Who should get credit for bin laden’s death?

Seal Team six in helicopterThe Gallup poll also shows that much to President Obama’s dismay, Americans give the US military and the CIA the most credit for tracking down, finding and killing Bin Laden. According to “We the People,” 89% of Americans believe that the military deserves a great deal of credit and the CIA received 62%.  However, Barack Obama comes in a distant, distant third with only 35%.


Military Gets the Most Credit When Americans are asked how much credit they would give to Barack Obama, George W. Bush, the CIA, and the U.S. military for finding and killing bin Laden, the U.S. military and the CIA emerge as the big winners in the public’s eyes. Nearly 9 of 10 (89%) say the military deserves “a great deal of credit,” while 62% say the same about the CIA. Americans are more reserved in giving credit to President Obama. Thirty-five percent say he deserves a great deal of credit and another 36% say he deserves “a moderate amount” of credit. More than a quarter say he does not deserve much or any credit at all.

35% eh, Barack? Looks like your I, I, I, me, me, me speech on Sunday night stating that Osama Bin Laden had been killed and you taking credit has not resonated with the People. Barbara Walters may want to recant her comment that they might as well cancel the 2012 Presidential election and Obama will be a slam dunk. Hardly. I have to agree 100% with Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion in their analysis of Obama’s narcissists speech … “Imagine what the numbers would look like if they said something nice about Bush.” I will go one further, if Barack Obama wasn’t such an egotist and so high on himself, he had an opportunity to get an uber-poll bounce that would have had legs. BTW, where is the bounce? Forget saying something nice about W, imagine if Obama had invited former President George W. Bush to the WH for a joint presser that Bin Laden had been captured. The former president who started the process of hunting down Obama and the present one who was in office when Bin Laden was killed. Such a selfless and cooperative act would have shown that the war on terror is really about working together, but alas Obama, the most partisan president ever was simply incapable of bridging the divide and reaching across the aisle for the betterment of the country. Obama was once again too small for the moment.

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