The “Dream Act” where are we now???

Jan 24th 2012

Many of you have been asking what is next after the failed referendum
attempt to repeal the CA Dream Act.  700,000 raw signatures in 10 weeks was
a monumental task – that’s 10,000 per DAY!  Those are just impossible
numbers without having an army of full-time paid signature gatherers, which
this campaign did not have due to lack of money and donations and a very
compressed timeline mandated by the state.  It’s been proven numerous times
that any successful signature campaign in California requires at least $1
million up front to cover the required costs and hire professional signature

With that in mind, the previous campaign organizers are planning to try a
new initiative to repeal AB 131 in late 2013 to try to qualify it for the
Nov. 2014 ballot.  That gives them plenty of time to try to raise the
required funds and get the legal wording of the initiative just right.  Plus
it gives them the full 5 months to collect 505,000 valid signatures.

There simply was not enough time this year to start an initiative and get
enough signatures by the deadline of June 28.  It’s a 7-8 month process on
once you turn in your application to the Attorney General’s office.

There is also the possibility of a legal challenge this year or early next
year to try to stop this taxpayer fleecing either right before or right
after it goes into effect.  We would need a Patriot Law group to step up and
file a lawsuit or a challenge.  So far no takers, but we’ve got some time to
find one.  AB 131 doesn’t take effect until next Jan. 1st.

Any questions or input, contact Assemblymen Tim Donnelly or Brian Jones’

Jeff Schwilk
San Diego Border & Immigration Intel
Founder, SoCal Patriot Coalition

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