Everyone – – America is right on the verge of failing. We need to take action.
There are 5 vital areas that need volunteers.

Today – I am focusing on the future of our country – kids !

I have contacted the principal of a local High School to set up a Youth Group.

This club would be called – The U.S. Patriots Union
It would be a positive influence on the students who choose to join,
– discussion groups of current events and past history
– with action plans.

The influence that the school clubs have are enormous. The list of clubs include
– Gay,Lesbian,Transgender group
– MECHa (a group advocating the liberation of all chicanos in America)
– The Revolutionaries – ??

Some socialist teachers are influencing their students towards a more marxist, socialist society, towards the One World Gov’t (Agenda 21 -signed by Pres Bush in 1992) our students are being bred to be good citizens of the world.

I need volunteers who will set this up at their local middle school and high schools. Once I meet with the principal (within the next 2 weeks) – will have a progress report and action plan. I do not recommend setting up a tea party group. that is a hot button issue for people.

We need to get the youth group set up before school quits for the summer so that it starts up in the 2011/2012 school year. for more info on U.S. Patriots Union

Unless we take action now, we will lose our youth to the socialist mantra. Also they have not changed the law yet – schools are required to teach the constitution and the bill of rights. Some schools are getting away from that subject. Thank you.

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