Operation Fast and Furious (Gov. gun runners) case heats up

When the “fall guy” won’t “fall”: Melson will testify before Senate “Fast and Furious” Committee


By Doug Book, staff writer

Barack Obama has spent a political lifetime profiting from underhanded deals made with one or another fellow incarnation of the devil.

So in 2009, when Obama appointed Ken Melson to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, he once again did what arrogant, would-be dictators do…he made a criminally irresponsible deal with a fellow egotist and power hungry usurper.

Melson had spent 12 years as a director of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board, lecturing throughout the nation on the wisdom of giving his organization absolute authority over procedural, ethical and certification requirements governing forensic labs in the United States.


So upon Melson’s appointment to the ATF, Obama created the White House Subcommittee on Forensic Science, designating Melson a co-chair with authority over staffing and agenda. Armed with the power and prestige of a supportive President, Melson could now dictate policy to forensics practitioners across the nation.

And in return for this little fringe benefit, Melson had only to manage the ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious. And that was quite simple. Just place a few thousand guns in criminal hands, ensure their safe conduct across the Mexican border and keep track of the body count as the weapons appeared at crime scenes throughout two countries.

The purpose: keep Obama’s gun-grabbing base happy by manufacturing an outcry for more restrictive gun legislation in the U.S.

But now that Fast and Furious has been exposed and a number of its illegally trafficked rifles linked to the deaths of two American federal agents, the Obama regime needs a fall guy. And Melson is tailor made for the role.

The smart money said he would resign under pressure a week ago, taking one for the team. But Melson had other ideas. “The acting director of the federal [ATF] is standing his ground and resisting pressure to step down…”, reports the L.A. Times, adding that Melson “…does not want to be the fall guy.”

And as Melson doggedly refuses to become Obama’s latest bit of bus fodder, the President and his DOJ lackey Eric Holder must be more than a little concerned to learn that Melson will testify later this month before Ranking Member Charles Grassley’s Senate Judiciary Committee. The subject, of course, will be the ATF and its Operation Fast and Furious. Who was in charge; who authorized it and WHY; did it enjoy White House approval and a host of other questions will be asked of Melson and, if answered truthfully, could force resignations from DOJ flack Lanny Breuer to A.G. Eric Holder.

Watergate consisted of stupid behavior. Fast and Furious is responsible for deaths and is criminal behavior. If the former resulted in the fall of a president, what magnitude of political or criminal fallout can we expect from the latter?

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