is Micheal’s Bio

Michael J. Kobulnicky, MBA – Bio

Michael was born in sunny San Diego, CA.

Mr. Kobulnicky was on the staff with California Miramar University as an adjunct professor for over five years and at Ashford University for over two years. He has also taught at the elementary school level for the Val Verde Unified School District for two years. While at the Val Verde School district, Michael coached basketball, track and softball for two straight years and in basketball won twice 2nd place in tournaments and his track teams won numerous medals in competions.

Currently Michael holds a Masters degree in Business Administration with a minor in Human Resource Management. His undergrad is a Bachelors in Business Administration with a minor in Healthcare Administration.

Michael is single and has five sons. He loves to read all different types of books, especially books relating to the Constitution and our Founding Fathers, among other types of interests. He is a Christian too.

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