The Process: For Candidates

A Nationwide Citizens Organization for Political Restoration

Because you are the Government of “We The People”

Thank you for your interest in an iCaucus Endorsement!
We have carefully crafted an in depth, honest and unique process in identifying, interviewing and researching prospective candidates based on our core principles.  Our process was developed to establish consistent procedures for ensuring candidates are thoroughly reviewed and effectively endorsed.

It is the intention of iCaucus not to just endorse the first candidate that minimally meets our requirements, but to consider all candidates for each office.  Only after careful consideration, with help from these guidelines, do we decide who the best possible candidate is to endorse, within the time allowed.

Candidates must be referred or sponsored by an affiliate group or an iCaucus volunteer.  Every Candidate must have a liaison who will maintain the candidates information on the site and be the communication line between iCaucus and the Candidate.

Our vetting and endorsement process is broken into four parts:

  1. Candidate Qualifying Questionnaire
  2. Candidate Interview Process
  3. Vetting Conference
  4. Endorsement Vote by iCaucus Volunteers and participating groups in the District


Please familiarize yourself with our invitation letter/guidelines to gain full understanding of our Expectations and what iCaucus

stands for.  We are non-partisan.  We focus on Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, The Constitution and Citizen RepresentationWe do not vet or endorse 3rd Party Candidates. For detailed information on our 3rd Party Candidate Policy, please click here. Pending details

  • Candidates must be intent on running a true campaign and have filed their intent to run a campaign with the appropriate agencies (FEC, State Elections commission, etc) and have a viable campaign team and website
  • Must have a sponsoring group or an iCaucus referral.
  • Review the iCaucus Articles videos
  • Complete the Candidate Registration provide all necessary information and sign the Candidate Agreement.
    Have a Candidate Liaison complete the Liaison Registration and sign the Agreement.
  • Upon review, accepted candidates will be provided with secure access to the Online Vetting Questionnaire for completion.
  • When the CQQ is complete and scored if you receive 70% or better, you will recieve notification from the CQQ Coordinator along with a link to our background check service.  (you will be linked directly to the background service to complete the required information on a secure site, the background report will be sent to you.  If you wish to proceed with our vetting process you will send the report to the Vetting Director for review and approval to move forward)  Note: Vetting Director has signed a confidentiality Agreement and will be the only Volunteer with iCaucus who will see the background reports.


Interview with Nick PopaditchOnce a Candidate has submitted their information for review and entered into the Vetting Process, the CQQ Coordinator for their Region or State will send the Candidate necessary access to the on-line questions. Candidates are expected to complete the online Vetting Questionnaire within one week of receipt of access information. Upon successful completion of the online vetting questionnaire:

  • Results are placed on our Candidate Tracking Form.
  • The Regional or State Interview Coordinator is contacted to set up a Video Conference interview with a panel of citizen’s and the Candidate, we call this the Candidate job interview.
  • Candidate Interview is scheduled/confirmed
  • Interview is held.  Note: All Candidate Interviews are recorded, using our on-line Video conferencing system.  Interview is opened with the verbal agreement to be recorded, and an introduction by the Candidate, followed by question and answer period.
  • Candidate is notified of iCaucus Member’s Conference period and date of endorsement vote.  Conference and endorsement vote begin after all candidates for that particular race are completed and available on the site.  Conferencing is where all interested citizen’s in the district of the race can register to participate in the endorsement vote, review the CQQ’s and interview.  Note: all non-iCaucus members will be able to use a single use registration to participate in the endorsement survey, however at the completion of their vote their email will be scrubbed from our system.  We will not garner email addresses for any purpose other than the endorsement vote, outside of direct Volunteer registration 

If there is more than one good candidate for any given office (as determined by the Interview committees), once all interviews for a District are done, the interview(s), the answers to the vetting questions the candidates website, and the Conference instructions are posted by the Vetting Director for that Region or State on icaucus.org in the State Group vetting forum. Notification is then sent out to iCaucus volunteers and affiliated groups in the District.

  • The conference period should last for a minimum of 1 week, and no longer than 2 weeks.
  • Questions from iCaucus volunteers or registered affiliated groups (as submitted through icaucus.org), will be forwarded to the Candidate through the Candidate Liaison.  Candidate responses will subsequently be posted throughout the duration of the conference period.
  • Only eligible Volunteers of iCaucus and those who register to participate within the District are allowed to vote.
  • Conference Period closed


Once the conference period has closed, iCaucus Members are then invited to vote for or against endorsement.

  • The voting period should last for a minimum of 1 week and no more than 2 weeks.
  • Only those qualified members can vote.
  • The National Vetting Director will send the voting email to the designated members. There will be a one-week period for members to submit their vote. At the end of that week, the National Vetting Directors will calculate and score the votes. This information will be provided to the Regional Representative who will notify the State or District Representative, the members and the Candidate(s).
  • If the vote is to endorse the Candidate, then the Candidate and the members will be notified and a Press Release Issued. If the vote is to not endorse then the Candidate and members will be notified.If a 70% for a Candidate vote is not reached then we will not endorse a Candidate in that race.
  • If our Candidate does not win the primary, then we will not endorse a Candidate in that race.
  • We will not endorse a Third Party Candidate in this election. A vote to all members will be held in January 2011 to decide for the next election whether or not Independence Caucus will amend this policy.


NOTE: The independence Caucus does not manage or run any candidates campaigns. The candidate’s campaign is the sole responsibility of the candidate. However, the Regional Director working with the State and District Managers will designate a Campaign Liaison for each endorsed Candidate, chosen from iCaucus members who reside within the candidate’s district, who will establish Independence Caucus Campaign teams. Training will be provided to coordinate a Campaign Team, establish various positions and set up the Campaign efforts. Areas of help that can be provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Volunteers recruited from current members to join or assist the candidate’s volunteer organization.
  • Town-Hall Forums to discuss IC and why we are endorsing the candidate
  • Research teams and research data
  • Fundraising events
  • Door to Door exposure
  • Contacts in otherline questions be send and cc the Regional Rep.

If you are interested in being endorsed by iCaucus, please contact your Region Representative to begin the process.  We look forward to learning more about you!

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