Huey Poised to Crush Hahn in CA CD36 Due to Hahn Disclosure?

Three years ago, she abruptly ended an interview with LA’s Fox 11 when they were getting too close to the truth.  A few days ago, Ms. Hahn tried a cease & desist order to try to quash this story.  This 8 minutes of video from Fox 11 is well worth your time today, as it clearly documents just how much Ms. Hahn’s gang intervention program gave millions to active, unrepentant gang members and protected them from law enforcement.

If the race for the CD36 congressional seat was heated before, it’s white hot now.  Pundits and party officials nationwide are watching this race with much more than just ‘great interest.’  This race has been in a dead heat and will be the bellwether for the CA GOP going into the 2012 elections.

Please donate or use the Huey Online Call Center to reach voters in CD36 now!  To use the Huey Online Call Center, just go to Huey’s web site and click ‘Make Calls Now for Craig’ in the  upper right.

Posted by Ron Robinson · July 07, 2011 5:33 PM

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