Albondigas Political Society host’s Bob Filner-August 19, from 12 – 1:30.(past)


Greetings Patriots,

I just found out you all will have an opportunity to come face to face with San Diego Politics at its best.

A local group, Albondigas Political Society, is hosting an event August 19, from 12 – 1:30.

Buster’s Restaurant

740 Bay Marina Drive

National City, CA

At this event you will be able to ask the politician questions yourself.

This week they will be hosting Bob Filner, The probable frontrunner who is stepping down from congress to be mayor of San Diego.

Much of Bob Filner’s history can be found at (not a Filner friendly website)

Carl DeMaio will be hosting the next, Albondigas meeting in September.




Political junkies and civically engaged friends coming together to chat, discuss, share all things politics and current affairs….

Members of the founding chapter of the National Albondigas Political Society began about 1997 when political consultant Jack Orr would invite a few political junkies to lunch at an Oceanside Mexican Restaurant that served Albondigas (meatball) soup on Thursdays. The story goes there were five or six of them and they quickly began to grow. A few elected officials would show up along with staffers, and community leaders and a simple meeting of friends became a fun place and tradition to talk politics and catch up with friend and foe alike. As for South County…

We aim to continue the tradition of our neighbors in the North and Eastern parts of the County. Our group is committed to practically nothing except for the continual gathering of friends talking politics and sharing what’s going on in the region. You will find fun, energetic, curious, bipartisan and multipartisan leaders in this group.

Stay home if you can’t get along with someone who doesn’t believe what you do!


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