San Diego Tea Party Meeting—Monday November 21st 2011

San Diego Tea Party Meeting

Monday November 21st 2011

Dara Bailey with Icaucus and San Diego Tea Party

Spoke of the 2000+ pieces of legislation that have already been passed in the California Legislature this year and few are designed to enhance our lives.  She stated that some California Legislature Representatives who are unnamed have called on Pastors and people of God to pray for California.  She reiterated that we have 12 months to make a change.

De Le with San Diego Tea Party

De moved to the USA from Vietnam when he was 12 and he confirmed it’s his belief that our Constitution is written wholly for a moral people.  Dee told a very inspiring story of his life.

Albert Calderon with San Diego Tea Party
Albert is with San Diego Tea Party Recruiting.  He spoke about Congress’s vote to pass a balanced budget amendment and that it failed 261-165.  He also stated that in the last 50 years Congress has only had 6 balanced budgets.  A chart indicated that for this year the country will have $2.6 trillion for incoming revenue, but the revenue that needs to go out for expenses is $3.7 trillion a $1.1 trillion dollar deficit.  In the last 50 years over a $15 trillion deficit has been accumulated.

Karen Grube with San Diego Tea Party
Karen spoke on the ‘Get involved’ tab on the iCaucus webpage at .  Members of groups that want to join forces with other groups should go to icaucus and click on the Get Involved Link at the top left.

Stephanie Jahn with ICaucus
Urged us to get involved and become an affiliate member.  Stephanie went through the icaucus vetting process.  December 3rd is the next icaucus meeting and Joe Miller and Nick Popatditch will be the guests.  It will be at Point Loma Assembly 3035 Talbot Street, San Diego.  Sign up to have lunch with them here.  Meeting begins at 10am

Ruth Weiss with Election Integrity Project
Ruth Weiss spoke on the National Voting Right law specifically Section 7 that mandates government agencies must give out a voter registration card.  The downside is this is an unfunded mandate and the agencies are not trained in giving out cards to citizens or non-citizens.  They just hand out the cards or have them fill it out while they are waiting.  Anyone can register to vote and it is disenfranchising legal voters by making our vote count less
Ruth spoke on vote by mail and that we should do our best to get to the polls.  Voting by mail causes your ballot to go through many hands before reaching its final destination.   Filling out your vote by mail ballot and taking it in on the day of voting causes it to go into a provisional status.  Bottom line, go in to vote
Register on line to vote has been approved here in California and will cause a whole new set of opportunities for voter fraud.  Currently Election Integrity Project is looking for volunteers.  They need a total of 6000 poll workers for San Diego County.  Please contract Ruth Weiss at

Candidates Spoke to the members about their platforms and agenda’s

as well as answering questions

Brian Bilbray candidate for the 50th congressional district

Nathen Fletcher candidate for Mayor

John Stahl candidate for the 50th congressional district

Notes taken by Robin McBride of the East County Tea Party

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