San Diego Central Committee, A local Goal for SDTP

The GOP Central Committee is very important as it is the governing body for the San Diego GOP.

They are responsible for GOP business functions, recruiting candidates for office, and endorsing candidates for office.
Endorsements are important because many conservatives give strong consideration to these endorsements when voting for their candidates.
By electing the people below we will make sure the San Diego GOP has several people who will support constitutionally limited government, lower taxation, and free market principles.
In other words they will stand strong for our nation’s Founding Principles. So please, print this email and share it with your friends. This is our first significant effort to shake up the establishment and forever change the face of California politics.


Maggie Accera has posted a FULL article about getting elected for Central Committee HERE and another one Here


Here are local Tea Party Members we are endorsing for Central Committee

(Assembly Districts)

AD71                                                       AD75
Maggie Acerra                            Maureen and Stephen
Eric Andersen                                       Guffanti

. Dan Summers                               Lee DeMeo


AD76                                                     AD77
Mat Huff                                             Scott Rieker ,  Lynette Williams
                                                        Karen Grube,  Randy Berholtz
                                                          Bob Morey,   Jeannie Foulkrod


AD78                                                      AD80
Constance Lee Sandvick                 Lincoln Pickard
Julio DeGuzman                                
Barbara Decker
Brian Brady
Monica Gaither

Dan Holstein 

Click on a link(s) below to find your New 2012 Assembly District

71st Assembly District   75th Assembly District   76th Assembly District 
77th Assembly District   78th Assembly District   80th Assembly District 

New San Diego Central Committee Map (Assembly District Maps for San Diego)

New San Diego Central Committee Map


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