Bob Filner our New Mayor…….. Not if I can help it

Before you Vote for MayorPlease consider some facts about Bob Filner 

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1)Bob Filner grew up in a COMMUNIST home in Pennsylvania, as his father was secretary of the Pittsburgh Communist Party USA.

3)Bob Filner was one of two members of US Congress that voted to have the MT. Soledad cross removed from the military memorial, all while being the Veterans’ Affairs Chairman.

4)Bob Filner Voted in favor of Partial-Birth abortions.( HR 3660 vote records)

5)Bob Filner’s huge source of Campaign cash comes primarily from outside union groups buying his vote.

6)Bob Filner refuses to give San Diego a Town-Hall meeting, open forum, or Candidate Debate, many constituents are outraged because he refuses to meet with anyone, unless it’s a FUND RAISING event. (B-days are fundraisers link 2)

7)Bob Filner has a long record of “Dirty Tactics” like LYING to get elected.

8)Bob Filner is a member of A.C.L.U,  Sierra club, and voted for “Cap and Trade
Voted to allow illegal aliens who are violent criminals to NOT be detained while awaiting deportation. bill H.R.2017 proof links here

A socialist is someone who has read Lenin and Marx. An anti-socialist is someone who understands Lenin and Marx.

~ Ronald Reagan


Tell us about your Run-ins with Bob Filner



Cong. Bob Filner caught Running from 10 news reporter after another Sleezy Stunt 

Video shows how open he is after 18 years in politics (oct 29th)



Brit Hume and Channel 7 talk about

Bob Filners past arrests

(while in office)

Did you know about this????     Why is this guy still in office????

UPDATE: Just served court summons to face  assault charges June 15, 2010)




Bob Filner has such contempt for his Voters that he will make some drive 2 hours and 40 minutes, and 127 miles across the Imperial Valley desert to see a debate, he is obviously afraid to face the majority of his Voters.




Why doesn’t the local media tell you about our elected officials?  It took a New Zealand man to expose Bob Filner to the world. He did it August 13, 2010


Here are a few Local News sources that would like to hear from you.

10 News Desk: (619) 237-6383

KUSI NEWS 858-571-NEWS (571-6397)

Chan. 8 news Main Station Number 858.571.8888

Chan 7 NBC, part of the problem, dont bother

Fox chan 6 .Phone: (858) 279-6666

FOX 5 Phone (858)492-9269

The San Diego Union-Tribune and (800) 533-8830

Rick Roberts 1-800-760-KFMB (5-3-6-2)

KOGO News Tip Line:858-560-6671

roger hedgecock Toll Free 877-84 ROGER

Steve Yuhas  800-600-KOGO(5646)

Chip Franklin Mornings

LaDona Harvey

( This is how things get done Folks!)



Do you know how to get campaign finance cash funneled into your own bank account, without going to jail???  Bob Filner knows: Pay your wife over half a $MILLION$ dollars to help out your “campaign”

Union/Trib. proof link here:



Although Congressman  Filner does not do townhall meetings anymore, and he does not do election local debates anymore either, and is afraid to even meet with his constituents(me and a friend have been waiting since last summer) He will take your cash. This man is a Coward, and represents the worst in politicians.



  • Billbrwonerst21

    are you kidding me???

    how did this dude get elected???? are the people of the southern district that stupid???
    or is it that corrupt??

  • Mike

    Up until the creation of Fox news, the only news outlets were NBC, CBS and ABC as well as the Socialist Union Tribune. For forty years the electorate has been fed a steady diet of half truths and stories were the thrust of the information was left leaning. It’s been HOW the stories were presented that is at issue. Half of the voters in this district “think” that they are democrats. Many have no idea what the new democratic party has become. The media, long ago lost it’s constitutional position as the ones to challenge the political class. They now all go to the same parties and you never hear about the corruption and cronyism. I submit to you that 80% of democratic voters could not pick Bob Filner out of a police line up. The time has come to bypass the writers and reporters in the press. We need to get ourselves with signs in hand in front of the cameras and in the reporters reports when they show up, as they try to cover Bob’s run for mayor. We need to do this to get into the homes of, and into the minds of, the casual news viewers who watch the local news. This is the only way to get out valuable and pertinent information about who Bob is, so they can see how different he is from themselves. I hope we can all come together in the coming months and try to ACTIVELY do something and not just talk about it amongst ourselves.