San Diego Tea Party Monthly Meeting

San Diego Tea Party Monthly Meeting

(Click here for Sep 14th Meeting Minutes)

This Meeting is for People who are ready to get involved in some kind of way, big or small

We here at SDTP realize the Tea Party is a People Driven Group That is led by Ethics, standards, and common sense

We are in the process of getting a few speakers for the meeting and will update you soon. We will ALWAYS have a “PASS THE MIC” time to give the members a time to voice their opinion.

So bring your best ideas and be prepared to give

feedback to others as well

Oct 19th    6:30 – 8:30




San Diego Tea Party (SDTP), is a grassroots organization driven by input from the community, the group, and other quality activists. We were created, and are run by people from all walks of life, with one common belief: “If we continue to do nothing about our failed system, and remain silent, our situation in America will get worse”. SDTP exists solely to listen to the American Public, implement actions to be taken to preserve out Constitutional values and freedoms, and promote personal responsibility. As a result, SDTP will not be co-opted. Our identity as stated above, will not be broken, but in turn we do not refuse membership based on party affiliation or other political activities. We are also aware of the contempt media has for our citizens group. Any attempts to label us as racists and bigots, will be PROMPTLY exposed for what it is, a LIE!

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