Every time Obama say’s millionaire’s and billionaire’s he really means “Thousandaires”

Obama’s Entire campaign Lie is exposed

First: Why is he  PURPOSELY EXCLUDING 95% of the people he would raise taxes on, the “Thousandaire’s”???

Answer:  If he were honest and told you WHOLE truth, he wouldn’t be able to tax, or demonize the Job providers.

The Only way class warfare works is to demonize people who acquire wealth

So how does Obama portray these people?


These people fly large jets to get around, but rarely leave The Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, and Beverly Hills.

In order to get around on their 1000 acre Estates they are carried by under-fed peasant people

Those Wealthy “FatCats” are hoarding their money from the rest of the USA and not paying their “Fair Share”

The Cartoon below from the Chicago tribune, 1934, sums it up very well:

Plan of action for the US

Spend Spend Spend

Under the Guise of recovery-

Bust the Government-

Blame the capitalist for your failure

– Junk the Constitution and Decree a Dictatorship

                            (A lot of Those “Backward” folk from 1934 were smarter than us)

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