National Review reports on Filner and SD Mayor race

Nick Popaditch, Still Making the Case Against Bob Filner

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There still no word on whether Nick Popaditch wants to make another run for Congress in California’s 51st district, now that the nine-term Democratic incumbent, Bob Filner, has announced plans to run for mayor of San Diego.

However, those close to Popaditch are calling attention to these two new videos, detailing what they describe as “Filner smears against Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.” They point out that Filner’s description of returning veterans wildly overstated their likelihood to be involved with homicides and suicides, a bit of demagoguery that really stuck in Popaditch’s craw.

This is a longer video about Popaditch, and his experiences with Filner’s negative ads, which were demonstrably false, and Filner’s arguments in the spring of this year that he was a victim comparable to Gabby Giffords.

The fact that Popaditch’s allies are still spreading his message and putting out videos like these suggests that perhaps Popaditch’s interest in political office has not waned.

UPDATE: The latest statement from Popaditch: “I haven’t decided yet, but this isn’t about running, this is about setting the record straight… I want to serve my country in whatever way I can and it may or may not be in politics, but I will serve when the call comes and the people demand better choices.”

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