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Budget Tricks, Tax Increases and Fiscal Dishonesty Mark New Budget

LaMalfa votes to oppose all new tax increases

Senator Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) voted against numerous tax increase proposals before the State Senate today.  Despite bipartisan opposition the majority Democrats passed tax increases while violating Proposition 26 and Proposition 13.

LaMalfa issued the following statement regarding today’s budget votes:

“Another sham budget was foisted upon the people of California, this time by a simple majority vote,” said Senator LaMalfa. “Make no mistake, this budget increases taxes without a vote of the people, increases spending beyond our income and plays games to fake being balanced.  Yet with all of these taxes, the majority refused to fund public safety – which should be the first priority of any government.

“Despite bipartisan opposition, the majority passed taxes on those living in rural California, internet taxes, car taxes and sales taxes. It appears that the Democrat majority has simply ignored California’s voters, who just months ago passed a requirement that all new taxes and fees be passed with a two-thirds vote.

“This budget is not balanced, fails to reflect the spending priorities of the people of the California and amounts to a political ploy to pander to special interests. By intentionally de-funding public safety, the majority hopes to pressure the rest of the legislature into supporting further tax increases. California has unexpectedly brought in over $3.7 billion in the last two months and expects a total of $7.4 billion above estimates for the fiscal year. We can have an honest, balanced budget that funds California’s priorities, but this is not that budget.

Budget Tricks, Tax Increases and Fiscal Dishonesty Mark New Budget 6-15-2011 from CA Senate Republican Caucus on Vimeo.

Video Available at: http://cssrc.us/web/4/multimedia.aspx?media=1769

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