Regulation Watch – 04-24-2011

Posted by Shane Atwell 

Two big items of note this week in the realm of the unaccountable statism. The first isn’t exactly regulatory, but relates to earlier stories that did directly involve the regulatory agencies (energy and health and human services to be precise). It is Obama’s continued, demonstrable contempt for the Constitution. Obama has openly declared that he won’t abide by a law passed by congress and signed by himself, the portion of the budget that defunds some of his czars. He’s also trying make an end run around the Surpreme Court’s ruling that struck down the DISCLOSE act, in an attempt to stifle free speech in the upcoming elections.

The other big item is the NLRB’s attack on business. One of its members has filed a complaint that would prevent Boeing from building a plant in South Carolina. If this is allowed, it has grave implications regarding our freedom of movement and association.


Obama declares he won’t abide by budget law defunding czars 

GOP rep: budget signing statement is unconstitutional

Ten examples of regulatory state attacks on our freedom

How government takes non-discrimination seriously and hires the worst

Google and Microsoft embracing regulation and lawfare

California: The boot about to land on the necks of California’s farmers

California: 69 companies leave in Q1, fastest ever

California: San Diego redistricting commission rigged by unions

Energy: Fascism on the rise, Google partners with DOE to promote destruction of internal combustion engine

Energy: Yet another ‘public-private’ boondoggle. Blue Heron bankrupt despite $13.75M in public support

FCC: F*&% that! Obama asks court to let FCC regulate more swear language

FDA: attacks freedom of speech with gag rule. forbids reporters from consulting outside experts

FEC: Obama intends to implement portions of DISCLOSE

FEC: Obama moves to sabotage Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling

FEC: Obama planning to impose DISCLOSE anyway

FED: Shadowstats special inflation report

Indiana: Its regressive and its a handout, but still a move in the right direction. Indiana’s largest voucher bill ever

Interior: No drilling, but useless wind farms get the green light

Justice: Edited. Online pokers situation cries for regulation freedom. Pragmatists…

Justice: More pragmatists welcome poker regulation, what ever happened to freedom?

Justice: DOJ’s attack on online poker explained

HHS: A lesson to industries hoping to cash in on regulation by looting other industries: Big Pharma concessions justifying support of Obamacare now gone

Maine: Small farmers getting killed by regulation

New York: wiffleball, tag and kickball need regulation

NLRB: This is where gov’t protection of thuggery is going. SEIU plans more WI style thuggish protests

NLRB: Good piece on NLRB’s attack on Boeing’s freedom of movement and association

NLRB: South Carolina livid about NLRB attack on freedom of movement

NLRB: Boeing’s Dreamliner Nightmare

NLRB: Obama to Boeing: Drop Dead

NLRB: Boeing to fight NLRB’s attack on freedom of movement

NLRB: (satire) assumes control over business location decisions

NLRB: Neither union nor gov’t should have a say, but funny that the union is backing sleeping on the job

NLRB: Collective compulsory bargaining’s latest victim: the soap opera

NLRB: (Video) New Hampshire to become right-to-work state

NLRB: New Hampshire fight over right-to-work might dwarf Wisconsin’s

NLRB: Unionization isn’t about protecting labor, its about attacking capital. Unions oppose unionization of their own employees

SEC: Vineyard’s profits shrink even as revenues increase. The cost of complying with SEC

SEC: New swaps regulations incoming

SEC: Judge calls SEC ‘sloppy’, ‘uninformed’ and ‘irresponsible’ but dismisses case.  Do people still think that its better for other people to tell them what to do than just decide themselves?

TSA: LaHood would object to groping his grandkids, unless its for air passengers’ ‘safety’

TSA: Hawaii, Alaska and others form caucus to reign in TSA

TSA: GOP supported budget increases TSA funding with specific provisions to hire more screeners

TSA: un-American

TSA: normalizing the unthinkable

TSA: from the mouth and spirit of Ellsworth Toohey: TSA declares arrogance a threat indicator

TSA: More on TSA’s assault on self-esteem

TSA: Surprise. Courts agree with government

TSA: Raped by my government

TSA: Begging congress to help Alaskans enjoy their rights to freedom of movement, to due process, to reasonable searches with judge-issued warrants

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