First let me explain why you’re reading this; it’s probably because you’re fed up and you’re ready to do something about it, but you don’t know what to do.

I have a plan. My plan will require you to get involved. If our group and other conservative/Tea Party type groups unite on large, common sense issues that San Diego is facing, just think of the things we could do for San Diego?


You see, here’s the thing, I’m not a leader, nor do I want to be, I’m only a facilitator. The Tea Party is strong because it runs on common sense ethics and ideals, not by a “Leader” like the Dem’s and Republicans. Ideals will stand when leadership fails, the direction of this movement will come from “We The People”.

That’s where you come in. I have made a few meeting places (forums, and groups) where we can all come to meet online for everyone to have a voice and discus the direction and future of this group and its community impact going forward.

Soon we will be having a planning/strategy/get to know you meeting.

keep informed about it HERE

I’ve Made a few short tutorials for beginners

1.) Facebook, the shortcut link is:

2.) San Diego Tea Party News and Blog

3.) San Diego Tea Party Meetup (membership page)

The SDTP Now has groups at:

WordPress News And Blog

MEETUP membership site





  • Constitution4efs

    Please take a look at this as I think it might be just what the group is looking for. If you have questions or comments, reach me at I’m obviously not the only person involved here, so I apologize if you’ve already received this.

    • Lance Brown _ Vista

      Excellent. I, for one, would like to discuss the use of this program.

  • Billbrwonerst21

    I will be going to the faceebook group site, im more comfortable there, more options for friends to meet me there. great site, will tell friends


  • Mike

    It is unbelievable, The Senate Repubs. have completely pulled the rug out from under the house and the Cut Cap and balance bill. I am lividly outraged. Senator O’connell couldn’t wait a week and allow the gang of six. I know Coburn is a good guy, I think he was duped into this. They released this compromise today? right when the house bill came out. again, Coburn I am sure was duped and does not know what has happened to him. The Dems in the gang of six set him up. This “all of a sudden solution” which we are going to learn is NOT a solution at all. It was a ploy by Durban to pull the rug out from under the house, who have ‘THE ONLY RESPONSIBLE plan. I am LIVID…….