A message from Lynne Welke about SB 48 and the Churches

Dear Patriots:

1)  Some pastors are afraid
to talk about or have petitions re SB 48.  The following article and links
will ease their minds.

SB 48 and the Churches

SB 48 in a Nutshell  SB 48 will teach children as young as five to not only
accept but also endorse transgenderism, bisexuality, and homosexuality through
our social sciences curriculum including history, history books and
instructional materials. The media and others call SB 48 the “Gay History Bill,”
however, SB 48 goes even further. The bill casts a wide-reaching net that
includes all social sciences like economics, government, and cultural and social
anthropology.  Furthermore, SB 48 ties the hands of teachers and
administrators at the local level and often contradicts what students are taught
at home. It also requires teachers and administrators to enter into the divisive
debate over sexual orientation and morality and to portray only one side of that
debate. Essentially teachers and administrators are being asked not to tolerate
but to advocate.   For helpful advice, videos, and more join us on
Facebook.  <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=54qwe8aab&et=1107189511593&s=61975&e=001Vd4OfvdU-lIWurTAI964tpGSJfIawNDko6jcET-Or6FBkj-9SZDf2O2Dd15dHLiqSiwThyDEvPBHXNEAgGIU3yXyK_1YleFO4uQZfui0LYboYQcEapU1kmBTuLE45wHI7Ji9AAplivU=>

We have received calls and emails from many pastors and
churches wanting to learn more about Stop SB 48. Most are ready to help with the
people’s referendum campaign while others have expressed concern, wondering if
they may legally participate.
Churches and pastors are essential to qualifying this
referendum. If we had 700 churches gather 1,000 signatures, the referendum would
more than qualify for the ballot and we could overturn SB 48.
The repeal of SB 48 is important.
If you would like
to read additional information about why, click here <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=54qwe8aab&et=1107189511593&s=61975&e=001Vd4OfvdU-lIOucbjwxYbu9OegjEAnruRFfxGecwB5gM4zR8U5GLXPo-wacKBlzK08bjiCxxzmMtXbLeUup8YFMEc5kl3B4Gtlo84YNtXkbeFaYujkfAVqipgE2f-1tmFsDQutxz8TDg=>

The Pacific Justice Institute has
kindly provided answers to legal questions about church participation in the
campaign. Click here <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=54qwe8aab&et=1107189511593&s=61975&e=001Vd4OfvdU-lIwlu_g1-kpzCPQp3kK2qUZgwBTNCXwZhvb_1jhJncUciTfmuUakGP1C5XWb5ec37xpi1zbzNXGkP4w_q6IkHthcHCR9z8G2Jo3z1lvLzEXK-w9Dnl-TFpF>
to read their letter detailing legal pastoral and church involvement.
According to PJI’s attorney, Kevin Snyder, churches have a legal right,
among other things, to hold signature-gathering drives for the
Therefore, we encourage you to take an active role in the
effort to Stop SB 48, with the assurance that your congregation is acting within
the law.  In addition to Pacific Justice Institute’s letter you will find a
“Church Bulletin Insert <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=54qwe8aab&et=1107189511593&s=61975&e=001Vd4OfvdU-lIwlu_g1-kpzCPQp3kK2qUZgwBTNCXwZhvb_1jhJncUciTfmuUakGP1C5XWb5ec37xpi1zbzNXGkP4w_q6IkHthcHCR9z8G2Jo3z1lvLzEXK-w9Dnl-TFpF>
” created by Stop SB 48. Please, feel free to print this half page insert and
distribute it at your church. The bulletin simply outlines key provisions of SB
If you are a pastor, or know your pastor, and are not sure to what
extent you can be involved, we invite you to read a document assembled by the
Alliance Defense Fund, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and
Concerned Women of America. The document is titled “Constitutional Protections
for Pastors”and may be read here <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=54qwe8aab&et=1107189511593&s=61975&e=001Vd4OfvdU-lIwlu_g1-kpzCPQp3kK2qUZgwBTNCXwZhvb_1jhJncUciTfmuUakGP1C5XWb5ec37xpi1zbzNXGkP4w_q6IkHthcHCR9z8G2Jo3z1lvLzEXK-w9Dnl-TFpF>
Watch Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills explain SB 48
and imploring church leaders to get involved in this short 4-minute video <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=54qwe8aab&et=1107189511593&s=61975&e=001Vd4OfvdU-lKpY_tk8TRsp6IJuA7c1Ly1UJG_EW37BbKTxLbSzI9TITC-EX6GMgpcu1KXDYJcTJtHf8DK1iBBnbzbR2wCwOkDP7srZiDO4leyyf4pIATAVZBVi1LRaA33AdcK9kRtEjERRYNBQTq-DA==>

For a one page
flyer on SB 48 visit our website www.stopsb48.com <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=54qwe8aab&et=1107189511593&s=61975&e=001Vd4OfvdU-lJEdnO3fKNoY_XigpxG_oG4J0ruvNYsYcCHCk2dQmDv0nwe-HhH4vWeQq9oiTPP3JvBQJZQGPLEVvvowWpHBloX_hALg4EHxGX2rwJatMJtHQ==>
and click church resources.
Many have asked, “How do I conduct a
petition drive at my church?” Thanks to Concerned Women of America, we have a
detailed document explaining what you need to do, simply follow this link <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=54qwe8aab&et=1107189511593&s=61975&e=001Vd4OfvdU-lIwlu_g1-kpzCPQp3kK2qUZgwBTNCXwZhvb_1jhJncUciTfmuUakGP1C5XWb5ec37xpi1zbzNXGkP4w_q6IkHthcHCR9z8G2Jo3z1lvLzEXK-w9Dnl-TFpF>
. The document is titled “How to Conduct a Petition Drive at your

Should you have any
questions about other campaign-related activities, please contact Pacific
Justice Institute directly. Their consultation with and representation of your
church is pro bono.

Help us stop SB 48
by contributing to our effort at Stop SB 48 <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=54qwe8aab&et=1107189511593&s=61975&e=001Vd4OfvdU-lJ3FJPplumW1ILSSEF9YWgcH0GObimMCyk-CX7ObKht0_heyBQkWvmHqYpfxUl_IlM4Fyo8kQCVoFuxdSZk8r31X_4gd3GLz7zcN2xojrk7G84nAw8VVP2N0FsE39eDQlU=>
via credit card or check. Thank you for joining with us in this important
campaign to ensure our public school system does not further become an
institution for social engineering but remains, to the extent that it is, a
place for academic learning.

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