Information about Voter Fraud presented by another local Tea Party group

We have discovered how the criminals have been stealing elections, thanks to a man and wife team in Bakersfield. This man lost an election some time back.  He went to bed several thousand votes in the lead with most of the vote counted and to wake up having lost by 197 votes. So they decided to learn how it was done. This is a 2 year study. We want to put a stop to this fraud they found…

Before doing anything, read the election laws for your state.  Know and understand what you can and cannot do.  Remember Minnesota? Ever wonder why some district are called Safe Districts? Safe for who? The crooked Political Party!

One thing every one should do is check the signature on their absentee voter registration card on file. Make sure it matches. This is a very common thing for them to do. They replace your signature with their own hand writing. This causes your ballot to be discarded when it is scanned. They then will fill out a new ballot, any way they want and it will record when scanned, because the signature is recognized by the machine. If possible, everyone should take their absentee ballot with them to the polls on election day. Tear up your absentee ballot  in front of the elections officials and then ask for a regular ballot and vote at the poll that day
2. Go to your County board of elections office. Ask for the disk containing the History of Voter Data for the last election.  Look for more than 2 voters registered at the same address. This is uncommon. Look for similar names, same address. Look for same phone number used at different addresses. Some times you will see as many as 30 or more registered to vote at the same address. Some times the address may be a store front. The Elections office must give you this disk. They sometimes charge for it, but they must let you have it if you say it is for research purposes.  They do not want the data going out to marketers.

3. On election day look for cars and vans unloading several voters at one time. These are some times illegals, some times not, and sometimes they go from precinct to precinct and back again, voting as often as they can in one day.  Illegals are sometimes lied to or intimidated into doing this. The SEIU and United Farm Workers, and other union people have been known to do this.  Video the license number and see if the same van and same people show up at the same poll during the day. It is illegal to video the polling place, but you can video the birds on top of the polling place, or the dog sitting in front of it.  Remember small and discreet cameras are now available and are inexpensive. They can be concealed on the mirror of cars or in bushes.

4.  There are two types of voters,  high propensity and low propensity. High propensity voters vote no matter what, rain or shine. They know which ones vote conservative, and which ones do not.  If you are registered as a conservative and are a high propensity voter, they will try to negate your ballot. As mentioned before, by changing your signature on your registration card.

If you are a low propensity voter, they will wait on election night until right before the polls close, and check to see if you have voted.  If not, they will fill the ballot out for you.  Their way of course. They know you will not show up, so they send in a person the last hour and no ID is required. That is why the Democrats will not allow ID Checks at the polls.  We need  I.D. to cash a check, board an airplane – but Vote? What for!? They may need to vote for you!

5. Close vote count. When they are counting votes and it goes on for along time, they lock up the ballots and send every one home for the night..  You guessed it!  Later that night they return and take the conservative ballots, and dump them into the general population ballots already counted.  Then replace them with new liberal ballots like they did in Minnesota. Remember when they found several boxes in someone’s attic?

This is why the polling place must be observed 24 hours a day during the vote count. These are just some of the tactics they use. Now you know why some districts are known as safe districts for candidates. Now you know why some candidates go to bed thinking they won an election only to find out they lost the next day. Now you know why suddenly several thousand liberal votes are reported in a county,  yet not one conservative vote.

Now you know what to look for and who to look for. This is just some of the methods and people involved.  Now it is our job to catch them. Report them.. And find out what else they are doing… Ever wonder why the SEIU members are so eager to help on election day? Coincidence..? Maybe? We may not catch every bad vote, but we will catch enough to make a difference. We may not catch every criminal but we will catch enough to put the fear of the Tea Party in them.. for
We Are The people..



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