South Central L.A. Tea Party Rally To Expose NAACP Lies

The newly formed black led South Central L.A. Tea Party will be hosting a major rally and protest to expose the lies and misinformation of the NAACP Downtown Los Angeles on Sun., July 24, 2-4 p.m. PT. The NAACP is also holding their annual convention Downtown Los Angeles July 23-28. The Tea Party rally will be outside the Los Angeles Convention Center (West Hall).

Who: South Central L.A. Tea Party
What: Rally to expose NAACP lies and their big government agenda
When: Sunday, July 24, 2011, from 2-4 p.m. (Event and speakers start at 2 p.m.)
Where: 1201 S Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90015 (Event is Downtown near L.A. Live. Outside the L.A. Convention Center).
Click on link for map & directions:​ps/directions.aspx

Why the NAACP?

• NAACP spreading lies about the Tea Party movement.
• The NAACP is a tool of the Obama administration.
• Support for failing inner city public schools and corrupt teachers’ unions.
• NAACP’s hypocrisy on race issues and crime.

Who should attend this event?


• Americans sick and tired of so-called “civil-rights” groups falsely accusing legitimate opposition to Barack Obama’s far left policies as “racist.”
• Anyone who wants to see America return to less government, more freedom, more jobs and a growing economy.

Speakers include:

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, South Central L.A. Tea Party; Rick Roberts, Talk Show Host KFMB-760AM; Pastor Walter Hoye, President of Issues4Life Foundation; Rabbi Nachum Shifren, Educator and Teacher in L.A. Inner City Schools; William Owens Jr., Publisher of Tea Party Review Magazine; and more.

* The Los Angeles Convention Center is conveniently located at the intersection of the Santa Monica Freeway (10) and the Harbor Freeway (110). Map:​ps/directions.aspx

This is a family friendly event and is open to all Tea Party supporters and like-minded patriots of all races. Bring your flags, family, and friends. For more information call (323) 556-2623, or visit

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